The school for alligators

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High upon a mountin was a school for alligators. It was called Alligators academy and over 250 alligators went there. The teachers were called Miss Snappy, Mr Scaily, Miss Craggley and Mr Cool. Mr Cool was the head master he was called Mr Cool because of his coolness and his kindness. The oldest group were going camping in the woods so all sorts of challenges were in store for them. The day came Mr Scaily was head of it all as he thought of the idea. First challenge was to swim the mauve,cold river 2nd challenge was to climbed a mountin it was very tricky. The alligators survived their adventure.

teacher terror: at the canyon of doom. 1

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Kids, weird things, well these are weirder. This kid and 2 more had jumped into the canyon.

they Landed next to a Teacher that chased Them but they got on their Magical Alligator that was tricky but they still Climbed on the Mauve scales and flew away. The first said ” We ain’t have any alligator!” They fell But their alagator saved them  unexpectedly They rose to the top of the canyon and Their alagator took them home. They had to walk due to no alagotors alowed in the story: NO  ALLIGATORS.


Heath and Dylan.


Teachers tricky tasks

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Teachers, SOME of them are OK. Well, at least, all apart from Mrs Grunt. She is the most cruel teacher to ever step foot in our school. She Junior Bobs form teacher and she teaches me french. She sets us hard tasks and if you don’t complete them she will turn mauve purple and snap at you on and on like an alligator and  eventually the only way to some peace is to climb up the wall bars and stay there till break.All my class know that Mrs Grunt finds it tricky to climb up the wall bars as she hates heights(secretly)




By Jessica

my funny teacher

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My teacher,Mr Bennett has a pet alligator in his class and whenever someone is cheeky he tells him to give the student a bite with its big jaws . everyday in the class he would ask Mr Bennett to go to the toilet but he did not go to the toilet he climbed out the window and ran away . He went home but it was very tricky  because the police were chasing him down the road ! He ran into a man with a mauve t-shirt on and he stopped the boy from escaping from the police and he said ”Get in the police  car ” BIG TROUBLE !


Bang went the old wooden door as Ethal Hallow rushed down the stairs to answer it and it was her non magical sister Esmirelda. Ethal and her sisters went to a witching school sadly, Esmirelda lost her powers because she was tricked. As Ethal loved her sister so much she thought of a spell to keep her sister in the tower. The problem was Ethal had 2 sisters. Sibal Hallow the youngest sister had got in there and had been trapped. Suddenly Esmirelda heard a scream she went into the tower and saw Sibal on the roof! But how did she get up there thought Esmirelda she got her powers back with the schools founding stone.

the evil hamster

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once upon a time there was an evil hamster.

angus: hey do you  want to go on an easter egg hunt.

albie: ok lets go in the jeep.

angus: ok now we are here.

albie: lets go to the easter egg hunt reception and get are basket.

angus: now we have are baskets lets go and find some eggs.

jessica: oh hi can i help you find some eggs.

albie: ok.

angus: thats fine we can share them at the end.

jessica: there is an egg up there let me get it.

angus: but how did she get up there.

albie: i dont know.

Eeor and Elma

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The donkeys had been looking for a baby donkey called Elma for hours. After 1 hour a lazy and dumb donkey called Eeor already wanted to stop looking however the mother of the baby donkey made him carry on. ” Can’t we go searching for sticks to build my home instead?” asked Eeor ( looking excited) . ” No!” shouted the baby donkey’s mother.

After another 2 hours Eeor found the baby donkey. ” Gather round everyone I have found the baby donkey.” shouted Eeor. All the donkeys gathered round a little hole in the ground. “Hello, but how did she get up there?” asked Eeor. ” You mean down,” replied the baby donkey’s mother.

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