Active Sport Day

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The children had a great time today doing various activities with the sports coaches.

It was a windy, dim lit and horrible day Harry Potter was snoring loudly when all of a sudden his alarm went off as a result as fast as lightning Harry got dressed as quick as a flash and went up to the forgotten park. After a while, Harry realised that a group of  teenager’s were energetically walking towards him led by no other than his stupid older brother Dudley!

” Alright Dud beaten up another 7 year old?” Harry said ”this one diserved it!” he snapped back at him ”still moaning in your sleep every night at least I’m not afraid of my pillow don’t kill Cedric! Who’s Cedric your boyfriend he’s going to kill me mum! Where’s your mum? Where’s your mum Potter? she dead… she dead” as he laughed his head of with his dumb friends Harry like a lightning bolt ran up to Dudley and put his wand under his neck.

Suddenly, it went as windy as you could think of  while Dudley shouted at Harry what are you doing all Harry could say was he wasn’t doing anything which was true! It was… DEMENTORS!!! As fast as lightning, he found both of them running like the wind to the old alley near were they were needing to hide


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Year 3 and 4 enjoyed going to Christchurch Primary School today to take part in a rounders festival. Some great batting and fielding was on display!

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Westwood Church Fair

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For the first time yesterday we had the pleasure of being invited to dance at the Westwood Midsummer Church fair. With mixed weather but huge amounts of enthusiasm and energy, the children took to the arena at Westwood Manor and put on a fabulous show of set dancing and then later, some traditional maypole dancing. This was followed by a circle dance and it was so lovely to see so many people join in to round off what was, for us, a fun and exciting afternoon.

Once again it was a joy to be a part of such a thriving and vibrant community and I would like to thank everyone involved for inviting us. As a school, we are always looking to forge even stronger links with our local community and yesterday was a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and share in the fun. I would also like to thank our brilliant children from Orchid and Lotus class for their hard work in learning and performing the dances and to thank them and their parents for giving up their Saturday afternoon to come along to the fair.

We managed to capture a video of the children in action performing their single plait:

Father’s Friday 2016

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After another superb day in school, I wanted to summarise in a blog post  just what fun we had on Father’s Friday. As in previous years, dads, grandads and significant male members of the family were invited into school for as little or as much as they wanted to take part in and enjoy a day of learning. Once again, we were thrilled to see people turn up in such huge numbers, which made the day so special.

Beginning with our weekly celebration assembly, many dads had decided to come in for an early start and then stay on. With so much to celebrate, the day was off to a good start and then everyone filtered back to class for the beginning of lessons. From phonics to rounders, music and singing to reading and arithmetic tests, our dads took part in everything with a smile and a wonderful attitude and atmosphere, immersing themselves in everything that the day had to offer. Even at playtime and lunchtime, it was a joy to walk the grounds and to see everyone playing together on the field.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made the time in their busy schedules to be able to come to school and join us today; we loved having you and it was a pleasure to work with you for the day.

Here are some photos of our day and we managed to catch up with some dads for their reaction to Father’s Friday too. Have a great weekend everyone!

International Day 22.6.16

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This year we have really reached out to further our international links and global audience and I can truthfully say that I feel we are far more connected than ever with children and professionals from around the world.

Today we held our last international day of the year with each class taking their own focus for learning and exciting learning. Thistle learnt lots of interesting facts about India and read a super elephant story and Clover class wanted to know more about Canada. Clover also had the opportunity to link up with Mr Hamilton and Grade 4 of Bayridge School in Kingston Ontario to learn face to face with our international friends, which was super fun.

In KS2, Lotus class looked at France once more and Orchid class focused on Ghana – they also have a cake sale coming up next week, so please come along to that to raise much needed funds for charity.

Everyone had such a fabulous international day and we have pulled everything together into s slide show below. The children also explained what they have been learning throughout the day. Do have a listen!

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