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What I enjoyed about math’s day.

June 25th, 2019 | Posted by Millicent in Learning - (0 Comments)

I enjoyed the diamond maze at the end where shapes were being blown around and you had to catch them and stuff them in a postbox. I also enjoyed making finger print repeating patterns and also drawing some patterns.

The girl who climbed up a mountain

April 29th, 2019 | Posted by Millicent in 100wc - (0 Comments)

Once upon a time there was a girl called Nora. She loved to climb. One day she climbed up Mount Everest for charity. It took a lot of training for Nora to get strong enough. Nora began climbing.The big blue sky loomed over above her. Nora found her interest of climbing when she got inspired by a world famous mountain climber. Nora also liked being creative she liked her imagination run wild. Nora was bold to do this. She was getting hot as the sparkling  sun shone down on her. Nora believed in herself, all she had to go was a few meteres and then she would have climbed Mount Everest!



The day the sky was the wrong colour!

April 2nd, 2019 | Posted by Millicent in 100wc - (0 Comments)

I enjoyed a nice country walk whilst walking my dog. It was a frosty morning so I got home and put the fire on.

That evening, I walked my dog but something made me feel funny. The sky wasn’t its normal peachy colour infact, it was rainbow! “But it is the wrong colour!” I thought to myself.

The next day I saw on the news that the rainbow sky is going to continue for a few weeks. I thought to myself, “maybe I could walk along the seafront.

A few weeks later, the sky was its peachy self again and I continued to walk in the country side.

The never ending staircase

March 19th, 2019 | Posted by Millicent in 100wc - (1 Comments)

Once upon a time there was girl called Samantha and she, her Mum,Dad and little sister lived in a grand house. Samantha and her little sister Ella liked to run up and down the gigantic staircase until something swept them of their feet and they landed in their house! This time the stair case never ended! Suddenly, Samantha found a note it said”Go round the country on this staircase and arrive back at this starting point mid day tomorrow! Then everything will be back to normal again.” Quickly, Samantha and Ella made their way around the country. Finally, they arrived back at their starting point at around 11:00am the next day.Then they were whisked back to normal and they were safe and sound again!



The mystery of the empty case

March 12th, 2019 | Posted by Millicent in 100wc - (0 Comments)

Once upon a time there was a girl called Millie and she had a special case with special things inside. It had a  padlock on it and a key. The key was kept in Millie’s jewllery box. Only her sister didn’t know where it was but she didn’t give up trying to find it! One day Millie arrived home from the beach. She had a pebble in her hand ready to put in her box. Her box was filled with special little things that reminds her of those days out. When she stood on her bed to get the key. When she picked up her case it felt extremely light however, when she opened it, it was empty.  What a surprise! “It’s time to solve a mystery!” Thought Millie.

The ukulele that was out of tune

February 12th, 2019 | Posted by Millicent in 100wc - (1 Comments)

Once upon a time there was a girl called Lilly and she just started ukulele lessons. A few years went by and Lilly was doing really well and was in grade two. One day, Lilly went to her ukulele lesson and her teacher said “Lilly, would you like to preform your ukulele in front of people in Covent Gardens?” “Oh Lilly!” Said her Dad amazed and proud. “I’d love to!” Said Lilly excitedly. The day came and Lilly was practicing behind stage. “You can do it” said her Mum smiling. Lilly walked onto stage and started playing her first piece of music. “Gosh!” Said Lilly cross it was completely out of tune. That then taught Lilly a lesson to always check her ukulele was in tune before she stated playing it.

people who traveled the world

January 29th, 2019 | Posted by Millicent in 100wc - (1 Comments)

Once upon a time there were these people who traveled the world and they liked to dress up in really bright costumes. Right now they were in Sydney in Australia. These people didn’t go round the world on a plane,boat or car, but they walked! They were going to see the Sydney Opera House. Lots of people started to take photos of them. One of the people asked his friend “Why are people taking photos of us?”Before the man’s friend could reply, one of the people admitted they were famous because they ended up on the news! People started to travel the world with them and that’s how they became well known.

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