A New Holiday

May 26th, 2017 | Posted by Jenna in Learning

Breaking news!

A plane has crashed on the way to the

USA from China. One 61 year old man

died and a woman and her daughter

could not be found, aged ten and 41………


In a forest far away, Abby was cautiously panicking about trying to find her mum, “MMMUUUUMMMM!!!!!!” screamed Abby. Suddenly, a reply came…“ABBY!! IS THAT YOU???!!!!!!” answered her mum. “Stay there!!! I WILL find you!!”shouted her mum again. A few minutes latter, she heard rustling in the leaves….. Out came her mum!!! “Mum!” yelled Abby. “Abby!” yelled her mum. “The air is cold all around me,”commented Abby, “Yes, I know. We need a shelter as it is almost 7pm and getting dark.” “Ok, I’ll get some firewood and palm tree leaves to sleep on and under.” replied Abby.

A few minutes later, they had come back into the clearing and was starting to make the fire, a den and beds. They loved it in the jungle and decided to live there for a year and a bit…..

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