the mighty pocessed gorilla

November 13th, 2018 | Posted by Charlie in 100wc | Learning - (2 Comments)

One day in the city of Liverpool there was a baby gorilla. As he was getting older he escaped the zoo. His name was king kong. And he started to reck buildings and he was ivincable. He was recking planes and the S.W.A.T.

The next day, he was totaly pocessed and he was heading to the queen but she had a brick wall.

And a man saw that he was going to try and kidnap the queen but a man warned the queen that he was coming. The man was running for his life. He had a yelllow jacket and pretty.






by charle





The Magic Yellow Gorilla

November 13th, 2018 | Posted by Neve in 100wc | Learning - (1 Comments)

Once upon a time there lived  a  yellow gorilla  that was magic. He could do anything I mean anything except things with  bricks. This is the reason why .One year ago  he called a brick  pretty and then two days later he was running   away from the  brick he called pretty. Nobody  knows why he  ran away  from the brick except him. Once somebody tried  but it was hopeless because  they  couldn’t understand him.But now everyone knows because we’ve  got stuff that can understand gorillas. so I gess thats the end  any way  it’s good  because I  have ran out of papper.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      THE END

the grillas

November 13th, 2018 | Posted by Benedict in 100wc | Learning - (1 Comments)

Ones a polit time there was a garilla but he wantid to go in to spase so he went to naser thay sade thin you can  haer is your spse soot. So he put the helmit on and fold a yellow line to the spas rokit. He sade it is so prertty he went in side  a gorilla was comi he crasht in to some bricks.  He ran up in to the con trol  pade he went up in in to spase.  He mist hi family he went back down he soon got to his familly.


by benedict and ollie

The crows yawn (part 1)

November 13th, 2018 | Posted by Heath in 100wc | Learning - (3 Comments)

Heath was on his way home when he saw a man with a Gorilla that throws Yellow bricks his house was falling apart. He dragged Heath into the basement and he lied there…

69 years later

“No!” Daisy screamed as she was pushed into the basement the man turned a key and she was locked up “Over here” A faint sound was calling the basement walls were pretty decorated with odd marks a boy was running up and down a hall saying, “Come over here… This mans house is crazy!”  there was a door on the far left a faint cry was heard, “HELP!”.

the mighty gorilla

November 13th, 2018 | Posted by Wesley in 100wc | Learning - (3 Comments)

One day , i  the citys of London a man was walking down the street and he was walking down the road and he was holding a big sack of  bricks that he was taking to fix a hole  in Buckingham palace but suddenly , a massive gorilla  stole the bag and made a runner for it he was running so fast until he found this pretty  mansion that no one lives in .


He slept in it until he realised that the hole was still in the Queens house (well, mansion) . He found a yellow phone box and told the Queen he would be there soon

By Wesley

To be continued .

chapter two bubbles the hamster

November 13th, 2018 | Posted by Angus in 100wc - (2 Comments)

preveosly on bubblels and he opend a magic and now i,m about to tell you about whats he was running in exitment his house was pretty and the bricks were yellow like a gorilla,s banana. he got about one million in gold and he got two milillion in money. but he was a nice person so he gave it to the bank. so people could use it to buy houses. he got a car and he was now in the army and he was in it for nine years and he achived two medals just like my mum.


she was in the army. bye bye

the dalek #3

November 13th, 2018 | Posted by Charlie Sm in 100wc | Big Write - (13 Comments)

ed left the shelds down and will took all the locks open!!!

will yelled at ed ” you look like a yellow gorilla running around trying to stop a fleet of daleks !!”

ed said ” you look like a pretty girl!!!, wait we both did this so we sould both fix it!?”

they both said”yes lets both fix it!!!”

will quickly swooped down to control and turned on the shelds “count all daleks!”

12 it said so he used bricked up the door and called the 1st poilce. and just sat there cold and hungry so he looked out the window 40 came after he saw 6 came in!!!

if you read the story post the word dalek down below!!!

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