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It was a cold dark night.

July 4th, 2017 | Posted by Lucy in Learning - (0 Comments)

It was a cold dark night in the middle of the ocean.  There was a red , rusty and old lighthouse that had not been  used infor three year.after three  years some hade gone in the lighthouse  they sat on a seet in the lighthouse and staid over night . But there was no bed he hade to a bed out of chairs it was very uncufball for him .  The next day he was very sor on his neck and back .  He went for a wonder around  the big lighthouse it took him an hour to lock around the pace and hour to get done the stairs the very uncufbull bed . And it was all a dream because he felt some one pinch him .

English Homework

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Suddenly they landed with a bump into a dragons cave, that was gloomy dark and scary.

Joe looked down and whispered to Sam “we have swords, what going to happen to us?”

“I think we have to fight a dragon” said Sam in a little voice.


“I dont want to fight a dragon” said Joe ” I am scarred”

“but we have to” said Sam “to get out of this game we have to fight the dragon”.


The boys set off through the cave, there was no sign of the dragon, they walked and walked and still nothing.

All of a sudden the red eye opened in front of them.

“HELP HELP HELP AAARRRGGGGGHHHHHH” said the boys as they started to run away in circles.

Dont go” said the dragon “I am lonely, I promise I wont hurt you ”

“we dont trust you” said Sam and Joe

“but please I am only lonely, I dont have any friends, they all think I am fierce, they all think I want to hurt them, I am not a mighty dragon I am kind and gentle”.

The boys stopped and looked at each other

“Thats why when one of you threw the game on the floor I used my magic to bring you to my world”

“I am sorry said Sam “but can you get us out of here?”

“I cant not until you say sorry for calling the game boring, if you only knew what a fun dragon I am”

“Ok show us” they said

Joe and Sam then spent the afternoon with the dragon, flying through the clouds running through the trees playing hide and see k in cave, and when it stared to get dark toasting marshmellows on the fire made by the dragon.

“I am sorry” said Sam, “you really are a fun dragon”

“thank you” said the dragon, ” now close your eyes, hold your nose and think of home”

Joe and sam done what the dragon said, suddenly they heard the fuzzy tv in the background, they could hear Joes sister crying.

“We are home” they said “Thank goodnes”

They pulled the game out of the computer.

“WE WONT EVER CALL YOU BORING AGAIN” they both said in a very loud voice.

the busy bee

May 5th, 2017 | Posted by Lucy in Learning - (0 Comments)

Once  aopne a time there was busy bee flying  aound  a school . A  theer  girls Ruby and Lucy Hattie and  the werst boy in school called  reggie and the bee was called zak .he   cletied   polen  and he got kicked out of his house and was a lone  .  the next day he was siting on a rose with a wermon and talked to the wermon . he found a human siting on a bench and said hoell  to him after a weeck  he  killed him and was  . mum is a noid  by the hunman and stanig him . the family was sad so they all saing him . thew mum tried to kill him .


the next day the boy came out in  a rash and the bee saning him aing and aing and aing and evrey day and , a rash evrewy day his mum tried to kill him . they didten like it and the dad got stang



the  end not the yet and too be coint inyod not yet ok


they all got stang

the end

the mouse how went to epgt

March 23rd, 2017 | Posted by Lucy in 100wc | Learning - (0 Comments)


Onec there was a mouse called zak and he want to go to epgt , but how something so tiny can go to epgt . Mice cant go to epgt but ill dust haft to walk there said zak . ill dust go and after 37hrs of walking he finlly reech epgt t cant bleev that i made it .all its very hot  he said  . ill wont to go up that pyramid . even im so small ill do it .  I, ll go in the tomb and see the mummy and ill fit though  a hole in the pyramid . and ill way yes i have  found a hole that i can get thnough and look at evrey think .

Joes cinema Holiday

February 6th, 2017 | Posted by Lucy in Learning - (0 Comments)

Suddenly Joe landed with a bumped. He wiggled his toes in the soft warm sand.

He rubbed his eyes and blinked, the sun was bright and hot, it was shineing on the sea, the whole place was beautiful.

The palm trees were blowing in the wind making swishing sounds.

‘Rustle rustle’ Joe heard coming from the forest, he began to explore….

‘Hello, is anyone there’ shouted Joe, then he hear the sound again ‘Hello, Hello my name is Joe’ he said ‘i am a bit frightened please come out’.

‘oh’ said Joe its a person ‘whats your name’ Joe said  ‘I’m zak’

Zak and Joe talked and went for a walk, around the ISland , they swam in the warm sea they laughed and built sandcastles.

