chiky chick chick #3

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Once upon a time in a land far far away there was a chick called chicky chick chick for short chicky chick chick liked to be called chick chick. Chicky chick chick wasn’t yellow no he was rainbow instead  and some people call him the but it is the wrong colour chicken!

Chick chick liked to investergate crime scemes and jump of of the edge of canyons.One day he woke up in his haunted house he found out that there was a owl that he found in a tree the other day had been in the swimming pool for the night.

[ More to come ]

By Dylan

The splat

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I stood in my art room (the garden shed)  and bent the bristles of my brushes. They were neatly arranged in colour order. Accept one brush, it was in the green  section but is was the wrong colour! it was a crimson coloured brush, however when I moved it to the red section it switched to an emerald colour.

I ran out the shed and indoors to find mum. “ Get off my carpet, you’re covered in paint! Said mum. I was too painty to ever come inside so from that painty day on I lived outside permanently.

cockadoodle doo oh hi I’m cockerel and I was so cross that morning came again. I was curtain it wouldn’t come but IT DID! Now I must have my chicks… oh they’ve hatched “dada, DADA”! quick

run away doo doo doo do do 

run away doo doo doo do do


Mean while in the kitchen window a pineapple called Dave was trying to hop over the kitchen grill!! In the corner of his eye he could spy Jeff the pineapple bully “HA HA HA!” Jeff stomped over when Bang!!! Jeff was burnt to crisp “hooray!” said Dave.

The End

by Eleanor and Charlie

Ponya goes to school

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Mummy Panda: Wake up Ponya it’s morning and time to wake up for breakfast.

Ponya: What time is it (In a tired voice)

Mummy Panda: It is 7:00 wake up.

Ponya: Ur WHY WHY WHY.

Mummy Panda: I’m so cross that you won’t wake up.

Ponya: Fine I’ll wake up.

Mummy Panda: Thank you.

Ponya: Just kidding.

Daddy Panda: O I will wake you up.

( Tinkles spread all over Ponya)

Panya: Arrr ha ha stopp it ha ha

Mummy Panda: WAKE UP

Ponya: Fine you got me  I’ll get up but only if I have chocolate for breakfast.

Mummy Panda: Fine but you need to promise that you will get dressed as it is late in the morning.

i was so cross that i …

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one day i was in my room playing on my Xbox i was having fun until my dad told me to get ready for bed so i done that i got to watch my phone for 10 mins si was so happy that was the first time i have went on my phone before bed i was so happy the next day it was tim for school but then he remembered  that it was art today he was very exsited he said to his dad go faster i don want to be late for school i was so cross that i stared to cry



chicky chick chick #2

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Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away there lived chicky chick chick. For short chicky chick chick liked to be called chick chick. And he lived in a haunted house. At night he had to sleep in the safe but luckily it wasn’t a normal safe because it had a living room, bedroom and a garden and then beneith the garden there was a mansion. That had a swimming pool and then  chick chick shouted I was so cross that I forgot to bring his swimming trunks. Then he started to rage so he jumped off his house into the grave yard.



THE END! MORE TO COME! by Charlie st and Dylan

The worst Friends

March 26th, 2019 | Posted by Neve in 100wc - (0 Comments)

Once in school was a pair ok we will chat with her “of best friends then one day  BOOM! they were the worst friends .Alex said I’m so cross that she did that.Alice and Neve came along and said whats up then Alice “sup”. Alex said  said please I want to be friends  again with Ella” Alice “we will chat with her” Neve shouted  “by”.as they ran all across the playground and found Ella said I was so cross that she did thatbut now I’m ok with her.And they lived happily ever after THE END.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Neve and Alice

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