A Tree-Filled Catastrophy

November 21st, 2017 | Posted by Megan in 100wc

Lora was strolling through the park when she spotted something strange out of the corner of her eye.  She ran forwards to get a closer look.  What she saw then was enough to make her heart stand still.  It was a hooded figure dressed all in black, walking straight towards Lora!!!!  She dashed towards the park exit and flew down the ally-way to stop at Daffodile cottage and slammed into the door.  ” Mum, Mum, there is a thing in the park, dressed all in black!” Lora spluttered.  ” Calm down love, it’s only Auntie Mable,” replied Mum. “Oh, sorry!” giggled Lora…


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2 Responses

  • Jennifer says:

    Your story was very exciting. I love the details- corner of her eye and heart stand still. I could just picture those actions.

    Ms. Pfeiffer in St. Charles, Illinois
    Team 100wc

  • Jane Tucker says:

    Hi Megan,
    What an fabulous piece of writing! You created tension and mystery with your descriptive phrases. They really brought the story to life and I did wonder what was going to happen next.
    I think a cliffhanger would have worked brilliantly for this prompt. Maybe Lora’s mum didn’t believe her and went to have a look for herself. What would happen next?
    Well done, keep sharing your writing!
    Mrs Tucker (100WC Team)
    Wirral, UK.

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