it came down the drainpipe

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angus: have yo heard that there is a treasure.

zak: yes.

angus: did you know it came down the dranpipe.

zak: lets find it.

angus: um ok.

zak: look over there its a man.

cam: oh hello i didn,t see you there.

angus: hi

zak: hello.

cam: are you going to find the treasure.

zak: yes we are.

angus: are you trying to find it.

cam: yes i am.

zak: should we find it together.

cam: ok lets go

angus: wow i can see it.


cam: can you.

angus: oh yeah.

zak: oh i can see it now.

cam: i have it now

Small Moles

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” Right class today…blah….blah……blah moles.” said the teacher (Miss Honey). Suddenly, Eliza sat up straight in her chair and listened to what the teacher  was saying. “Eliza what did I just say?” asked Miss Honey. To her surprise Eliza said exactly what she had just said. “Well done Eliza. I see you are listening and that you like moles.” said Miss Honey. “Yes Miss. I like moles very much.” replied Eliza.

After school Eliza ran out of the building and straight home (ignoring her friend Gwen).  Eliza was just about to go into the house when she looked up and saw a mole and then it came down the drainpipe !..

The magic flood

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There was once a little,cosy cottage in the country side. An elderly lady who was 86 lived in there. It didn’t really rain around the area but one day it just was drizzling but it didn’t stop! So it came down the drainpipe and came out the other end on her driveway! This caused a magic flood!!!! a fire engine arrived at full speed and tried get rid of the water (it surprisingly worked!) The lady couldn’t stop saying thankyou. It was all nice and calm and no more magic floods appeared again forever! Everyone lived happily ever after. THE END

mamba’s of the sewers

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Breaking news

Last night in London some Mamba’s came through the drainpipes at a tremendous speed. The boss went a whopping 100 miles per hour. It came down the drainpipe and ended up in one of the queens 12 toilets,guards were sent but the Mamba’s,by the time, had gone further into the pipes. Susan read her dad the news report and asked him how she could help. “I’m afraid I don’t know honey,”said dad, not even looking up from the morning paper. After a few minutes Susan could hear snoring.”Dad!”she shouted, raising her voice a little louder.”I dunno” said dad and he fell asleep…

To be continued

hello said the dogs

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605 606 perfect are club is done now we can scare humans yay let’s get to it. Come on mummy said a little girl nere by let’s unclog the drain pipe AHG said the little girl what IT  CAME DOWN THE DRAIN PIPE what came down the drain pipe a dog a dog  you must be imajaning! No I was not atchley she is write came voice then a dog walked out of the drain pipe then it started singing!” oo watch me watch me oo watch me watch me!” then he gave loud WOOF WOOF!


the black mamba

February 6th, 2018 | Posted by Cameron in 100wc | Learning - (2 Comments)

One stormy night a black mamba was slithering out of the well but it wasn’t  any old mamba it was a magic mamba because it grew every day when it was still little  it came down the drainpipe into miss mac’s  house it ate her hole but she was not dead because she was eaten hole.In the morning the town was a mess so a boy named Jeffry got his bow and arrow and went under cover to find the guy!When he saw the mamba he shot lot’s of arrows so he got a candle and set his arrow on fire and shot it and won.

the drainpipe got bloked

February 6th, 2018 | Posted by Lucy in 100wc - (0 Comments)

One day there was a plumer that went to a school in bradford  .  There was a bloked pipe . that lead to a grave the plumer  was frighted by it . Sam the plumers  second worker  . He went to the grave he saw the pipe stiking up boss  I know why it’s bloked the pipe has broken . we need to get the pipe fights  it came down the drainpipe a loud sweking bogey monster . what its a sweeking monster . Sam your going crasse .  no i’m not fine i’ll come down SAM! . some times he gets on my nervs . Ok Sam were is it  ahahahahah………………………………

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