Acrostic Poem

December 18th, 2018 | Posted by Ella in Learning

C- is for Christmas, fun and joy,

H- is for holly, happy and mistle-toe

R- is for random prezes under the tree,

I- is for icicles hanging from your house,

S- is for setting the smoke alarm off with the burnt turkey,

T- is for tender mouths because of brusell sprouts,

M- is for a massive Christmas tree,

A- is for amazing family,

S- is for sleeping all snugly!

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2 Responses

  • Dad says:

    Nice one Ella – i like the sleeping snuggly line – here is mine

    C- is for chocolates hanging on the tree
    H – is for the Holly hanging up for you to see
    R – is for Rudolf flying with his sleigh
    I – is for ‘incredible’ toys to play with all day
    S – is for the sumptuous roast potatoes daddy will cook
    T – is for the Turkey that we catch when it doesnt look
    M – is for Mummy who simply is the best
    A – is for ‘A load of fun’ with the family and the rest
    S – is finally for finally slumping into bed

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