July 4th, 2017 | Posted by Ruby in Learning

one day there was a girl called rose and she was walking to school .She saw something that she never seen before she  wanted to have a look but decided to go back after school . An hour later ” Bella ” ”what” ”I seen something ” cool let’s go after school” ” ok ”.

”Wow” ”lets go in ”  they went to the bridge they went have way across but suddenly it started to claps  they ran and ran but only just got there.” How are we going to get home now ?” ”I don’t know ” ” anyway lets go in before this part claps ” ”lets go”. They went in and had the fright of there life ” ahhhhhh who is that ” ”I don’t know” ” ha ha ha ha ha ha”  ” who are you ? ” ” I’m  Dave ” ”ok Dave can we have a look around ? ”. ”Yes if you want to have anything your welcome but don’t go in the closet ” ok ” so they went to have a look around but they went in the closet and were never seen after that.


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