The pretty yellow Gorilla

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At the zoo in the Gorilla cage the dramer began. The boys were crowdeding the new Gorilla because she was pretty. The Gorilla was wearing a yellow dress. The girl was walking to one of the boys because he was a nerd and she waced him and said” sorry not” the other Gorilla said”shiesh” the bad Gorilla I to night will give her a present from me “.(The next day).The girl woack but she was not a girl he was Running into a Brick wall! (His head is very strong ).The boys woack up and the boys were sad but they were happy



THE                                             END !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



by Alice and Grace

the gorillas that built a house

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Once upon a time there was a pretty gorilla called Jeffery who loved building and his friend his  was called Gergon. Gergon  and Jeffery were running a building buisness. One day, they decided to build a house and the bricks would be coloured in yellow in honer of their favourite food bananas!!!! Finally, the new house looked perfect when all of a sudden a red car came up the lane they were building on a big gorilla came out looking cool with his pitch black sunglasses on and his navey blue cap on that read trouble maker on it. “Hi what are you doing? My name is Dave were the buisness partners. “Look the zookeepers! They’re going to get us!” Screamed the gorillas.The gorillas had escaped the zoo and were on the run. “Hopefully they wont catch us.” Said Jeffery trembling. Is this house built of bricks? Jeffery was wrong the zookeepers did catch them and put them all back in their enclosures!

The Yellow Gorilla

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Once apon a time there was a gorilla called Jergan. He wished that he could one day be yellow. Every day he would rome the forests looking for food. One day he came across a big brick wall that he had never seen before. Jergan was curious and decided to have a look. He climbed over the wall and saw lots of big fences with a sine saying danger of death on them! He was terrified but decided to climb over them. He had 7 electric shocks and fell twice. At the end Jergan saw barrals after barrels of … yellow paint! Jergans wish had come true! And now you might see a yellow gorilla.

Once there was a yellow pretty running gorilla  that looked a bit like bricks. The gorilla was called Sam and was quite silly and crazy.The reason he was crazy and silly was because he ran around in circles at 1000 miles per second and he has ran 1000000000 marathons!!! If I could put my thought into words it would be “OMG OMG OMG this is sooooooooo crazy” and this is true and also this is true. While running Sam also says “I am red, I am red, I am red, I am red, I am red, I am red!” and that’s it.

Banana Bananza

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The tiger was running as fast as he could to get away from  the humans trying to eat it and on the way he found a gorilla eating bananas in a banana tree.The gorilla lead him to a wall of bricks. The tiger jumped over the wall and found a water fall and a huge house.The tiger pushed the door open a yellow key. H e put it in a door and it opened. It had lots of pretty gems and jewels.He took a whole handful and ran back to the jungle.


They all had a great time  and no more chasing

The end (snore)

The u bricks

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U bricks was a brick company, it sold bricks of all shapes and sizes. The most popular make was a yellow 24 inch brick.All reveiws had been posotive  apart from one. A women aged 64 said that a pretty gorilla smashed through her wall this is her complaint note.

dear u bricks

your bricks you made me are a total waste of money and time. A gorrila came running through my wall and smashed my house to peice.I am so dissapointed in your company so pleases hut down or else i shall speak to the police and the gouverenment and you shall be for it

From Moody mandy :0 by jess and albie

The Door….. part 3 almost

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(They are now face to face with ye old man or the old man.)

Megan:What should we do? (whispered)

Daisy:Hey look is that a pretty yellow gorilla that holds running bricks that run?

Old man:Oh yea it is this is Mini Lola oh yeah my time to shine.

Lizzie:Um what

(Gorilla attacks)


(Megan spots a door behind the old man)

Megan:Look guys a door

Daisy:Oh yeah….wear

Lizzie:a note!

Dylan/Heath:HELP US.(faintly)

Daisy:Did you guys hear that?


Lizzie:a giant mutated fly or or a tiny moth that’s a weirdo or or

Daisy/Megan: um no

(Bang crash slap)


(To be contiuned)

By Daisy and Megan

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