May 26th, 2017 | Posted by Charlie in Learning

The air was cold all around me!

Where am I!

It could not be!


Once upon a time there was a big polar bear it lived in antarctica so it was always cold his name was old bro the poe! Old Bro the Poe went to the tiny little water hole that had almost frozen up to catch some fish but he caught  none as usle. It  was a dark gloomy Friday night the moon was high and the stars twinkled like blossom on a newborn flower!


The next day when the polar bear awoke he found himself in a beautiful land of trees and lots of over different things he had never seen befor. Then his mind was put to something completely incredible Old Bro the Poe was told by his mind he would be in a different place every day from now on! It had been a long day and he went to bed early.


Two days later Polar had had a lovely time he got a good meal every night a good lunch and a good breakfast! Today Old Bro the Pro has gone to explore Mexico and go places that I have atchley been to like, Xgret  that’s a place in Mexico and you can swim with Dolphins…


By Charlie Edwad Maidment


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