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The wizard in the woods!

March 20th, 2018 | Posted by Aarron in Learning - (1 Comments)

Once upon a time there was a wizard called windle and his magic word abracazam once he accidentally turned the king into a goat! baa.

One magical day the wizard was having a stroll in the woods to go and pick some fruit but there were trolls in the trees the fairy’s didn’t like that and kept waking them with sticks but that made the trolls very annoyed so the trolls flicked the fairy’s away the wizard shouted hey there my friends stop that right now the trolls got more annoyed because they did not like to be shouted at they came down from the tree and in their creepy voices said we do not like being shouted at we only wanted a rest the wizard said you should of told the fairy’s that!

Oh said the troll we will say that next time.

the next day the wizard went to get some fruit the trolls and the fairy’s were having a tea party and he wizard said OMG!

After that the wizard had his tea with a coffee then he went to bed!

The end!

The gateway to freedom😜

November 27th, 2017 | Posted by Aarron in 100wc | Homework - (1 Comments)

Aaron and his family hired a cottage for the family holiday as soon as they arrived  Aaron and his cousins went straight out to explore the garden at the bottom of the garden they found a wall with a mysterious gate they wondered what was on the other side of the gate they decided to find out . They push through the gate and was surprised and shocked to find that they were in a different universe🌏 this universe was brightly coloured🌈 child flew past floating there were unicorns eating the grass  and giant butterflies flying around.  Aaron and his cousins were absolutely amazed they have the best day exploring this new universe they had eaten so many sweets and so much chocolate because it was everywhere anything you could ever want . They didn’t want to tell the grown-ups about this so they kept it their secret . They try to cover the magic gateway up with branches and twigs and leaves so that no one else would find it they all went to bed that night feeling very tired and very full but could not wait to go back and explore again in the morning

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