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use openers and connectives

May 23rd, 2018 | Posted by Millicent in english - (0 Comments)

Sadly, Amelia couldn’t swim however she had swimming lessons.

Happily Mark joined a football club because he loved football.

Unfortunately there was a lonely pony despite this she made a full recovery.

Carefully, the vet did an examination on the dog on the other hand he wasn’t healthy.

Anoyingly, my sister ate all the sweets in the packet although the next time we’re in a shop she has to buy another pack.



But how on earth did she get up there?

March 20th, 2018 | Posted by Millicent in 100wc - (0 Comments)

Bang went the old wooden door as Ethal Hallow rushed down the stairs to answer it and it was her non magical sister Esmirelda. Ethal and her sisters went to a witching school sadly, Esmirelda lost her powers because she was tricked. As Ethal loved her sister so much she thought of a spell to keep her sister in the tower. The problem was Ethal had 2 sisters. Sibal Hallow the youngest sister had got in there and had been trapped. Suddenly Esmirelda heard a scream she went into the tower and saw Sibal on the roof! But how did she get up there thought Esmirelda she got her powers back with the schools founding stone.

The magical castle in the middle of the sea

March 20th, 2018 | Posted by Millicent in Homework - (1 Comments)

There once lived a queen and she lived in a magical castle. It  was on an island in the  sea which was nice and there was a forest round the corner. Whenever she wanted to she would get her horse Buttercup and ride through the forest. On the top of the castle was a clock, it only chimed when it was midnight or midday.  The only way in and out was across a long curved bridge  over the bobbing  sea. The towers on top of the castle wore pointy witches hats. The queen loved living in her beautiful castle all on her own. The queen liked to paint while the boats were sailing past. In the winter the sea froze. Out from the forest came grizzly bears who skated on the ice with the queen who they would never harm.

The goldfish that grew legs and wings!!!

February 27th, 2018 | Posted by Millicent in 100wc - (1 Comments)

There was once a normal house in a normal street in a normal town. There lived a 12 year old girl her little sister who was 6 and their mum and dad. The two sisters were called Catherine Madison. Catherine was the oldest and Madison was the youngest. The family had a goldfish called Goldie. One night when everyone was asleep  Goldie grew legs and wings! She flew out of the house and climbed up the very high brown ladder. She slowly returned back into her bowl and went to sleep. In the morning, Catherine woke up early to feed Goldie.”What happend to you? It was magic!!!

Rich of treasure

February 9th, 2018 | Posted by Millicent in Big Write - (0 Comments)

There was once 7 children all boys around the age of 9 -10. They lived in the ever so cold country of Greenland. All the boys were allowed out of their little village with their friends. The names of the boys were Mike, Josh, John, Charlie, William, Archie and Max. One night, when everyone was sleeping a village pirate came and dug up a beach and found a treasure chest! It was when he relised that there was cctv around on the beach!He was such in a hurry he forgot to take the chest with him!

That morning, when all 7 boys were fully awake they all went to the beach and guess what they found the treasure!!! Mike ran home to get his dad and his dad came running along the road and thought of a brilliant idea and it was that they take it home and share it out together. when they got home to Mike’s house they all went and sat on his bed and his dad shared it out. Luckily,there was an even number they all got 10 jewls each!” We are rich of treasure! ” They all shouted.



The magic flood

February 6th, 2018 | Posted by Millicent in 100wc - (0 Comments)

There was once a little,cosy cottage in the country side. An elderly lady who was 86 lived in there. It didn’t really rain around the area but one day it just was drizzling but it didn’t stop! So it came down the drainpipe and came out the other end on her driveway! This caused a magic flood!!!! a fire engine arrived at full speed and tried get rid of the water (it surprisingly worked!) The lady couldn’t stop saying thankyou. It was all nice and calm and no more magic floods appeared again forever! Everyone lived happily ever after. THE END

the family that got turned to stone!

January 30th, 2018 | Posted by Millicent in 100wc - (0 Comments)

There was once a posh cafe in Sidmouth. There were statues of cats outside to display it. Sadly, nobody knew that there was an evil ,wicked witch! One day the wicked witch was lurking around the cafe there was a small family just coming out of the cafe. Suddenly, a broomstick flew past them it turned out to be Ethel Hallow a young evil witch. But with a movement from her hand the family turned into stone! Ethal laughed her head off and flew off at full speed ready to play a prank on someone else. Everyone stared until Mildred Hubble came and turnsd them back.

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