Book Review. Beast Quest-The warlocks staff-Torpix.

August 14th, 2014 | Posted by Tom in Book Reviews

I have really enjoyed reading Beast Quest, The warlocks staff , Torpix. In this book Marvel is trying to get to the eternal flame because he has the Warlocks staff and if he burns it in the flame he will become the most powerful wizard in all of Seraph and Avantia. Tom manages to stop him by cutting Torpix the serpents belly and revealing Marvel and then throwing him into the Eternal flame. It was an exiting book and I would recommend it to aged 6-10 years.

by Tom

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  • mrstyler says:

    Hi Tom,
    Have you read any other of the Beast Quest books? I know there are quite a few! It would be great if you could tell Orchid class about them when we get back to school.
    Mrs. Tyler

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