The goldfish that grew legs and wings!!!

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There was once a normal house in a normal street in a normal town. There lived a 12 year old girl her little sister who was 6 and their mum and dad. The two sisters were called Catherine Madison. Catherine was the oldest and Madison was the youngest. The family had a goldfish called Goldie. One night when everyone was asleep  Goldie grew legs and wings! She flew out of the house and climbed up the very high brown ladder. She slowly returned back into her bowl and went to sleep. In the morning, Catherine woke up early to feed Goldie.”What happend to you? It was magic!!!

the goldfish that can talk

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One day there was a man called jack and he had a goldfish that cude talk to the dog but jack cude can not here it then jack whent on the ladder  to get the ball from the ather garden.

Next door and there was a wich that lived there so he had a big fence then sudenly he fell of the fenc and  flew down to the ground aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i think i brock my arms the goldfish and the dogb hered to mumm. I need to go to hostbull now mummmm the dog came to help jack then. He was about to pick him up by a awol and fell slowly



A Story About A Girl Called Thea

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Once  upon a time there was a girl and her name was Thea.She had a brown goldfish. This might sound weird having a brown goldfish however it is the trend at the moment!

One day when Thea was climbing up the ladder she saw a flying pig and a flying donkey! Thea kept on staring at them until they flew out of her sight. Slowly, Thea climbed back down the ladder (in a sleepy mood). “Lunch is ready.” shouted Thea’s Mum from the kitchen. Thea stopped doing what she was doing.

The next morning when Thea got out of bed she saw a flying pig and donkey!

it came down the drainpipe

February 6th, 2018 | Posted by Zak in 100wc | Learning - (0 Comments)

One day there was a pipe that led to a town called sidny.It is very busy because they is so many poeple.One day sam went down the pipe and found a chest.Then a monster went towards them,it came down the drainpipe.He went to a shop and hide under a table and waited till it had ran past him.He went back down the pipe to go back home and be  safe.Then he came back and chased he again till he is hot as a corndog.When he got home he got a fish and ate the whole fish in one whole go.

The Escaping Hamster

February 6th, 2018 | Posted by Megan in 100wc - (0 Comments)

“Bye Georgie, bye Ana!” Mandy called, as she skipped home from school.  She was a pretty girl with long, brown, curly hair that she wore in bunches.  When she got home she went over to her hamster’s cage and called “Cocoa, come here Cocoa”.  Suddenly, as Mandy looked up she saw her hamster.  Just then, it came down the drainpipe.  “Cocoa!” yelled Mandy.  Cocoa fell into Mandy’s arms and she squeezed the tiny fur ball tight. They both go inside and have some carrots and water. They got out the big paddling pool and had fun splashing around before tea.

it came down the drainpipe

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angus: have yo heard that there is a treasure.

zak: yes.

angus: did you know it came down the dranpipe.

zak: lets find it.

angus: um ok.

zak: look over there its a man.

cam: oh hello i didn,t see you there.

angus: hi

zak: hello.

cam: are you going to find the treasure.

zak: yes we are.

angus: are you trying to find it.

cam: yes i am.

zak: should we find it together.

cam: ok lets go

angus: wow i can see it.


cam: can you.

angus: oh yeah.

zak: oh i can see it now.

cam: i have it now

my letter to mum and dad!

February 6th, 2018 | Posted by Emily in 100wc | Learning - (0 Comments)

Dear diary, I have arrived at my new home and I have made some new friends but the boss of the house is very bossy so we all have to do what he says.The maid makes us wake up at six o’clock in the morning which everybody hates so when we do are PE we are always tiered.Then after PE the cook always makes us cook when some of us (which is all off  us!)don’t even know how to.

Miss young makes the boys do respect classes which I think is a bit dumb because they never do boy called Daniel eats black pudding !I thought it was disgusting that he loved it and so did everybody else. Mr Henderson says it’s good for you but nobody believes him so he just says it for himself and Daniel. Some days the boys have to do the fire place in the majesties room (which they hate)   and then they always blame it on us that we took the logs when we didn’t ;they didn’t believe us but we didn’t care.

One day when miss young finally stopped PE the cook taught me how to do some easy cooking so after that I was the master chef.(Everybody loved my cooking better than the chefs)!The chef happy and although they liked mine better they still liked the chefs .My best friend was called Rachel but we didn’t get to play because we were always split up when we do are chores. We always beg to be to together but they always say no which makes us really frustrated .On the first Monday that was the only day we could go in the same job that was cleaning the tables and that was annoying because we couldn’t talk.

when we went to the church the bells were so loud they cut my ear drums and I couldn’t hear anything but those huge bells.I thought it was not a good idea to go to the church because we had sing and the boys were bad at singing !when everybody herd how bad the boys were at singing suddenly we all stopped excepted the boys!(How inbarising that was)

when we got back to the house we went to bed because it was 9 o’clock. In the morning we had to clean all the windows and there were and there were about 1000 of them in the house|!!!!(ALTO  ISENT IT).it took us ages and after that we were asleep on the floor and then Mr Henderson told us all off and we were still all tied witch was realy  annoying but we lived .Finally we got to do something fun and it was dacing which the boys hated but we loved and carried on every day.The maid was not happy at all.(we were)!In the morning for a punished for dancing to much.are punishment was to feed the sheep and clean out the horse stables.I only liked one off them which was the stables.







the end











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