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WALT-Use Paragraphs. 22.9.17




In 1994 when you could only get very little television and it was only a black and white screen a young boy named Kento he loved to go to the Aquarium! At this time of day the sun is rising to gaver a beautiful sunny warm day!


It is the weekend now and Kento is lying in bed with his warm cover on his bed with the sun shining through edges of the blind. Just as Kento was about to wake up his mum came bursting through the door. Kento your still in bed its 9.30 we are having breakfast now if you want it! Kento got dressed and went downstairs.


When Kento was down having a warm breakfast next to the big glass doors going into the summery garden! After breakfast he asked if he could go to his friends house his name was fento. His mum said that it was fine as long as fento’s mum doesn’t mind! Ok said Kento running out the door.


That day was great said Kento oh it hasn’t finished yet we are going to the akwarium now yesss! Shouted Kento this will be great. The akwarium was amazing my favourite pat is next however all the seahorses and fish were gone!!!! This is bad then they heard a screaming they turned round and there was a blackness coming there way aaaaaaaaaaaa gggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Powerful verbs

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WALT-Use powerful verbs.                                                                                                                               20.9.17

Powerful verbs

1) One sunny morning john woke up to a butifull breakfast in bed.

2) After his wonderful breakfast he went to the park.

3) Suddenly his dad woke up in the dog bed.

Cryistle Maneare

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One sunny morning Richard was walking through the misty dark streets of London to his surprise he

Saw his friend Julien what are you doing at this time of morning Julien? RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNN! He shouted why!? a’l tell you when you’re running with me. Richard caught up with his friend  what is going on there’s a robber chasing me. Richard was astonished  his 15 year old friend was being kidnapped why he asked again he wanted to try and give me loads of gems so I would go to jail and he wouldn’t.


Hole new world

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“There was once a chocolate egg statue with a big yoke inside the egg however one day the egg broke and flooded the whole Travag square in London!” Then John’s dad called him for dinner “But dad i’m watching the news for what happened in London well we live in Richmond so don’t worry about it come and get your dinner,”


John was very annoyed when he got back his room it had finished. The next day the went over to London and saw the broken egg, John was so excited he stepped in the yoke and disappeared to another world                                                                                          !To be continued!


Charlie .M.

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The air was cold all around me!

Where am I!

It could not be!


Once upon a time there was a big polar bear it lived in antarctica so it was always cold his name was old bro the poe! Old Bro the Poe went to the tiny little water hole that had almost frozen up to catch some fish but he caught  none as usle. It  was a dark gloomy Friday night the moon was high and the stars twinkled like blossom on a newborn flower!


The next day when the polar bear awoke he found himself in a beautiful land of trees and lots of over different things he had never seen befor. Then his mind was put to something completely incredible Old Bro the Poe was told by his mind he would be in a different place every day from now on! It had been a long day and he went to bed early.


Two days later Polar had had a lovely time he got a good meal every night a good lunch and a good breakfast! Today Old Bro the Pro has gone to explore Mexico and go places that I have atchley been to like, Xgret  that’s a place in Mexico and you can swim with Dolphins…


By Charlie Edwad Maidment



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1 A dog can have up to 42 teeth if there an adult!

2 whiskers can help them see in the dark!

3 Dogs can only have cute in their paws!

4 In total there is said to be around 400 million dogs in the world!

5 An adult dog can have 42 teeth
By the creators of science kids

The Eden Progect

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One day there was a boy called Jack and he had a dog called Scooby Doo they had a mum and dad very stagely though because they normely they didn’t have any pearents back then! One day they went to the Eden Progect and went to see the big wasp it was so big they couldn’t fit it in the building. Then Scooby tuched the big wasp then the wasp said ” I’v had a nuff  people keep tuching me”! then the wasp gobled Scooby whole AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! …

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