Bee would

May 5th, 2017 | Posted by Daisy in Learning

One day there was a little girl and a boy and a nuthe girl  there name is Abie and Jack and Izzy. Thay were going in a garden senter Abie and Izzy whotid  to go to see the stachysd but Jack whonteid to go to the  games shop. Abie now he shod not because Adie was the ordisd she was 12 and Jack was 10 and Izzy was 9 so I don’t tinck that is the best ider Jack if you don’t whon’t to do anything here you cane go home but me and Izzy are staying here .Abie and Izzy went to see a Stachyou and it was a bee and it looked alive and… and… and … iiiiiiittttttt was a rell bee and thay eten Izzy and Abie up………….

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