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happily,I fed a swan however the swan flew away.

Sprinting, I went to the shop because I was hungry!

Neatly, I did all this work but my teacher didn’t like it!

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Walt – use paragraphs                    Ruby                                                                          22.9.17


One day there was two girls called Ruby and Lucy they went to the Zoo to see the hippo . The girls got lost the went into weird animals there was a hippo they touched the water wall and fell in .


‘’Help me ‘’ said the hippo  ‘’we will ‘’ while we wait lets swim’’…   

the abanded wold

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One day there was a person who invented a world that long ago it vanished . 300,0000 years later a girl was going buying beads and when she got out side she took a bead and she vanished

the ball

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One day there ere a boy and a girl and there names were Max and Bethany . They wanted to play golf  so they went to the golf shop and bought  a golf ball.  It was nearly Halloween so the balls had pictures on them .they got one with an eye ball on it ” here you go ” ” thank you ” .

That night when Bethany was sleeping the eye on the ball blinked and the window opened . A duck came in Bethany suddenly awoken and seen the duck. The next day she told Max however he didn’t believe her ” Beth you had a bad dream” ”I didn’t ”I will take the ball” ” ”ok”…


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one day there was a girl called rose and she was walking to school .She saw something that she never seen before she  wanted to have a look but decided to go back after school . An hour later ” Bella ” ”what” ”I seen something ” cool let’s go after school” ” ok ”.

”Wow” ”lets go in ”  they went to the bridge they went have way across but suddenly it started to claps  they ran and ran but only just got there.” How are we going to get home now ?” ”I don’t know ” ” anyway lets go in before this part claps ” ”lets go”. They went in and had the fright of there life ” ahhhhhh who is that ” ”I don’t know” ” ha ha ha ha ha ha”  ” who are you ? ” ” I’m  Dave ” ”ok Dave can we have a look around ? ”. ”Yes if you want to have anything your welcome but don’t go in the closet ” ok ” so they went to have a look around but they went in the closet and were never seen after that.


the doll in the bosh

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The doll in the bosh
One day there was a girl and she was dangling the doll out the window .She let go of the doll and it fell into a dark green bosh and when she dropt it the air was cold all around her.  “can you please tern up the heating “I can’t” “why “ “i don’t know” a monster opend the door and killed them they haunt the house and the next day two teenage girls moved in and on the first night they heard nocking .They went and asked there naber’s if it was like that all the time and they said “ they said no “…

cat time

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1 Cats open there eyes around 1 week old.


2 Cats sleep for over 18-16 hours a day.


3 Kittens see color once a day.


4 Cats can be rite or left handed.


5 An adult cats have 30 teeth.


6 Cats can ‘t  taste anything sweet.


7  a cat can run up to 30 miles an hour.


8  Cats have five toes on each front paw but only 4 on the back paw.


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