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Dragon Mainia the game…

June 11th, 2019 | Posted by Megan in Learning - (0 Comments)

” Where are we?” said Joe, ” It looks like your boring game!” shouted Sam. They wondered down a path that suddenly appeared out of no where. Sam and Joe felt stones on there bare feet as they carried on walking down the path. ” When will it end, I would have worn shoes if I’d known I was doing this, it hurts!” groaned Sam.” It doesn’t hurt if you walk on the grass beside it silly,” laughed Joe.” Mabey if we get to lev…” “NO!!” Shouted Sam.” Not that, please” persuaded Sam. Suddenly a sound of a Dragon was coming their way. ” Joe RUN!” squealed Sam. Joe paused for a second” I want to see it!” as the dragon got closer he immediately changed his mind and followed Sam, they ran back the way they came, however there was a wall in front of them. They where cornered by the mighty beast at the rocky cliffs above them.” Hello mates!” said the Dragon.” Yo-you can talk!” said Sam.” Oh yes, every Dragon in Dragon Mainia can talk like me,” exclaimed the Dragon.” D-do you know the way to Earth or out of this game?” said Sam.” Yes, however do you have any food like meat… I can’t hunt.” muttered the Dragon.” Well, I have a bit of ham,” said Sam.” Good, may I have it. If I have it and sprinkle magic dust on it, you will be home in bed before you know it. You must have a bit each,” said the dragon,” I don’t like ham!” shouted Joe.” Well you have to eat some if you want to get home,” explained the dragon.” Okay, I’ll eat some,” said Joe.” Good now eat!”(flash) They where home in bed like the Dragon had promised them.

High in the sky

April 30th, 2019 | Posted by Megan in Learning - (0 Comments)

Hi I’m the story teller and I’m going to tell a little secret about my story. One day in a wood far, far away a little girl went to find some fire wood. Suddenly, she heard a stick snap and as she turned around. She looked around in fright as a beast was running around her, more and more of them appeared and started to join in. She had a quick thought, bending down she grabbed a near by stick and chucked it over the bush, the beasts all chased the stick to see who could get there first. Whilst they where distracted she tiptoed back home to bed.

The next morning, when the girl awoke, her mother asked her to collect some fire wood again. The girl was anxious because she remembered the beasts from yesterday. On her way to collect the fire wood she heard a howl in the distance, worried that the beasts were going to return and eat her up, she began to run to the other side of the woods. She stumbled across a opening whilst she was running.

Big rocks and buildings big and small parrots flying round, also tropical lizards. Excited, the chilled ran round hopping on massive mushrooms and laying on soft, puffy grass when a THUD came from behind again. It was wolves following her, however, the wolves looked like they needed help strait away. She followed them and found the injured cub and realised the howl had come from the cub. The little cub had brambles tangled round it’s legs. Carefully she unwrapped the brambles and put on a bandage made from leaves.

It was now night and the girl had to head home, she loved the place she was in but she had to leave so her Mum wouldn’t wonder where she was.” By wolves,” she said. the wolves howled as the girl ran home.

The End

I am watching you

April 29th, 2019 | Posted by Megan in Learning - (0 Comments)

Ever body may think that you can be a rainbow and fly…well not when you are not bold and don’t stand out. You know that is me and this is my script. My name is not sparkling at all, my name is Luna. My hear is Galaxy.

Luna: Hey this is my none Creative story.( said this to class)

Teacher: You don’t need to be like this what happened?

Luna: My Mum went away for the week and I loved her to much I am now dopey.

Teacher: We will continue this after school.



Ponya goes to school

March 26th, 2019 | Posted by Megan in 100wc | Learning - (0 Comments)

Mummy Panda: Wake up Ponya it’s morning and time to wake up for breakfast.

Ponya: What time is it (In a tired voice)

Mummy Panda: It is 7:00 wake up.

Ponya: Ur WHY WHY WHY.

Mummy Panda: I’m so cross that you won’t wake up.

Ponya: Fine I’ll wake up.

Mummy Panda: Thank you.

Ponya: Just kidding.

Daddy Panda: O I will wake you up.

( Tinkles spread all over Ponya)

Panya: Arrr ha ha stopp it ha ha

Mummy Panda: WAKE UP

Ponya: Fine you got me  I’ll get up but only if I have chocolate for breakfast.

Mummy Panda: Fine but you need to promise that you will get dressed as it is late in the morning.

Creepy Thing

March 26th, 2019 | Posted by Megan in 100wc | Learning - (0 Comments)

This is a story of how Creepy dreams came true and trust me it is scary sold on tight. Once this boy named Alex was having a nice dream but he tots and turned all night. When he woke up he almost had a hart attack for he had a dream of monsters and ghosts. He ran out of bed however he saw something at the door and ran in the other direction. When he looked up he saw something stood above him. He squealed and shouted for help but no one came.

Then he woke up for real and went to School frightened, all his friends asked him if he was okay but he road on past them and took no notice of them. His friends started to wonder what was going on so they took note of what he was doing.

The next day, Alex didn’t show up for some weird reason but all they knew for his Mum told them that he was frightened a LOT. They had their day at school and when it was the end of the day Know one showed up because they were watching foot ball. They wondered that the TV had gone round in circles to make them dizzy. They found out that it was Alex’s dreams that came true and everyone had gone to some ware far away so they could stay safe.

To be continued…

The abandoned movie

March 19th, 2019 | Posted by Megan in 100wc - (0 Comments)

My Mum told me I was going to the movies with my friends but when I got there no one was there.It was quite creepy however I saw a candy bar store and when i looked over someone crept behind me. I quickly looked round to find no one was there when I carried on looking someone crept behind me again. I got annoyed and tried to escape but the doors were locked! I looked every wear but no key. I started to worry because I new I wasn’t getting out and my Mum would wonder where I was. I saw a key and unlocked the door.I went home happily.

By Megan.

The Galaxy Lynx (Part 1of 2)

March 12th, 2019 | Posted by Megan in 100wc | Learning - (0 Comments)

Chapter 1 : The galaxy lynx and the Marshmallow

The Lynx is an important character in our story because it new how and what a galaxy was.  He was a defender of the galaxy and if anyone got in his way there would be trouble.when they looked in a box it was empty.What a surprise! He looked up and saw someone took his cat-nip the Lynx told his slaves to catch him or her.

Chapter 2 We found him/her.

They found him and took the cat-nip of him.” Rrrr I want cat-nip give me cat-nip now,”he said.” You don’t want me getting mad.”Said the Lynx.

(More to come)

By Megan


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