Magic land

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One day there was a girl how was called Eve and she wanted to lean how to do magic. Her friend Megan and she was teaching Eve to do magic and her dad called professor crocodile and he colled magic a purple cat. And it was very difficult to do it but when Eve got to lean a magic trick she went to a magic land… and there was twisted magic sweets and Eve colled do any magic tricks but she mised her friend but she had to do a game of twister so she did it but she didn’t get far……………….


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One day Angus Professer,a forth grade kid asked his teacher if he could go to the toilet.Now this would of been a completely normal thing apart from there was something lurking in the toilets that long ago vanished into myth.As in the toilet lived a male twisted tale crocodile.In third grade Angus’ class learned about this type of croc.When Angus’ bottom touched the toilet seat and ear splitting ROAR stopped him.Angus jumped back,startled by the enormous sound.he backed of some more but when he turned round to tell his class he found himself face to face with the purple croc…

The Magic Jack

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One day Ella and her family went to a park. As soon as they had left Ella’s dad just remembered that he had left his phone at their house. So they had to turn around and drive back again.

About an hour later they finally, arrived at the park. To there surprise all they saw was a purple crocodile! They went to ask the profeser but he was a quite difficult person to get hold of.

Soon after that Ella ran into a tree and twisted her ankle. ” What do you think you are doing falling over like that.”asked Jack with a smile on his face…

The Useful Stick

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WALT:Use paragraphs.                                                               22.9.17



One windy day two children(called Freya and Isabel) decided to take a trip to the zoo.”Please let us go to the zoo with our friends.”begged the children.”Alright you can go,”sighed their mum.”Thank you, thank you.” shouted the children with joy.


So of they went to the zoo with their friends Shara, Hannah, Chloe, Olivia and Emily. When they arrived there, they ran straight to the hippo enclosure.”Oh, look at those hippos,” said Isabel. Suddenly, the glass that was holding the hippos in cracked!


Quickly, they ran out of the zoo got in the car and drove away back to their houses!    

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One day there was two boy and their name wa james and luke they was playing hide and seek luke was hiding james was Counting luke went into his closet  then luke said james come look  in my room james then came luke said let’s go into it so they went into it and they fail down the room and frond ay hipow tried to hart them


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WALT-Use Paragraphs. 22.9.17




In 1994 when you could only get very little television and it was only a black and white screen a young boy named Kento he loved to go to the Aquarium! At this time of day the sun is rising to gaver a beautiful sunny warm day!


It is the weekend now and Kento is lying in bed with his warm cover on his bed with the sun shining through edges of the blind. Just as Kento was about to wake up his mum came bursting through the door. Kento your still in bed its 9.30 we are having breakfast now if you want it! Kento got dressed and went downstairs.


When Kento was down having a warm breakfast next to the big glass doors going into the summery garden! After breakfast he asked if he could go to his friends house his name was fento. His mum said that it was fine as long as fento’s mum doesn’t mind! Ok said Kento running out the door.


That day was great said Kento oh it hasn’t finished yet we are going to the akwarium now yesss! Shouted Kento this will be great. The akwarium was amazing my favourite pat is next however all the seahorses and fish were gone!!!! This is bad then they heard a screaming they turned round and there was a blackness coming there way aaaaaaaaaaaa gggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WALT-use paragraphs                                                            22.9.17                    




One day a girl called rose and a boy called jack both went to the zoo and they loved looking at the fishs.Suddenly,a shark came past and they both got scared.They went under the bar and that was water bso they found some snorkles and went in the water.


When they went in the water they saw lots of friendly,creatures but then they saw a big hippo (that one was not so nice.)They tryed to get out but the wall ternd into glass.They saw in his eyes that he was good.


They made freinds and played every day day and played to the other creatures.they had lots of fun.The next dayit was very sad because they had

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