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The Wildlife Centre Park

November 21st, 2017 | Posted by Ana in 100wc - (2 Comments)

It was the day when we were going to the Wildlife Centre Park, with our class. I had got out of bed a little bit early. My Mum told me that the coach arrived at the school at 8:30am.

We were just having a quick tour around the Wildlife Centre, when I noticed a strange person thing in a black cape! ” What is that thing over there?”asked Georgia. (That is her name). It was to late, they had already moved onto the next thing. “It’s nothing, just a normal person in a cape.”Replied Lila.(My best friend). However I wasn’t quite sure!…

An Odd Story

November 14th, 2017 | Posted by Ana in 100wc - (0 Comments)

“Hello, I am Lila and here I am interviewing Georgia an amazing tennis player.” said Lila. “First question, why do you like doing tennis?”asked Lila. ” I like doing tennis because I like doing lots of running.” replied Georgia……

That happened when Lila was 13 now she is 18. Lila and Georgia are still friends. That day Lila got a phone call from Georgia asking if she wanted to go for a walk. Obviously, Lila said yes!

Later that day Lila and Georgia met up at the woods. “Hi,” said Georgia. ” Hi,” replied Lila. They started there walk. About half way through the walk, they found treasure, but where would they hide it all?!

Early In The Morning On Christmas

November 10th, 2017 | Posted by Ana in 100wc - (1 Comments)

The streets were busy with chatting, sellers calling to people to buy things and lots of other reasons! Stella was entering her favourite shop.(The butchers). As she walked into the shop the bell on the top of the door tinkled. The shop keeper (Ray) looked up. “Morning Stella,” said Ray. “Morning,” replied Stella. Stella put a piece of bread on the counter. “That will be, £3.50″said Ray.

When Stella walked out of the shop she saw a odd site. There were people that had only had half a body. A shiver went down Stella’s spine. She carried on walking home…

Connectives and Openers

October 18th, 2017 | Posted by Ana in english - (0 Comments)

1.  Suddenly, Billie fell of the cliff consequently, she broke her leg and ended up in hospital!

2. Listening, Sam and Ashley crept out in the middle of the night because, they were a little bit drunk!

3. Loudly, Jo screamed at her parents and kicked her cat although, he skidded out of the way.

By Megan and Ana

Character Description In Fantastic Mr Fox

October 10th, 2017 | Posted by Ana in english - (1 Comments)


Sadly, Bunce is a horrible, dirty, dwarf like man. He has huge eyes, he wears a scruffy light blue shirt, brown trousers, brown shoes and a brown jacket. Bunce is a duck and goose farmer. All he lives on is mashed liver stuffed into a horrible doughnut. He hates it when foxes come and steel his geese and ducks, however, one day he  will catch them!


Bean is a very tall turkey and  apple farmer. He wears light blue trousers, a yellow top, brown  shoes, a dark green jacket and a dark green hat. He doesn’t eat and only drinks apple cider from his apple trees. Bean is as thin as a pencil and hates baths. Unfortunately, he has bad hearing because, they have wax and bugs in them!


Boggis is extremely fat and eats 3 chickens with dumplings morning, noon and night. He is a chicken farmer. Boggis wears dark green trousers, green boots, a light brown jacket and a green shirt.

The Magic Jack

September 26th, 2017 | Posted by Ana in 100wc | Learning - (1 Comments)

One day Ella and her family went to a park. As soon as they had left Ella’s dad just remembered that he had left his phone at their house. So they had to turn around and drive back again.

About an hour later they finally, arrived at the park. To there surprise all they saw was a purple crocodile! They went to ask the profeser but he was a quite difficult person to get hold of.

Soon after that Ella ran into a tree and twisted her ankle. ” What do you think you are doing falling over like that.”asked Jack with a smile on his face…

The Useful Stick

September 22nd, 2017 | Posted by Ana in Learning - (0 Comments)

WALT:Use paragraphs.                                                               22.9.17



One windy day two children(called Freya and Isabel) decided to take a trip to the zoo.”Please let us go to the zoo with our friends.”begged the children.”Alright you can go,”sighed their mum.”Thank you, thank you.” shouted the children with joy.


So of they went to the zoo with their friends Shara, Hannah, Chloe, Olivia and Emily. When they arrived there, they ran straight to the hippo enclosure.”Oh, look at those hippos,” said Isabel. Suddenly, the glass that was holding the hippos in cracked!


Quickly, they ran out of the zoo got in the car and drove away back to their houses!    

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