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charlie starting eleven

June 10th, 2016 | Posted by Charlie in Learning - (4 Comments)

word problem

May 22nd, 2016 | Posted by Charlie in Learning | Maths - (0 Comments)

Jo buys 125 cakes at 6p each.

How much does he spend and how much change does he get from £10.00?


April 27th, 2016 | Posted by Charlie in Learning - (0 Comments)

John, who loved football, scampered to the park to play some.

John as a result of seeing a cafe, who was also hungry strolled into the cafe .

John, whowas brave, cool and gallant, walked his dog



my week

April 22nd, 2016 | Posted by Charlie in Learning - (0 Comments)

today I did a diary entry and yesterday i did some translating shape. Yesterday we did maths and more maths and more maths it got a bit boring in the end. We also did tag rugby it was really goog fun i really enjoyed myself. Today i am watching  star wars the force is awakens with some popcorn! I did something about bad food and good food with bath rugby people



how a computer works

March 11th, 2016 | Posted by Charlie in Learning - (0 Comments)’re keyboard or mouse are just input units-ways of getting information that it can process. 2.Your computer probably stores all your documents and files  on a hard drive. Your computer’s processors is a microscopic buried deep inside. 3.Your computer probably has a LCD  screen capable of displaying high resolution.4. You may have an inject printer to make a more permanent form of output.

you can do lots of stuff like go on the internet and play games and go on bbc I player. To save something if there is not a sign that sais save then go on file and press save and say what it is called.



a computer is something that you can look at your emails and football scores and lots of other stuff.

I just showed you how a computer works


February 9th, 2016 | Posted by Charlie in Learning - (0 Comments)

Herbert glerbet

Herbert glerbert , rather round, swallowed Sherbert by the pound, fifty pounds of lemon Sherbert went inside of Herbert Glerbert .

with that glop inside his lap herbet glerbert had a nap, and as he slept the boy dissolved and from the mess a thing evolved,

a thing that is ghastly green, a thing that the world has never seen, a puddle thing, a gooey pile or something strange that does not smile.

now if your wise, and if your sly, you’ll swiftly pass this creature by.


February 8th, 2016 | Posted by Charlie in Learning - (3 Comments)

There once lived a boy called Jeff. He lived with his Dad, who lived in a lighthouse near the squally sea. Next to the lighthouse there was a bridge. One day, when they were in their bed, they both woke up and they were flabbergasted to see what was happening to the bridge. It was moving! The bridge was dragging  it’s vast body into the sea and it was taking them with it . They were both very  alarmed. Before they knew it, they had been dragged to the  bottom of the sea. Out of the dark depths of the sea a gargantuan whale appeared. The whale swam urgently through the sea destroying the monstrous bridge as it went. Then it scooped up the lighthouse with Jeff and his Dad inside, and deposited it safely out of the water. Jeff and his Dad staggered out of the lighthouse just in time to see the whale flipping its tail and disappearing into the total darkness of the sea.

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