The city street

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Once my mum lived in London it’s hard to belive because she is totaly a contry girl now she climbs trees . Today we are going to a woodland place like usual .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               So hopefully it will be more fun than the last one  it was so boring because all we were doing  was siting on a bench with a lake in front of us. Back to today though “Mum  tell me a story from child hood ” “okay” well i was with my sisters walking along a path in London i was 3  and the a black figure started chasing us …”were here   in the woodland there was…


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one day it was halloween i went with my frend called reggie, theo ,seamus ,joe and freddie we went to the Pastures and we saw something and it was darfader it was black and big we thougth it was a killer clown it scard me and my frends halloween is so fun then we went to lister grove and got some more sweet helloween is so fun my frend sayed do you what to go  again if  you do then we will go in to westbruy and trow bridge i sayed ok i will seamys sayed ok then theo sayed ok

weekly news report

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weekly news report

breaking news                                                                   ghostly figure

strange sightings have been seen.people say that a dark figure has been seen lurking around some old birch tree’s  that had been planted by the council in memory of the president who died 2000 years ago.police have been scanning the local park around where the tree’s were and have not been seen since.Tape has been draped around the tree’s to avoid people disappearing like the policemen..



camera’s have been set up around the park and scientists are studying the footage and have seen black figures lurking around.BUT THE MYSTERY CONTINUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


Joshua the black devil of doom!!

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Dear diary

Joshua the  black devil of DOOM was smart as kid but when he grow up the girl of his dream didn’t like him at all . Even though Joshua  black devil of DOOM was smart his girlfriend Erin was smarter than him. When he found that Erin  had a new boyfriend that was called James black devil of DOOM this made Joshua black devil of DOOM really angry.

The next day he wanted to destroy  James black devil of DOOM because he ruined Joshua’s life. When Erin found out of  Joshua’s evil plan she had to warn him. Erin was heartbroken so was Joshua too.

the sercret

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One day there round a was a ghost was fling around a tree.Some one was walking towards him,fastly he hide around the over side of the tree and he went into a tree.The lady walked right past it“ya she didn`t see me he shouted.Then he was to loud and the lady might of head him.It was to late he had been found,it was like a game of hide and seek.He ran for his life round the park but he found some poilce around some wild flowers  the trouble was that he ran on the flowers and he had a fight.

were shall we put

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One day there two   girl called  Ruby and Lucy they were best friends for ever . they went to each overs house there were allwase hiding choclet . one time  Ruby,s dad knocked one the door and he came in and they said but where would we hide it all .  the choclet was behide rubys back and she shuvedt it under and , her dad said what is that . he loocked under the bed and said why have you two got choclet under your bed . why have you got all this choclet raper under her bed . there was about 30  under her bed  why do you have that …..  

Bounty hunters

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Once There was an evil rat who stole treasure the treasurer is mostly from Kings but where did we hide it all.he hid it in the king’s cellar where he never goes so it is safe if you put  your  eye really neir you could see it shimmer in the moonlight  the king grabbed his bered and pulled where does he hide it well send  for ool of the best rat hunters in the world so he got them and they had a big rat hunt they found him and poot him in the cellar where he died

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