Once there lives an emoji called Dylan loves chickeychickssupercalafrjalisticexpealadociouse. He was bold and blue and was inspiered to drink creative sparkling  water. His famouse saying was “we are washers do not come to tresspass!”  du du daaaaa du du du daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa THIS IS NOT SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

19 years later

run away do do do do do do THIS IS NOT BABY SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no “DO DO DDDOOOOOOOOOOOOO DOOOOOO DOOOOOOOOO DOOOO DO STILL NOT BABY SHARK!!!!!!!!! no no no no no no no no no no on the name of heaven stop 

the end (or not) now realax THE END (no really)

the new gladyater

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Once there was a  bold and creative boy he was so propeller in school .He had lodes of friends but wen he got home  he found a leter remember he is only 23  what could it be the leter was blue wen  he read it it rilly inspired. it was sent from the navy he was a new rocrot he was jupping a roud the room bob stop that wat mum come look at this leter it carnt  bethat bad to be jumping about   hang  it up on the wall ok  o this rilly is sparcelig


benedict v

the happy hamster!!

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Once upon a time there was a dog called slush. One day slush tried to make a blue camera because his old one broke apart!! He was really bold to actually try and make the camera again because the camera could of exploaded and blew his whole house down. And his skin was sparkling beccause he was really happy. The next day he wanted to go to the park and take some pictures because he just forgot that he fixed is camera and he was inspired to join a job of taking pictures. And his boss said “are you creative” and he replied “yes i am sir” and he got the job!! to be continued…….

The Art Competition

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One day a girl named Blue entered a art competition because one of her hero’s Doc Rain Art the best artist in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD was a judge.So when Blue arrived there were people from all over the world.”Hello and welcome everyone the the great big art off a word of advice before starting be creative and you have to be sparkling and you have to be inspired by someone and begin,”announced Doc Rain Art.Blue wanted to paint the Monia Lisa and in five minutes she finished and time was nearly up perfect timing.”FIVE FOUR THREE TWO ONE STOP,”Announced Doc rain.She looked round and decided the winner.”The winner is…….BLUE,”the judges all said together.   

The UNTOLD story.

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If you are very BOLD you’d stick out right? Wrong! We will venture to the world of Creative minds. This is the untold story. Of the real motion of sparkling people.


Dad- You have to own a  inspiring washing place. Like ours!

Shake-sphere- But DAD I’m not using Blue liquid! I’m going to be inspirational, Writer!

Dad- Really SON? We have been LOVELY washers!


At that moment Shake-sphere packed his bags and ran off.

Dad- But… But… But we are WASHERS!


The wind hit Dad’s face.


Shake-sphere- Ah! Lets start the play!

Della Bum bum bumbumba garrr duh duh duh da

Shake-sphere- NO not star-wars! HAMLET! 



Jackie Blue

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Jackie Blue was always inspired by the creative, sparkling, bold personality of her favourite hero, Simon Cowell. She only like him because he was her dad.  There was a mystery on hand and Simon always helped her solve mysteries. This on was about an evil dinner lady who acted cruel. He name: Mrs Evil. She would give the children water and accidentally on purpose spill it over them. Something had to be done. One day apple crumble was for pudding, and Jackie came up to Mrs Evil and splated the yummy pudding in her face. Ha ha take that

the white car

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One day there was a boy called josh he liked to go out and explore with his mum and dad he loved to do it he will go to school and at the end of the day he would normally go and explore if dads at work he might not go and explore and this one day his dad was still at work he was very sad so he just went home his mum he saw a odd car but it is the wrong colour the last time i saw it it was red this time it is white



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