My Christmas Holidays

January 15th, 2019 | Posted by Megan in Learning - (14 Comments)

The minute it was the winter holidays I zoomed to my Mum to ask her If she would let me and Chloe go to Jacob and Molly’s house. My Mum said ” Yes why not,” and we went over. Me and Jacob played

It is now Friday and we are going to see Mary Poppins Returns with lots of people. In my bag I had 2 bags of popcorn, Lindor chocolate and some skittles. Not to healthy though!

It is now Saturday and we are going to Cardiff to stay over night because  we are going  climb Garth hill which was in Cardiff , at the same time Football was going on and my Dad wanted to watch it. Tonight we are going to see SANTA! At the toy mines also we are going with Jacob and Molly, just as better. When we got there we went upstairs and looked at facts about the mines we are going in, there  was some pretty  cool answers. Then we got some candy canes and it was yummy and then we were called in. But the lift was old and Jacob thought it would crash as we were going into the mines. We went through a door and we had to dance, this kid was doing the floss. We went through and talked to a welsh reindeer and he let us through but at that time Santa came out the door looking for us we went in and got a present. By now it was time to go home.

Wow! Now all that is coming my birthday partly because it is Sunday !  Though all today is about is packing up. My sister and Molly were playing pranks on my Mum over the phone. Uncle James said to keep on phoning her and then ask the reception to phone her so my Mum will answer the phone silly. We all started to giggle it was funny my Mum didn’t know!

Yes my birthday came at last! Today I got loads of pressies  I will tell you my favourite. My favourite was my candy floss maker definitely. Now we are going to wait for my Nanny to arrive.  She came and brought some presents with her for me and Chloe. I got a new scooter and nail art. Now we are going to Max and Louie’s house we brought our scooters and went round the block. I have to say it was fun. It is time for the cinema now. We are watching wreck it Ralph brakes the internet it was a very good movie.

IT IS CHRISTMAS YES! Finally. All those days of waiting came to an end. Right lets go wake Dad up at 05:03 in the morning and go down the stairs. SANTA CAME ! we opened our presents my favourite was the Voltron Lions. We played with our presents and then got ready to go to my Nanna’s house. We got there and I saw Jacob, he got a switch too. We played lets go Pikachu  and did some party games. It was fun and it was time to go home.

Boxing day came rolling in but the exiting thing about boxing day was Max and Louie are coming round and  my Nanny Carol is as well. They are hear, the first thing my cousin said is do you have a switch and I said yes. Well a win, win because we played Mario cart 8 deluxe. They went home because Amberly threw up in a plastic bag.

On the 27 and the 28 of December we did a walk up Clay Hill and did some drone flying Max, Louie, Jacob and Molly came to both. Louie nearly lost his drone but we found it in some ones garden, Jacob ran into the garden,  got it and came out holding it, we all ran so know one found us doing it.

New years eve evening was probably the best ever. First we went to Max and Louie’s house. We played 1..2…switch and did a Nerf war but it didn’t happen.  Then we went to Jacob and Molly’s house. First we played LOL Monopoly  then we played Pictionary then me and Jacob lost interest and played Arms on the Switch. Now it was the count down. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 boom fireworks exploding outside, Timmy the dog jumping, us all dancing, me and Jacob went up stairs and played the second half of Arms in 2019 me and Jacob were surprised because we only played arms till it was time to go down stairs.

Daisy’s magical Christmas holiday

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Our Christmas celebrations began on the one and only Christmas eve. Ginger bread men were baked and iced with silly faces, obviously Mum made a trifle and cooked a delicious ham .We also went to the christingle service and sang a lot of joyful carols. That evening it was into our lovely PJ’S, drink a yummy cup of coco and then we laid out santa’s goodies. Of course I went straight to sleep after hanging up me stocking and finally the morning arrived and it was CHRISTMAS day. Just then I remembered my stocking I turned, looked and presents poured out of my stocking but the day had just begun!

Nanny and Grandad joined us for Christmas breakfast. I ate chocolate crossaints, then it was time to open my mountain of presents, horray! My favourite was my new tablet. That afternoon we sat down to a special Christmas dinner. I love the roast turkey and apple sauce!

We had lot’s of  lovely lazy days playing with our new stuff but we also visited Lacock Abbey to see the festive trees and went horse riding with my cousin Katie. I rode Pip and Misty. Even Albert had a ride, he wanted to go fast.

We saw the New Year in with a trip to Longleat to watch the fireworks. The music made me dance and run about like mad. I saw all the red pandas. They were having their tea. We walked around the pretty festival of light and got lost in the maze. I stayed awake till midnight. Happy New year!

The 2nd of January was my birthday! We went to play at a big farm play barn and then had a big roast dinner at Toby carvery which is the most delicious place in the world. It was getting dark so we went home and everyone sang happy birthday and we ate unicorn cake.

Well that was a fun holiday, sadly it had to end just like this recount.



