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The u bricks

November 13th, 2018 | Posted by Jessica in 100wc | Learning - (0 Comments)


U bricks was a brick company, it sold bricks of all shapes and sizes. The most popular make was a yellow 24 inch brick.All reveiws had been posotive  apart from one. A women aged 64 said that a pretty gorilla smashed through her wall this is her complaint note.

dear u bricks

your bricks you made me are a total waste of money and time. A gorrila came running through my wall and smashed my house to peice.I am so dissapointed in your company so pleases hut down or else i shall speak to the police and the gouverenment and you shall be for it

From Moody mandy :0 by jess and albie

lola, part one, comment for part two

November 9th, 2018 | Posted by Jessica in Learning - (2 Comments)

(Lola is admiring a heavy box that her mum gave her before she died)

Lola:(says  to her dog ) Oh Sam, you Dad and Luke are my only hope

(Sam whimpers)

Dad:(from downstairs) Pizza’s being put on the table, come and eat

Luke: Come now or else

Lola: Or else what?

Luke: Or else…. I’ll eat your pizza

(Lola rushes down stair and tucks in to her pizza)

Lola: Dad ,what make is this pizza?

Dad: Harold’s, why?

Dad: Why?

Lola: This is amazing

(after tea Lola is back in her room pressing the button inside the box when She see’s mum in her waxy green dress)

Lola: Mum, how are you here, you died a year ago

Mum: (in a ghostly voice) Get Daddy, i need to see him;-)


(Dad never came…..);-)













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In Susan’s school there was a door. A wooden one that was padlocked shut. The pupils had been forbidden to look in there. this is a story of Susan who broke the rules and went to have a look. Basically, it was break time and Susan wanted to see what the door lead to. She Walked past the office and clasped her hands on the handle. “Susan Alfred, what are you doing”. The school secutary was watching her from the office. “I…I was only having a look” stuttered Susan.”I wondered what was behind the door”. She stepped inside the door and was never seen again.

4 sentences

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I do find human research interesting however animal information is twice as fascinating.

Happily, The summer has come.

“I’m happy now” said Sam

It is sunny, warm and bright


My learning

October 23rd, 2018 | Posted by Jessica in Learning - (2 Comments)

I am loving lotus class and this term has been very successful in all different ways. I am loving our topic digital gaming and I have got a lot quicker at finishing my English and maths.I have got so much better at times tables and can now do all of them. Mr Bennett is a great teacher and I thank him greatly for teaching me and helping me improve all of the things I didn’t know before.


 Thank you Mr Bennett!!

ladybird lane

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The lights street lights turned on in ladybird lane once again as the sun settled down for the night. no-one knew what was about to happen. Ryan the robber crept through the shadows with a sack hung over his shoulder. so far he had robbed three houses and stole a radio alarm clock, an apple mac-book computer and professional picture camera. The only way to get to the last house in the lane was to climb up the drainpipe.Ryan was afraid of  heights and he was horrified when his foot slipped. He fell and smashed to pieces 

Ryan was a Lego figure!

sunset over Oral hills

October 9th, 2018 | Posted by Jessica in 100wc | Learning - (3 Comments)

We lay on the hills as we watched the sun set over oral hills.Me and Alice it was, just us sat on beach towels surrounded by dandelions. It reminded me of a time when we were young and we sat on the swinging seat at the pub with our friend rowan playing star wars top trumps. All these memories we discussed together.We got little pebbles and engraved our names on a rock that was stuck into the ground. Me and Alice both agreed that a night without grown ups and our siblings(who were having a party at Alice’s house)  was great.

By Jess

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