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The 4 sentences! (By author of Elves)

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Hi I’m back not about Elves this time! Lets GO:

  1. Silently, Catty looked up at the mountains of Cat-land in Alroka but no monster could be seen, he picked up the sword Eythilan and held it up against the dawn!
  2. Quickly, Catty walked up the road on the side of the mountains, around the edges the path trailed off into a dark mist and then a small crack could be seen against the black stone Catty stopped to the side for some rest!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                3. The noise of purring wind crashed against the caves insides but Catty noticed a small cave going up steeply into the crest of the mountain!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    4. A howl came louder and louder as Catty walked up the steps he saw silver fur brushing against the entrence as Catty drew nearer he saw a label reading : Howler, the wear-wolf, Catty drew his sword and slowly nudged Howl towards the edge at 3-cm Howler drew his claws across Catty’s face but still Catty wasn’t slain He picked up his sword and hit Howler, the dog ran and gave Catty his stone it made Catty able to see in the dark, Catty recalled 1/5!

Polo and the, mystery of the dissapering divers.

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Polo woke up it was 2:00 he got dressed and led on his bed until his globe coughed out a piece of the world. He stood next to his map and looked about a name flashed up saying: Bermuda. He placed it down and looked at his watch the secrete code was t-r-I-n-g-l-e. Polo walked over to his map and said “Off to Bermuda!” He looked up at the sky then down he saw a beach in front of him and a apartment behind. He guessed someone needed him. As he opened the doors a man with a beard said to polo, “Polo many of our guests have disappeared in to the north bay! Polo can you find out what happened?” Polo agreed and he set off to the beach with his gear.

He was right next to the end of the not so deep parts and jumped into the water. swimming around he saw a swirl of water in the centre of the ocean slowly so he didn’t notice he got sucked up. Soon Polo realized he was getting sucked up he couldn’t leave his life here in a underwater hurricane but if he wanted to find out what happened to the divers he must get sucked up! So reluctantly He waited for the water sucked him up into a chamber of rock around him was people like divers and he saw a door with a letter above it. it was letter V. Polo stealthily opened the door and slid into a coffin he listened closely a voice was heard “I think polo will come? Will he Ha sure he won’t yes I’m sure for I Velda is the king MWHAHAHA!” Polo recognized Velda and with his words Polo he got out and swiped out his Nyssa sword and pointed it at Velda his face turned into a smile and he opened his mouth and his teeth were launching towards Polo he broke them and Velda fell then Velda put on a ‘sad stomp’ shoe and it bashed against the floor since he forgot to turn the sucker off he got sucked into the deepest depth of the ocean and was never seen again!

Polo got back to the hotel by 2:34 and showed the bearded man the people lost. Polo saw a map in the staff room and before any compliments were made he shouted “OFF TO EGLAND.” he repapered in his bedroom and the time was 2:40 He knew he had a adventure of a lifetime!


Disco-dinosaurs on the planet Tyrunt: (1)

October 9th, 2018 | Posted by Heath in 100wc - (2 Comments)

In a disco spaceship lived the Disco-saurs going to meet the Pterodactyl called GM451 or over wise knew as Xui. they landed on a rock in the sea of Tru and lit up a disco map Xui landed and said “That map, it reminded of a time when I farted in Mid-air!” Then a skull landed at MT. orthank! They ran to the Mountain and ran into the ship turned off the Xe phones power and as the lava struck the ship turned to gravel! They lit up a DISCO-HALL and partied until a skull appeared on planet Xurg!


Heath and Dylan!

Digital TOPIC!

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Entry point!

For our entry we got to bring in hand held things to play on but halfway through Mr-B spoiled our fun by showing us old-old-old computers and older things but soon the hook fell deeper (By that I mean the no fun (Kind of) was turned into fun!) we got to play again.!.

Scratch projects!

Reported back we finished scratch projects it’s were you as a shark eats fish and octopus try’s to kill you! (I’m not giving you the codes) and now we got to make our own project my project is about a pokemon we are going to make it soon in scratch!

End up!

Yay, the report finished and we do not know what to come so… (I don’t have a idea Okay!) So this report is not so bad but still… (I HAVE NO IDEA!)

by Alice and Heath.

(Okay we have no idea!)


Conectives (land of elves)

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In a golden laid land full of sunshine and trees of emerald leaves and dairy brown wood also along with their fair town-folk these are elves.

Their cloaks are of light gold and a leaf of their trees there tops are made of the strong earth but not so hard to lift and each one of their hair is coloured golden like the sunshine and more yonder and trousers are made of grey felt over all of the elves.

The place of Xu is in the north coner with his golden pillars and quarts walls and roofs with 3410 diffrent rooms and his slaves aren’t treated like slaves in the place of Xu they are treated like Guests from beyond the place!

There houses are in the trees of, Loth Loiren, the place of elves and there old climate never changes and  the wind stays brushing every were with a gentle touch!

Teacher terror: at the canyon of doom. 1

September 18th, 2018 | Posted by Heath in 100wc - (0 Comments)

Kids, Weird things, Well these kids are weirder. This kid and 2 more had jumped into the canyon.

They landed next to a Teacher that chased them but they got on their Magical alligator that was tricky but they still Climbed on the Mauve scales and flew away. The first said ” we ain’t have any alligator!” They fell but their alligator saved them. Unexpectedly they rose to the top of the canyon and their alagator took them home  They had to walk home due to no aligators alowed in the story: NO ALLIGATORS. 


Heath and Dylan.


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