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Monkey Drum Melody

In a dark ship wreck Martha Melody found a monkey drum. When she tried to play the monkey drum IT WAS COMPLETELY OUT OF TUNE! Luckily Adam Accordion had lots of musical instruments and he had a monkey drum. he can tune any monkey drum however he couldn’t tune it. He gave it to Flo Flute (a scientist) to check up on this mysterious thing. She found out that the monkey drum was not a monkey drum it was a Violin belonging to a famous strings player, Georgie Guitar. Thank you for reading our very good post.

by Ros and Eleanor

Ella’s secret

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Ella Shaw was sitting on the fringe of the golf pitch. She was worried because it was the full moon tonight. Her secret was every full moon she turned into a wear wolf. The sun was flickering and the sky was starting to turn black.                                                                           She headed home, washed her hands and sat down with her dad Ben Shaw and her brother Dylan. As her brother was playing on his phone and dad was serving tea she reminded her mum Daisy that it was full moon. She finished her eggs and went upstairs to her room to transform.



The Rebirth Of The Weeping Angles!

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Once  upon a time, there lived a doctor but not a real doctor. oh no! It was a doctor that saved people from evil. He always said “My companions help me save people from evil.” and they always agreed. Once, they came across weeping angles in a circle. The doctor turned to his companions and said “whatever you do don’t blink” and the companions said OK. Then the main companion said “I’ve been in this situation before and never blink. All you need is a sonic screwdriver, that will do it.” so with one blast they defeated them.

Doctor: David Tenant

main companion: me

good or bad!?!

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Is Kingsly  Shaclebolt good or bad…

Kingsly Shaclebolt is an oura in Harry Potter and is in the ministry of magic. He is in the order of the phonix as well and he has to pretend he is in Cornelius Fudge. He is a black person and wears a blue and purple uniform. Also he wears a blue hat with purple triangles and yellow dots on it. At one point in the film he says “I know you won’t like it minister but Dumbledour has style!” and Dumbledour is the headmaster of Hogwarts.

Is Kingsly Shaclebolt good or bad?

Once there was a yellow pretty running gorilla  that looked a bit like bricks. The gorilla was called Sam and was quite silly and crazy.The reason he was crazy and silly was because he ran around in circles at 1000 miles per second and he has ran 1000000000 marathons!!! If I could put my thought into words it would be “OMG OMG OMG this is sooooooooo crazy” and this is true and also this is true. While running Sam also says “I am red, I am red, I am red, I am red, I am red, I am red!” and that’s it.

Harry Potter And The Broom Cupboard Door…

November 7th, 2018 | Posted by Eleanor in 100wc | Learning - (3 Comments)

Harry Potter who you might have heard of  is obviously a wizard. He loves hiding, especially in broom cupboards because no body looks in there. Today, the 6.11.18 (the 6th of Nov 2018) he found a cupboard and it rattled  and again and again and again. then he opened it then he saw colours like red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and violet. He saw colours like gold, silver, pink and purple. He saw colours like turquoise, magenta, navy blue and ginger. Harry said “I wondered what was behind the door.”. I hope you enjoyed my story  and hope you think it’s good.



1)  Harry Potter and his friends forte the dark lord FOREVER however a lot of them got hurt!!!

2) Harry Potter peacefully flew around on his fire bolt for ages.

3) Harry said “HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII” to Ron and Hermionie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4) H.P stands for harry potter name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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