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Whose Work Is It Anyway

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1    The 2004 Olympics featured twin gymnasts that won silver and gold!


2   The first perfect 10’s in gymnastics were in 1976.


3   Kerri Strug vaulted to gold with an injured ankle in the 1996 Olympics!


4   Men gymnasts used to have to climb up a rope.


5   In gymnastics you have to be flexible, have power, grace, balance and control.


6   Gymnastics has been around for 2,000 years!



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One day Abi was walking in the woods. Suddenly, a huge wasp came and threw her in a locked big room!  Slowly, she opened her eyes and saw she was a wasp! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed. Another wasp came in and said she needed to come out of there and do some wasp training! She was so scared she didn’t know what to say. They went out and they had to pose to be a wasp for everybody! “Ok when can I be human again,” said Abi. Tomorrow you will be back to normal and ready to go gym. 

One Week Later 

The winner is…




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             Amazingly, puppies are born blind, deaf and toothless!

Weirdly, a puppy spends about fourteen hours a day of sleeping and likes to snuggle up with you.

A puppy gets their smell at the age of three weeks!

Every year about 5 million puppies are born imagine how many that is!

The first week of a puppy’s  life they spend 90 percent of their day sleeping  and 10 percent eating.

At the age of one they are considered to be an adult! In human years there only 15.


Information found on


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Today Lotus class got our ocarinas and had a lesson for the first time! I found that playing the ocarina is fun but at times it can be tricky. However, once you have practised it is much easier! I have really enjoyed playing it and I hope other people do to. Susan

Just like what Susan said Lotus Class have got our ocarinas. It is a very fun thing to do! After I had a lot of practise I got the hang of it. Other people hopefuly enjoyed playing it because I did enjoy it a lot! I hope other classes like playing it. Mya

Colourful Garden

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One day a girl  called Rose was playing on her swing. It was a lovely summers day so the flowers were out and the birds were singing! Suddenly her Mum called her in for lunch. “Rose!” shouted her Mum lunch. “Ok!” Shouted Rose. So she skipped in to have lunch.


Meanwhile ants in her garden were making a plan. Well not a proper one but how could something so tiny make a plan I don’t know do you? Their plan was to grow every single flower every single colour in the garden! WHAT!
Rose thought it was a amazing plan after she found out!


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Suddenly, Susan started to talk in French although she can’t speak French she speaks English!

Talia does gymnastics because she really likes it.

Jenna also likes gymnastics however she doesn’t like counditioning!

My safe online profile

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I’m Mya,I have a dog called Kira she is very crazy! I like to do gymnastics I do it quite a lot but I never get tired. I have lots of very good and kind friends. I also like sourfing and skating on my heelys it is very fun! Heelys are shoes that have wheels on the back of them so you can skate around! At gym I do twelve hours a week it is very fun. I will never get bored of  it! Kira my dog likes to lick and likes to cuddle up to you sometimes. She likes warm and fluffy things! kira is a sprocker that is why she is very crazy when you want to cuddle her she just wants to play and play and play! Our tearcher is called Mr B he is a fun teacher. This week at gym I am doing seventeen hours I might get a bit tired! My best friends are Talia, Susan, Ana, Charlie and Jenna they are so nice and funny! Kira is black and white loves to play with other dogs but they do not won’t to play with her because she is so crazy. Kira likes to play piggy in the middle with all of my family! My favourite food is mango and lots of fruit and berries. I also like mango sorbay and rasberry sorbay. My favourite breakfast is pouched egg on toast it is so yummy! I don’t like fish though it smells horrible and is horrible. Chocolate brownie, cream and ice cream is so delicous

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