handy man

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Being a One magical day in another universe was a hand realm was being attacked by the eyes realm the leader of the hands get the hand tree the then out of nowhere  the mouths and ears came in there world was getting destroyed the hands and eyes teamed and the mouths and ears teamed up then they went to eath and they all teamed up and tried to destroy earth suddenly they wanted food so the all went home and eat mcdonalds  they all liked and they weren’t mean to anyone the next they got brain flushed and they will never no!

handy hand

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One day in handy hand land handy hand said i’m going out to the hand shop! Wait shouted handy hands mother climb that building and put a cape one i need a pitcher for the news paper. Really mum, hold on There’s a rumbling on the floor. There under us shouted someone who the the eyes there floating through the ground ok I want to live somewhere else now said handy hand! lets go to london no son there getting bombed. what about cornwall no son there about to blow up um okay by by to earth!

one there was a boy called sink . He was a hand and sink  was made out of chocolate .he had no friend or mum  or dad . sink  was all ways sad , he never did stuff . then one day sink  found a friend . he was called tap . when he was talking to tap then he slaped him in the faces . [ because hes a hand ]  .  sink  was starting too melt away  .  tap was caring him to a frigerrater

I wish

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Once there was a village in  space on a planet called Truazo . Truazo was a wonderful place however the living things that lived there weren’t humans they were 3D shapes (also known as Tocaflos) the girls were yellow spheres . The boys were green spheres . In the summer there were two Tocaflos  that were having a baby Tocaflos however before the Tocaflo was born his mother became ill because of this he was born different . So when he was born he was not like all of the other Tocaflos he was a human hand he was disliked he wished to be like all the rest .Then …




The hand

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There was a boy called Sid and a girl called Clear. Clear was going to have twins she was having too girls. Some times Sid go’s on a walk just round the block but one day Clear was going to have berth to her twins. But Sid was still running. Clear called Sid so he would of came to Clear…………….Suddenly, she had here baby’s Sid just came home. They were called  Emily and Jess they were like the same and they were so cute Emily was one min late so on there birthday Emily will be  min late they all had a good night sleep…

a grumpy hand appears!

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Once upon a time there was a chocolate factory  it made it’s best chocolate in the world! But, one day when everyone was working a live hand ran across the road climbed up a drainpipe onto the roof! What a lovely view said the hand who was on the roof that was making him see the remarkable view. Just then people heard thumps and ran outside WOW!!!!! Everyone was confused.” Go away,”it speaks! said a worker.” I’ve got to go home for tea now “said the hand and went off in a moody way. Well, that was difficult said the manager.

A Peculiar Parcel

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Once there was a girl named Lilia who lived with her mum, dad, twin sisters Rachel and Zelda and horse Helena.  She was 16 years old and one day she received a very peculiar parcel arrived at the door.  The message scrawled across it read: ‘Lilia, I hope you will enjoy this!  From your neighbour, Sally Xxx’!  She frantically ripped open the parcel to reveal a very strange, talking hand toy.  “Hello,” Lilia said nervously.  “What’s your name?” She asked tentatively.  “McDonald’s gave me to your neighbour Sally who gave me to you,” replied the hand.  They got up to a lot of mischief  together…

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