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March 20th, 2017 | Posted by Cameron in Learning - (0 Comments)

I like my puppy because she,s  cute.

my brother is annoying however he,s cined.


I think it,es fun too play as a resolt you have fun.

my safe online profile

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hi my name is cameron  favourite food is chocolate cake. And my favourite animal is a lemur.

Dunston Primary School PTA

January 31st, 2017 | Posted by Cameron in Learning - (1 Comments)

Homework from Cameron Millen.

1.The letters PTA stand for Parent-Teachers Association.

2.The PTA organised a total of 8 events.


4.The barn dance made in total £646; made up of £459 in ticket sales and £187 on the bar and refreshments.

5.The barn dance made the most money.

6. The lifeguard is needed at swimming to ensure the safety of the children.

7.A kind and helpful person would belong to the PTA; a parent or a teacher.

8. Yes I think the money has been spent well.If there is money left over will be spent on library books.

9. Our school have taken part in cake sales for the school council, christmas fair for the Friends of Westwoods, and have collected shoe boxes, filled with toys and useful daily things for children in other countries.


tries, untie, fried,write, scribe, die, pie and lie.

On Saturday I made an apple pie, my nanny really enjoyed it.

I had to untie my Dads black and blue tie.

My little brother tries but lied that he was unable to complete the pokemon go.

Suddenly, after a number of months, my brother now like to write.

Quite amazingly my nanny can scribe.

The Bad Dream

September 15th, 2016 | Posted by Cameron in Learning - (2 Comments)

One apon a  time  when Mr Twit was in his bed and he  had a bad dream and he went out and before  he made the monkys  stand on their hands upside down and when he came back they were in the house and they were throing the food at Mrs Twit and taking the fluf out of the pillows. When Mr Twit came in he was really sad and before he could walk in the monkys picked him up and they locked him in the monky cage . they went back into the house and the took Mrs Twit and stuck her up side down in the hug tight sticky glue tree.

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