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Disco dinosaurs on the gap of christmas (4)

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Moved… HOUSE

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Heath was running towards the car, today they were moving house. That was only IF the van came. Luckily, the van turned up just in time, the van had the letter V~H and the symbol in the middle on the side. He knew the company as ‘Vincent and Hades’ the moving house company, only this van didn’t look exactly the same as the others he saw before. Heath was suspicious and was going to find out what was going on! After the move he saw the driver parked the van and walked into the house across the road. Was the this the drivers house? Was this the owners house? Then after a couple of minutes the driver walked out of the house, got into another car and left. Heath’s curiosity led him to think about who would live there! A man came out of the house, he was pale, cold with slant eyes. Heath knew was the company’s owners house because he saw many pictures of him on the internet after some searching. Heath’s new house was opposite the company’s owners house, it was a small cottage with a single tree in the front garden. Heath’s house, which was painted purple, had 4 floors. Heath saw the person run towards the van and as he went he peeked through the window into neighbours house, he saw a basement with a lock secured with a purple key he saw the purple key. He ran inside and unlocked the door and went in he locked the door behind him so the owner never found him. For a change he saw the man before he could spot him and the man was quiet he ran into a cupboard and left the key outside the owner found it and went out of the basement. Heath went to see what it said there were some Emails they read:

TO: Kr Alison. We need to meet at 5:30 to plan things about our plot… We will all be the winners and as my code name develops no one will know me!

TO: Jr @#-=,/;. I put the signs so no one knows who you are Boss. Lets do it.

TO: Kr Alison. Thank Ali we will be ruling the world!

TO: Jr Xer. Your code name is called X-er so you’ll be unnoticed by others!

TO: Kr Alison. Fine surfer lets go I’ll do some code 110000010100101110000101

The chat ended there and Kr finished with V~H. The 2nd words were code named but Jr=Jack-Rust and Kr=Kris-Rust. Heath sent the police a photo of the screen and then 3-mins later some police came and arrested Jr. THE END.


Disco-dinosaurs: Greenix (3)

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They flew over Greenix faster then a Gremlin-dino could run. Daisy landed upon the grass of the palace of UY it was a fair area with golden steps, “Welcome to UY my home!” Daisy told them. The doors opened and a ragged old Gremlin-dino step out they was looking at Freegan   the evilest Gremlin in the world “Here is my master; Horlaf!” One of the crew (The captain) hid behind a tree “Horlaf! My arch-enemy!” He whispered. Horlaf was a tall swamp-green giant of a old race of Gigantasaurus’s and he was the worst he wore vines that were trailing off his back “AGH!” Daisy stumbled at the sight of Horlaf “MWHAHAHAHA!” he cried “I’m unstoppable…” and then the giant dino fell over into the mossiest water-sauce in the garden “No! Yes! but no I’m defeated! NOOOOO!” Horlaf was swallowed up by the water “At Christmas ____  Defeat ___ all _____ dino snotties!” Horlaf moaned as he disappeared. Moments later a giant Disco area appeared, after it finished Daisy told them, “Go to Christ-land where the Christmas celebration is I’ll come later…” she then flew away towards the north…


The disco-dino’s landed at the foot of a icy pond and Daisy appeared by their side they decided to go to the shop to get decorations but… READ DISCO-DINO (4) THE GAP OF CHRIST!


The crows yawn (part 1)

November 13th, 2018 | Posted by Heath in 100wc | Learning - (3 Comments)

Heath was on his way home when he saw a man with a Gorilla that throws Yellow bricks his house was falling apart. He dragged Heath into the basement and he lied there…

69 years later

“No!” Daisy screamed as she was pushed into the basement the man turned a key and she was locked up “Over here” A faint sound was calling the basement walls were pretty decorated with odd marks a boy was running up and down a hall saying, “Come over here… This mans house is crazy!”  there was a door on the far left a faint cry was heard, “HELP!”.

Boo: meaning of Haloween.

November 9th, 2018 | Posted by Heath in Learning - (1 Comments)

area one: viking times.

Bert: It’s the old harvest fest Jay we should put on our animal masks to scare the ghouls away!

Jay: Yeah right! All the town is sitting round a fire scared and mumbling and who knows.

(In the viking times they all had a harvest fest on the 31st of October where they wear masks to scare away ghost/monsters)

Mayor: Come Jay the monsters are hiding!

Jay: No monsters this time! (his eyes pop in anger)

Bert: Jay!

(Jay finally goes)

Bert: Jay is this fun!

Jay: in 10 years what’ll happen?

(In part-2)

  U.S.A years later.

Presendent: Folks today the 30th is now Hallows eve! It’s a saint’s day and this day is inportant!

(The next day is the 31st of Oct)

( they got a Hallow day that was said to be haunted too)

Fred: We’ll have to hide now the ghouls are getting ready!

Sam: Goo-goo-gaga!

Fred:Tho tho! (Locks the door)

Door: Churn!

Fred: Run!

San: Bio!

Ireland the same-day

Ali: Sis lets get into your costumes and hide behind Charlies hedge!

Ella: Okay!

(The children hide. In Ireland they hide behind hedges and scare people then do a trick to gain sweets)

Ali: Yes! 9000 sweets! Lets share.

Ella: Yeah lets! Mum will let us have them!

Daisy/Mum: Yes you two you can!


Daisy/Mum: Stop or you’ll have none!

Transition: 1714/1753

(Irish sails-men will go out to U.S.A or Amarica and brings along there tredition)

Ali: we’ve arrived at U.S.A and it’s 31st!

(Of course the amaricains weren’t used to it so they were like bully’s to the Irish)

Ella: Citizens of U.S.A in Ireland we go around getting sweets for cool tricks!

Mayor: We’ll do scary costumes and get treats instead of being a cool-tricks!


there you have it Haloween from the start thank your grandfathers 1000th father for Haloween or Savaina as the Vikings called it!

Disco dinosaurs on planet Xurg :) (2)

November 7th, 2018 | Posted by Heath in 100wc | Learning - (7 Comments)

The Dinosaurs arrived and looked around. You see every mission a pterodactyl or another Dinosaur would tell them their mission. A tall pterodactyl landed and told them “I’m daisy the queen of Xurg and helper of Greenix I’ll be your helper…” A blue flash was shown ” THIS WAY” cried Daisy. Soon they saw a tyrutieon Triger called; Byre the killer. ” see?” asked Daisy so with that they asked Byre for a football match and the scores were;

Byre: 5neil

Disco: 10neil.

Disco won and then Byre pulled a blunt blade and hacked at the vines “Nay” he moaned then the dinosaurs saw the jem-of-life “see you-loser later!” cried Byre as he flew the jem into the air Daisy knocked him spinning toward the planet Greenix, Daisy said, ” the Greenix cops will get him!” the next day the first jem was sent to the dinosaurs. “MAMA!” cried Byre!

The end still more to come in planet Greenix! :>


November 6th, 2018 | Posted by Heath in 100wc | Learning - (2 Comments)

Dave asked himself, “I wondered what was behind that door but nothing? Just a shed?” then the door shook and a fake end fell down and a big grey inside portal could be seen with bricks with guns on ran towards the portal… “Geez/Gosh a police car?” “E.T phone home, E.T phone home.” Said E.T and a sinentest took him by the bony finger and put him in a tube but Dave upper-cutted the tube and Mr. E.t flew out and dance at Mad-thing-boy!!! “SASASASASA!” Cried E.T and then a portal opened and a creepy murder came and said “Wee Wee!” he was french. THE END

By Heath!

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