A Shock For The Orphans

July 2nd, 2018 | Posted by Ana in Homework

Bella was doing some of her chores (looking after the plants) when her best friend ( Aggie) called for her. “Bella come here, I think a bomb has just fallen from the sky!” shouted Aggie. As quick as a jaguar, Bella ran to the window. “Wow! This is cool but very scary.” exclaimed Bella. “Are we going to die?” asked Aggie. “I don’t think so. Quick we need to find an Anderson Shelter!” replied Bella. Quickly, Aggie and Bella ran out of the orphanage onto the street. They turned a sharp left into a field full of buttercups.

There it was sitting there in front of them, the Anderson Shelter. “Hurry we need to get in the shelter,” said Bella. Aggie went in first and then Bella followed. Inside the shelter sitting on an arm chair were seven little mice!

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