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 the hippo side go then ok then smash the glass prok then the hippobrok free and trnt in to a boy a gen.Walt use pargahs                      The killer hippo                                       22.9.17



One day there was a boy and a grle they work beging to go to the myooseum finle mum sedie yes finly they got in the car to go to the myoosem they work there so they lookd at the fish then they                                                                                                                           


Wnent to the uther sid they work at the last bit and they work they found a hippo in the watrar so one thought in there hede what if the  it suckd them  in to the watr then he side it  awout  loud then the hippo was speking to them they for got that they cood spekin hippo so they spok to the hippo and the hippo side let me aout of hiare pless then they side ok in hippo then

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