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One summers day,two children were playing in there garden in the shade. The sky was clear and then BANG!Something big fell from the sky , they had no idea what it was  so they asked their mum she had no idea to they all looked ,it was a giant chicken suddanley it disoperad it was peacefull again  then there was another bang it was louder so they ran up stairs  and looked out the window it was the very freindley giant it became peace again and that day there was no more bangs so the children continued playing .

Peaceful world

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One morning it was very peaceful in peaceful land because evry one ate peaceful cakes.Suddenly a loud noise came from the sky and it sqaushed all of the peaceful cakes.while evry one was trying to sleep the aliens opened the door and they found them selves in bobs bedroom and bob was wondring what they are and how they got here.So he quickly ran down the stairs and said to his mum and dad”the aliens are here”.

100 word challenge peace

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One dark and creepy night too space ships battled for a long long time .  Suddenly a big light saying PEACE DAY came out from the sky so they stopped and made friends. As time went by the too space ships  really liked each other . They played chess , Monopoly , they had a race, they played hide and seek . They had a hot chocolate  and biscuits and marshmallows they had a very big feast they had chocolate buttons ,sweets crisps ,beer and chicken…

Once there was peace in space because all of the mean  aliens were invading Earth so the nice aliens are relaxing . BOOM all the mean aliens killed the humans and in America they knocked down the Empire state building. Suddenly, the bad aliens came back to space and crushed all of the planets and they killed the good aliens! One of the good aliens hid and he wanted to time travle back in time…

Peace in space and then gone

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A long ,long time ago an astronort went up into space and when he got to  Jupiter its suddenly became

really peaceful. Then she saw something it was three tiny little figures on bluto she got in her

space ship and flew to bluto when he got there he realized what they were. They were alions

she reconised them because he had been in a space ship before . Then suddenly there was a big bang

the astronort thought that a star had died and made a big explosion and then every single planet started

popping and then there was the was the most bibbest explosion in ninetine sixty…

one day a piece of cake on the table and a frerd of his name was called  jack he was a good  frends jack he made said iv made a bike and he said les go and have some lunch to gever he said lets go home so we can make stuf he said yes we will so they went home and had fun they love doing itb they rilaly fun jack had fun

Dose Peace Last Long On Earth Hole?

September 23rd, 2016 | Posted by Jenna in Learning - (7 Comments)

One windy day in the black hole all of  the things came to life and the same thing happend on Satan. They thought they had don it on purps  so Seratans leader rote a letter to the black hole asking each other if they did it no so they both decided to go to war on  planet Earth and so they did. The next day the challenge was on to see which place was the best so there was great big bangs from boms and there were shouts and guns fighering! Suddenly, everything went sighlent and  the thing on every bodes minds is will it last long?

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