The forest

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Once there was a boy called Joe and he loved  the wild . He’s going to watch his favourite programe . He tried to turn the TV on but it was not working . Suddenly , he got suckd in to the TV and he was in his favourite programe . To get home he needs to find the TV box that is under a little hill . Under all of them is a little tunle and in one of them has the TV box in it . Then he went into the first one he went down. Then he found the TV box and he got back home . The end.        By Ben


planet doom

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Once  on planet dome hey are you talking about me. No oh and this my partner hey and we are exploring planet doom .First we need to go past the biome  ok it cant be that hard but it garded by a dedly dragon.Ow we hav a bow tho  ok lets go  we have made it to planet doom ok now tofind the sietest. were coud he be i see him were  overe there come on ha ha i am the evel sientis.Come on ok were we lost hi  well done ok i no you are the sientist how did you now.

Varjak and his group were one of the most powerful cat gang in the city. “All hail king Varjak.”Cats chanted all the way along he was now the king of cats and he was the  main gang and they did live in peace.A few years past and Holly (his best friend) had gone missing.”King Varjak King Varjak!” said a mesopotamian  blue.”Yes?” He asked.”Sir Jalal has arrived.”He spoke.”So your great ancestor who taut you those skills in a dream is coming here?”Asked Tam.”Yes.”Varjak said.Tam nearly fainted at the words.The cat was waiting for his order.”Ah so sorry Tim tell the gaurd cats to put out the red carpet.”Varjak commanded.


To be conntinued check Megan’s blog for part 2 plus they fell in a portal which took them to another world.

Mission: the lost world

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One, night agent 500 traveling  to Skull Island his mission was to discover the island. When he started to skydive out the helicopter he thought it was a bad idea. Suddenly, the guy pushed him out the helicopter and said GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. As a result he landed in the lake. OUCH!! Then people started to ambush 500. As he thought through the forest he found a dungon. He was tempted to walk in but there were so many traps it was impossible to get to the prize. Then, a bunch eagles surrounded him. Agent 500 was doomed! DUN DUN DUN!


To be continued

The lost dog.

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My name is Nim. I am on a very important mission. My job is to find a lost dog in the icy, cold and windy arctic. Before we start this mission we need to get some sleep.

The next morning

Nim started by going north and then she found a world of lorax’s. If you don’t know what a lorax is it is a tiny yellow thing with a rad mu stash. Just the Nim spotted the dog in the corner of the mysterious area. She ran as fast as she could through the loraxs and got the dog. then he called the helicopter.


night of the aleins

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One, messy night in the field of Edinbrough , agent Bond was seeking his enemys and searching for any problems this mysterious man to solve. With his high definition goggles he spotted a mysterious field full with some alien like  tarmac that had just landed out of a gigantic metiuor . He went to see the problem and a bunch of aliens popped out of the tarmac holes and chased him through the forest so he he had no choise and he fought his way through the forest full of terror and devistation  . 5 minutes later he had been caught by the aliens and took to there fort !


Thanos and the power stone

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Thanos stomped over the grassy land of an unnamed planet he saw a purple light off in the distance “infinity is with me .” he marched over when a orange portal appeared and out of it came doctor strange. “no infinity is not!” he shouted pulling some magic discs out.”mm no.” came the reply he lept in the air and smashed next to the stone but doctor strange put a portal 2 metres apart from the stone Thanos dived and knocked him out the way of the stone. Thanos picked it up and placed it in the gauntlet and retreated to his ship.

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