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Varjak and his group were one of the most powerful cat gang in the city. “All hail king Varjak.”Cats chanted all the way along he was now the king of cats and he was the  main gang and they did live in peace.A few years past and Holly (his best friend) had gone missing.”King Varjak King Varjak!” said a mesopotamian  blue.”Yes?” He asked.”Sir Jalal has arrived.”He spoke.”So your great ancestor who taut you those skills in a dream is coming here?”Asked Tam.”Yes.”Varjak said.Tam nearly fainted at the words.The cat was waiting for his order.”Ah so sorry Tim tell the gaurd cats to put out the red carpet.”Varjak commanded.


To be conntinued check Megan’s blog for part 2 plus they fell in a portal which took them to another world.

Stuck in a video game

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Sam loved playing video games.

But her favourite game was a game called forest raider. Sam was obsessed with it, she played a whopping 24 hours every day! “Sam, time to get up, your gonna be late for school” announced Mum. “No! I’m too tired leave me alone” a muffled voice came from under the covers. “Well it’ll be detention for you young lady,” warned Mum. You see Sam was home schooled and she was always sat on a plastic chair with a desk, working hard. It wasn’t the best place for Sam. All Sam wanted, was to be with her friends, Alex, Joe and his sister Jodie.

“Urgh, Okay Mum”  Sam complained. Mum nodded. “Good now hurry up “her mum replied happily. After school (or after 5 hours of learning) Sam got to do whatever she wanted. She could hang out with her friends or play on forest raider. Today Alex came over. Knock Knock. “Hello oh hi Alex are you okay? Wanna hang out? ” Sam asked. “Oh sorry I can’t hang out, I got homework and Joe and Jodie are ill today. I just came to tell you, anyways bye”. Alex quickly said. Sam closed the door and slid to the floor, deflated. Sam sighed sadly. “They’re always busy anyways but I can look on the bright side, at least I can play forest raider” Sam muttered to herself. Five hours later Sam was still playing, suddenly a goblin grabbed her and pulled her in. “Ahhhhh!” Sam cried. When she woke up she was in a strange world but she recognised it. She was in FOREST Raider!! 

To make a very very VERY long story short, Sam was kidnapped by tiny little gobblins and nearly thrown into the fiery sacrife volcano! However a tiny forest woman saved her and they lived happily ever after as shopkeepers that sell ultra rare items.

One day Alex, Joe and Jodie  were all playing forest raider and they spotted Sam in the game.

Dun dun dun DUNNNNNNN!!!

The Art Competition

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One day a girl named Blue entered a art competition because one of her hero’s Doc Rain Art the best artist in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD was a judge.So when Blue arrived there were people from all over the world.”Hello and welcome everyone the the great big art off a word of advice before starting be creative and you have to be sparkling and you have to be inspired by someone and begin,”announced Doc Rain Art.Blue wanted to paint the Monia Lisa and in five minutes she finished and time was nearly up perfect timing.”FIVE FOUR THREE TWO ONE STOP,”Announced Doc rain.She looked round and decided the winner.”The winner is…….BLUE,”the judges all said together.   

The Worst Witch,Hallow Weeds.

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Chapter 1

Mildred Hubble was becoming a bit of a celebrity at Cackles since the hole story of  saving the school and also being a daughter of a witching family.Today was a special day since Cackles are getting one of the best witches in the world Phoenix Moonstone. Phoenix is a very powerful witch and the biggest witch and human celebrity shes the best singer EVER she also she has a box which is empty.What a surprise!“Mil Mil get up get up she’s coming Mil,”shouted Maud.”What are you talking about Maud,”Mildred asked.”Phoenix Moonstone and her brother she’s the best witch in history.”Maud answered.


More coming soon….


The Abandoned Music Room

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One day two girls named Phoenix and kitty were exploring Phoenix’s new house it was an old big house. “There’s nothing interesting around here no secret doors NOTHING Phoenix NOTHING,”complained Kitty.At those words a secret door opened it led down three stone stairs into a old tan room the walls were stone the colour tan the floor was cold marble and Phoenix stepped in and saw a old guitar Kitty followed. Phoenix and picked up the guitar and tried to play it but it was completely out of tune.”Ow Phoenix that’s horrible sound stop,”pleaded Kitty. Just then the door behind them closed shut …


Maybe part 2?


Mystory Men

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Once upon er time a man named Jo was a tourist of the world he was from England but he was in love with history of other parts of the world.Despite his love of the world his fave place to go was Sidney opera house and one day Jo decided to have a stroll down the coast watching and enjoying  the singing just when he stumbled into something he’s never seen before.”What in the whole wide world is this,”Joe asked himself and before him were hundreds of colored models and there heads were all red there bodies were colours of blue,green,purple,white,red and yellow in fact there was only one purple one Joe went closer to it and it was holding a sack.When he looked closer the model and he covered Jo with the sack and that was the end of Jo.



Daisy’s magical Christmas holiday

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Our Christmas celebrations began on the one and only Christmas eve. Ginger bread men were baked and iced with silly faces, obviously Mum made a trifle and cooked a delicious ham .We also went to the christingle service and sang a lot of joyful carols. That evening it was into our lovely PJ’S, drink a yummy cup of coco and then we laid out santa’s goodies. Of course I went straight to sleep after hanging up me stocking and finally the morning arrived and it was CHRISTMAS day. Just then I remembered my stocking I turned, looked and presents poured out of my stocking but the day had just begun!

Nanny and Grandad joined us for Christmas breakfast. I ate chocolate crossaints, then it was time to open my mountain of presents, horray! My favourite was my new tablet. That afternoon we sat down to a special Christmas dinner. I love the roast turkey and apple sauce!

We had lot’s of  lovely lazy days playing with our new stuff but we also visited Lacock Abbey to see the festive trees and went horse riding with my cousin Katie. I rode Pip and Misty. Even Albert had a ride, he wanted to go fast.

We saw the New Year in with a trip to Longleat to watch the fireworks. The music made me dance and run about like mad. I saw all the red pandas. They were having their tea. We walked around the pretty festival of light and got lost in the maze. I stayed awake till midnight. Happy New year!

The 2nd of January was my birthday! We went to play at a big farm play barn and then had a big roast dinner at Toby carvery which is the most delicious place in the world. It was getting dark so we went home and everyone sang happy birthday and we ate unicorn cake.

Well that was a fun holiday, sadly it had to end just like this recount.



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