I have never had a friend like you before’ said Zak I wish you could meet my mum . My mums pineapple pie are the best, ‘lets go said’ Joe

They walked through the jungle over the stream and finally got to zaks House.

Joe smelled the sweet smell, ‘Is that your mums pie I can semell’?

‘Yes it is,  it smells wonderful’ said Zak

Zak asked his mum if Joe could come in for a slice and play in Zaks room.

Yes said Zaks mum. The boyes went inside and ate a slice of pineapple pie. They went upto Zaks room and Zak told Joe all about this villge and that had lived here for hundred of years. They grew there own vegetables and fruit and made eveything they needed.

Joe looked out the window, he was worried about what his mum would say if he was not home soon, The sun was going down.

I have to go Said Joe, Where asked Zak, Home to mum if I am not home soon she will get mad. We will help you get home said Zaks Mum we dont want you getting into trouble.

they took Joe to a waterfall and told him to jump through the waterfall

Are you sure? yes they said……1 2 3 JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJUUUUUMMMMMMPPPPPPP!!!!!!

Joe Jumped and found himself back in the cinema, he thought to himself did I fall a sleep?


My christmas holiday

January 10th, 2017 | Posted by Lucy in Learning - (1 Comments)

We woke up at 4;55 in the morning  on Christmas day  and then me and Ellie got our mum and dad . Then when our mum and dad got into our room we looked  though our stockings and  our clothes bag we had loads in there, I had so much chocolate.

After that we went downstairs and found all our presents under the tree. Ellie and me went mad. We started to open them and I had everything i ask for my on my list, guitar, art stuff, nail stuff, games. I loved all of it.

By 7am I was a bit tired so I cuddled up with my new mermaid tail blanket and pillow and had a rest. This was about 5 minutes.

I the did my nails with my nail art pens and then I decorated mummy’s nails, with paw prints and flower and wavy lines.

About 2 oclock we had Christmas dinner, it was yummy and scrummy in my belly, I ate 1 whole Brussel sprout then I had a big drink of fizzy scholer because it didn’t taste nice. I ate 7 roast potatoes and I had my own dish of stuffing.

After dinner we had another little rest and then we played games. we played Monopoly, googly eyes and beat the parents.

After this we had some snacks homebaked ham and cheese and chocolate pudding. I was so full up again.

I went to bed at 9pm and watched a dvd in bed.

My 2nd best day was New Years Eve we had homemeade curry for tea and I got to stay up until midnight to watch the fireworks and Big Ben. We blew Party poppers and made a massive bang and lots of mess.

by Lucy Davies

Runaway dog Adventures

December 13th, 2016 | Posted by Lucy in Learning - (1 Comments)

I was out walking my dog Poppy one day when she ran off. I ran after her and followed her through a field and then she went through a big hedge full of brambles.

When I got out the other side I noticed there was a giant house, I could hear music and there were lots of flashes.

I really wanted to know what was going on inside, so I tip toed up to the front door and peep through the window.

Inside there was an lady. She was wearing a starry cape and hat and had multi coloured frizzy hair. She was chucking coloured power in to a big pot and singing along to music.

The music was strange, it wasn’t anything I had heard before, it was very relaxing and calming.

Suddenly Poppy was at my side she started barking at the lady through the window. The lady looked up and saw me. I tried to hide but she shouted ‘Come in Lucy’ . How did she know my name?

I went inside the house, “welcome welcome” she said “I have been waiting for you”.

“What do you mean” I asked.

As the lady started to explain how she new my name she told me about her magical powers and the potion she was creating meant that animals could talk. She told me that Poppy was always coming to her house and they  talked about what Poppy had been up to and how happy she was that she lived with me and my family.

We talked for hours and she showed all the magical rooms in her house, she had one room where she could create a spell that would turn her into a star so she be high up in the sky. She had a big room in the loft which was where she made happy thoughts like rainbows and flowers.

Her kitchen was amazing, filled with sweets and all things sweet. It had an ice cream machine where you could get as much ice cream as you wanted.

I said to the lady that I had to go home but I promised to come back and see her tomorrow when I walked Poppy after school I promised to bring my big sister Ellie. I went home as it was starting to get dark.

Poppy and me pushed back through the hedge with the brambles and went home. I couldn’t wait to show Ellie the next day.

After school we rushed to the hedge and pushed our way through the brambles, when we got out the other side the house was gone.

“It was here I promise” I said to Ellie, she didn’t believe and went back home. I started to cry when poppy pushed me and  looked at me and winked. I smiled at Poppy as it was our secret.


The End by Lucy D

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