A Strange Egg

June 22nd, 2017 | Posted by Ana in 100wc

Finally, Easter had arrived and the Hags had just got out of bed. Chloe and Livy (who are twins) ran down the stairs and put their boots on! “I bet I can beat you to find the first egg,” argued Chloe. Chloe ran out of the door leaving Livy behind putting her boots on.

Actually Chloe was wrong Livy found a egg first. “Look how big this egg is!” shouted Livy with pride, showing her parents her egg. ” Shall we have some after lunch,” asked their Mum.”Sure,” replied Livy.

Finally, Livy opened her egg ,chocolate came pouring out with three men surf boarding!

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  • Mrs Skinner says:

    Goodness me Ana!
    You really need part 2 of this story! I want to know how the men got in the egg and why they were surf boarding. Had they got caught up in tsunami somewhere I wonder?
    Thank you for sharing your ideas on 100WC

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