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my safe online profile

March 7th, 2017 | Posted by Reggie in Esafety | Learning - (0 Comments)

My name is Reggie and my favourite food is cheese burgers!I like playing outside and playing rugby and football.i like playing games to. there really fun and i play with my friends on my games.i climb trees high trees and they are huge!my favourite number is 18 but my favourite friend is billy!I love my class there funny and i love my teacher and family!My head teacher is funny and he is good fun.My friend Lennie is my best friend he does funny jokes!My favourite animal is a white tiger and a white tiger and a cheeta because  they are fast!


George the lonely child

February 23rd, 2017 | Posted by Reggie in 100wc | Learning - (2 Comments)

One day there was a boy called George. He had no friends but he made his mum and dad laugh. he joined a new school with 9 bullies in the school George got pushed over and he cried and he told Mr cropper and he didn’t really care!He is SO SO SO mean I gave him my paper and he punched it out of my hands! It was bring in animal day and George brought in his lizard called Bob. Sam brought in a turantula,Jack brought  in a pet hamster.The lizard ran around and bit the big big bad bad bully…

January 31st, 2017 | Posted by Reggie in IPC | Learning - (0 Comments)

This topic it is about electricity!its been lots of fun because we have been making batterys,testing stuff and so much fun!mr bennet is the best because i love this topic so much.we have made loads of curcuits and we have been making loads of experiments.and we have made bolbs and lots more its been so epic!if we do this topic again i am going to be so so amazed.i really want to make some more stuff about electric and see stuff spark with electric!its so much fun and i love it so much it is so and some more will happen wate for some more news…

pokemon connectives

January 5th, 2017 | Posted by Reggie in Learning - (0 Comments)

in the beutifful pokemon world ash as got a new pokemon called snorlax.snorlax was fighting a pokemon called charizard snorlax was fighting him. snorlax used body slam on charizard it done 300 damage.charizard used flamethrower on snorlax it done 220 damage.snorlax used bellyflop and it killed charizard!ash used graninga on lapras graninga used block and sidekick power on lapras it done 400 damage.lapras used water pulse because its his best attack move!graninga used block and sidekick again and it beat lapras but lapras got back up!lapras uses ice beam on graninga it killed graninga and ash said oh know and he picked graninga up and put him in water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the shaped moved when i turned round!!!!!

December 9th, 2016 | Posted by Reggie in Learning - (1 Comments)

one day there was a boy called callum and he loved playing football.he was playing with his friends and when i turned round the shape of the football changed a shape it was a triangle!!! and it was a football monster and it was chasing us!so we went to the woods to hide from it.then we went in the rivers so it  cant find us and then it found us so we ran to a tree to climb up found us and we ran to a church and the monster killed my friend daniel so we killed the football monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sam and jhon fight

November 2nd, 2016 | Posted by Reggie in 100wc - (0 Comments)

one day there was 2 boys called sam and jhon.they were in a huge closet and there was smoke then as the smoke cleared there was a giant called bob and bob said what are you doing here in my huge huge closet!sam said were here to find you jhon said were having a fight i’m using my flamethrower!sam is using his multicoulured sam used it and it done 1251 percent damage on him and jhon used it and it do 1189 percent damage and he died so the world is safe so were ok!!!!!!



to be continued goodby everybody see you later!

the robots

October 21st, 2016 | Posted by Reggie in Learning - (0 Comments)

one day there was some robots. they were really cool and there trying to kill a gigantic spider was trashing the whole world and the good robots are trying to kill it. they found it and a good robot shot his rocket and he killed it then loads more dad robot spiders came out! then the good robots shot out there machine guns and they killed them.then a huge dad spider came out and they shot there mega mega mega extreme rockets and they done 50 percent damage!then they done 300 percent damage then they didn’t kill it but they done 2000000 percent damage then they killed it



the end!!!!!


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