My AMAZING chrismas

January 14th, 2019 | Posted by Aarron in Learning - (1 Comments)

On chrismas eve I put the carrot and cookies out then I went to bed. The next morning I woke up at 5 am it was still dark my mum was ill but then nanny came and we went to nanny’s and she made it fun. Then I opened my big presents I got Lego an Xbox game and moplopaly I played a game of it then had my Christmas dinner yum yum after I build my Lego and had another  game of molopaly next I went home and to bed the end

Christmas recount

January 14th, 2019 | Posted by Charlie in Homework | Learning - (2 Comments)

First, on Christmas Eve I made some mince pies and sausage rolls.I left one of my mince pies for Santa with a glass of milk,  and a carrot for Rudolph.

Next, I woke up on Christmas morning, and found that not only had Santa eaten the pie, but he’d left a note saying it was the best by far!

Then, after a lovely Christmas Day with my Mum and Dad, I went to Grandma’s house on Boxing Day and Santa left me presents there too! I think he got a bit confused.

After that, I went to Ipswich to see my Nana and Granddad and got even more presents!

Finally, I went to the skatepark with Wesley and I saw Dylan there too. I had lots and lots of fun on my scooter and afterwards me and Wesley went for a hot chocolate. I had lots of fun in the Christmas holidays.



My christmas holiday.

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It took a day and a half to get to Durban ( on east coast of South-Africa or SA for short) The flight alone was 12 hours with another 1 hour flight from Johannesburg It was warm in SA, hot sun was gushing onto my cold body. After we picked up a hire-a-car we went to Elysium near the coast. We spend the other half of the day exploring about the beach-house. As soon as we got there I went round to the porch (Where the snakes are about/around) I was l locked from the back. I looked towards the shrub (which I climbed over) and then the other side where a tiny gleam of red caught my eye as I ran towards I couldn’t believe what I saw, it was;                                                     Scarier than facing a five-foot monster                                                                                                     Scarier than a baby lion pet it was a…                                                                                                    Red Millipede; as long as my feet next to each over redder than red paint and most of all creepy.

The next day, there was a mardi gras AKA Fat-Tuesday (a carnival celebration), that happens once a year where you can buy stuff from a street market. We had 350-rand 9 each 100 rand is actually 8 pounds in our money) We went down by all the market stalls not finding much we liked, then we went to the top of the street and then we walked by the shark teeth stall. There was a neckless which I bought, I learnt it was from a Mako shark. Then we went to the top and man was shouting “Well! I got another gift! who wants it?” then it looked like I wanted it so he gave the prize to me Its ICE!” In my hand a bottle of water. Then we ate a bit and then we went to the bungie jump place. it was TOO unsafe actually the whole of SA is unsafe. Like the day before this day we went to Ifafa and there were trampolines… BUT and a big one; they had no safety there was holes in between the springs!


My Christmas

January 14th, 2019 | Posted by Jessica in Learning - (3 Comments)

What a great Christmas I have had!

Part one:Christmas Day

First, I woke up on Christmas morning(not too early, around seven o’ clock) and hauled my heavy stockings(yes I had two stockings) into my parents’ room. My brother Daniel had already opened six presents while he was waiting for me to wake up and so he said ‘you open six presents and when you have opened the six we will start opening at whatever speed we want’. I got loads of awesome gifts in my stocking and I had a closer look at some of them while the breakfast(croissants and Brioches) was being prepared. After breakfast we opened a few presents and I got a fitbit watch.

Part two:Lyme Regis

 After Christmas my family went to Lyme Regis which is by the beach. My brother and I had five pounds to spend in the seafront amusements. On all of the machines you won tickets and at the end I gathered up enough tickets to buy a squishy cola can and some jelly beans stored in a puffy purple pyramid. We went fossil hunting and my family made a little competition to see who could find the most fossils. Me and Mum found a devils toenail, a piece of an ammonite  and some funny shaped rocks.

Part three:The Big Pit

After that, we drove to Wales and went to a mine called the Big Pit. It was a working coal mine from 1880 to 1980 and was opened to see by public in 1983. It was amazing there and I would really like to go again some day even though I will already have gone through the experience.

I had an amazing Christmas holiday and I am hoping for another one like this one next year.

The end!

My holiday

January 14th, 2019 | Posted by Alice in Learning - (3 Comments)

After we broke up from school we went to Leicester.  We went in my Grandad’s car, which was fun as it had an electric seat which I made go backward and forwards a lot!  Then we went to my Auntie Lorna’s house and had a lovely dinner (I really liked the spicey meat sticks).  Afterwards I played with my cousins.  We stayed at my Grandma Brenda’s house.  I read my new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.  The next day we had lunch with my Grandad Tom and Nana as it was his 80th birthday!  In the evening we went into town and saw all of the pretty Christmas lights.  I went on a Ferris wheel with Florence and Mum,  we could see most of the city.  I was a little bit scared as it was very high up!  We also saw Richard III’s tomb in the Cathedral.

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