a special holiday!!!

November 9th, 2018 | Posted by Millicent in Learning

Mum: Millie Hattie have you packed your bags? (calling from downstairs)

Hattie: I’m all packed but Millie’s still deciding (calling from upstairs)

Mum: Hattie can you tell Millie that lunch will be ready soon?

Hattie: ok

Hattie: Millie lunch is ready. (looking Millie in the eye)

Millie: Well that’s lucky because I’ve just finished packing and I’m feeling a bit peckish! (zipping up her bag and  rubbing her tummy)

Mum: did you know that we are leaving straight after lunch?

Millie and Hattie (together): No!

Scene two

The long car journey

Millie: are we nearly there yet?   (looking bored)

Dad: well we are nearly there

Hattie: what can we do? (looking grumpy)

Mum: play a game or something like that (turning round to see the girls)

Dad: good idea (nodding his head)

Millie: how about rock paper scisors?

Dad: infact we are here now!

Millie: oh goodie!

Scene three

inside the Premier Inn

Dad: lets get our key now

Mum: Wow this room is tidy compare it to your room at home girls!

Millie: very funny!



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