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One day a boy called Jim dangerously walked into the depths of the rain forest he was suddenly surprised by a badger.

On Jupiter an astronaut flew through the extremely free galaxy of the milk way chocolate bar apparently it was delicious.

The spaceship was suddenly so fast it zoomed across the space of time clumsily the pilot crashed it but luckily there actually was a good pilot on the rocket ship it was not easy for the bad pilot but then he watched the good pilot do it easily.


My safe online profile

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Hello my name is Billy and i have a pet called chip he is a hamster but he runs away a lot sometimes i think he is lost but then i find him again. Luckily he always comes back because i change his cage and gith him food .My favorite food is chicken bacon sweets cookies and cake i like a lot of things and i do like hamburger like to play rugby and football.I like turtles and i love to go on the computer it is very fun and super interesting sometimes its not some times it is very very very very very very fun and i love to play computer games.|I like lots of games like any sort of ones i enjoy life and i am very funny and i like to make people laugh i have lots of fun anywhere anytime and i realy like to have lots of friends and make people laugh any time one hundred percent.





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An electro magnet is constructed from a soft iron core around which is a coil of wire.A magnetic is set up when an electric current is passed through the wire.Electromagnets are used as such as switches and electric bells,while power stations rotating electromagnets.Electromagnetic propulsion systems can provide motive power for spacecraft.Electromagnets usually consist of insulated wire wound into a coil. When an electric current flows in a wire it creates a magnetic field.

The crimson emerald

January 5th, 2017 | Posted by William in Learning - (0 Comments)

One day there was a boy he was 4 his name is Joe. Ever since he knew what mining was, he  had always wanted to but he couldn’t escape from school when he got home he always had to do pretend he was playing but Joe’s  mum, went Joe would just break it and smash  it.His mum just thought he was but what she didn’t  know was that when he was 12 he was going to escape from the house and zip wire into the mine he had a pick axe to mine there was a cart he had, been learning about mining since he was 3 so he hopped onto the cart and rid through  the strong and rocky ,spiky mine he mined some coal so he could have a memory that he could have when, he was older he could get rim minded of when he was older.He rushed through the mine but Joe saw a glowing rock in the distance he was curios so he went to see what was going on.

“When he got there it just moved away  hey come back !”shouted Joe . he stumbled across the rocky mine following the glowing thing it just moved away so he attached he mine cart to the track and pulled the switch on Joe quickly, chased after the big glowing thing and got it and brought the crimson emerald home .

by Billy & Sophie

|The magic cubiod

December 13th, 2016 | Posted by William in Learning - (1 Comments)

One day a boy was angry at his mum because she had forced him to move house away from all his friends. He didn’t even get invited to parties  any more.  He felt  that noone knew him and feeling sad he stomped to bed. When he woke up he heard a strange, cheering sound coming from the woods beside their house so he got dressed and headed off to see what it was.  He was really curious. What was making that noise? It sounded like a very loud, “Oga, oga, oga.” Goblins! He saw the goblins just as the goblins saw him and he quickly ran as fast as he could. He soon lost them. As he ran he saw a mysterious cuboid, it was glowing magenta. He was so scared he shot to the house like a missile. The house was more rusty and older than the last time he saw it.He looked at his hands and realised he was  turning to dust and the house was trembling and the pillars were tumbling. Was this the end?  But suddenly everything changed. The house was back to normal. The goblins came out of the woods and said “We want to be friends.” “Ok” said the boy. “Come to our unbelievable, inspirational, fantastic party tonight.”  “Yay,” he shouted. Every squadron of goblins in the world was there.  They all had loads of fun times together and the boy was happy.

The devil

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hOne day  there was a mission for a spy to kill the massive amazing devil it had been being realy rude it had been forcing them to jump into lava hot volcano with bubbling fire the spy was called master.He mastered all 5  elements fire lightning shadow water and light he would use he best attack to confuse the strong evil devil and trip up with a big crash and every one would cheer yay but no one knows that it might work.They would be so worried would he win or would he loose everyone would be talking about him.He arrived in a jet but the devil wasn’t there suddenly he crashed out of the hard rocky montian and shouted die it changed as master turned around it changed shape.The jet shot a missile he drifted across the sky and hit the devil but he wouldn’t give up he shouted is that all you got. The master quickly rushed out back to base to recover.He got all his wepons but he didnt think it would work.He got all his wepons and rushed back to where he saw the devil but it wasnt there.He sadly wasn’t there he called everyone he knew but they didn’t know where he was  he raged and chucked the phone on the floor he was so angry.He chased around everywhere   he eventually   found the strong devil and tryed so hard he jumped up and punched the devil but he still just laughed.He went back again to recover from his injuries from the devil he mastered the last element and realised that he was strong enough but he would still have to get a little bit stronger he went to his freinds house to train so he could practise lightning element and also he was a little bit rusty and shadow.He was getting to the point where if he trained a bit more he would get extra strong he had been working to get that extra strong sword since he was four years old he would be so happy when he got that sword he had dreams of getting that when he was young evryone did but everyone knew that he was the one.He got there and he shouted yes and rushed ouside to kill the devil the devil quikly slamed him on the ground but he dodged him he usewd is extra strong sword and killed the devil. They had a good christmas but there was still another thing…

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The deep

November 3rd, 2016 | Posted by William in 100wc | Big Write - (0 Comments)

There were a couple of explorers under the sea. They had found lots of fascinating things in their career diving deeper than anyone has ever gone before.They were in their  sea ship sailing and they saw a giant clam which was a new species under the ocean. They were filled with wonder so they went to see more of it. They dived down from their sub, it was bigger  than they thought it was.They tried to take it to the sub but it was no use. With a final push they managed to get  it on  board. But what was inside the clam…


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