Boo: meaning of Haloween.

November 9th, 2018 | Posted by Heath in Learning

area one: viking times.

Bert: It’s the old harvest fest Jay we should put on our animal masks to scare the ghouls away!

Jay: Yeah right! All the town is sitting round a fire scared and mumbling and who knows.

(In the viking times they all had a harvest fest on the 31st of October where they wear masks to scare away ghost/monsters)

Mayor: Come Jay the monsters are hiding!

Jay: No monsters this time! (his eyes pop in anger)

Bert: Jay!

(Jay finally goes)

Bert: Jay is this fun!

Jay: in 10 years what’ll happen?

(In part-2)

  U.S.A years later.

Presendent: Folks today the 30th is now Hallows eve! It’s a saint’s day and this day is inportant!

(The next day is the 31st of Oct)

( they got a Hallow day that was said to be haunted too)

Fred: We’ll have to hide now the ghouls are getting ready!

Sam: Goo-goo-gaga!

Fred:Tho tho! (Locks the door)

Door: Churn!

Fred: Run!

San: Bio!

Ireland the same-day

Ali: Sis lets get into your costumes and hide behind Charlies hedge!

Ella: Okay!

(The children hide. In Ireland they hide behind hedges and scare people then do a trick to gain sweets)

Ali: Yes! 9000 sweets! Lets share.

Ella: Yeah lets! Mum will let us have them!

Daisy/Mum: Yes you two you can!


Daisy/Mum: Stop or you’ll have none!

Transition: 1714/1753

(Irish sails-men will go out to U.S.A or Amarica and brings along there tredition)

Ali: we’ve arrived at U.S.A and it’s 31st!

(Of course the amaricains weren’t used to it so they were like bully’s to the Irish)

Ella: Citizens of U.S.A in Ireland we go around getting sweets for cool tricks!

Mayor: We’ll do scary costumes and get treats instead of being a cool-tricks!


there you have it Haloween from the start thank your grandfathers 1000th father for Haloween or Savaina as the Vikings called it!

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  • Lynette says:

    Hallo Heath,

    This is very interesting. I am sorry to hear that the Irish were bullied by the Americans. That is very nasty.
    I am looking forward to more interesting blogs from you.

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