the scary house

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one hallaween there was a man called wesely he was very bored and he was 12 years old his friend was texting him and asked him if he was aloud to the woods the wood was very creepy and there was a house so him and 10 other friends he was a bored i wonder whats behind that door that door it was a dog he was  cute puppy and there was atrampolen  then the dog was on the trampolen what get off the trampolen ypu can hert your self get off ok i will come and get you i hope u dont hert him said jack he was a very small puppy he was a very good dog to trane thta was a very small dog the end


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In Susan’s school there was a door. A wooden one that was padlocked shut. The pupils had been forbidden to look in there. this is a story of Susan who broke the rules and went to have a look. Basically, it was break time and Susan wanted to see what the door lead to. She Walked past the office and clasped her hands on the handle. “Susan Alfred, what are you doing”. The school secutary was watching her from the office. “I…I was only having a look” stuttered Susan.”I wondered what was behind the door”. She stepped inside the door and was never seen again.


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One dark dark night I had a  dream if our house was haunted  so I’m going to tell you about it so shall we begin !


I was walking around the pavement playing basketball .when I realised the darkest crows flying around and crocodiles and bears and even pranas. I went to open the door and I realized after a while the door was locked however he did not have the key! When he found the key and opened the door he said”I wondered what was behind that door. It was just my kitten 

the dalek #2

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On board the space-ship will walked around the corridor to meet his long lost dad same with Jack! his dad was now strolling around looking at every-thing “and what is behind this door !”demanded there dad.” i woundered what was behind that door since we got the ship “will said “i do to  !!!”he said . he ramed into the door and looked up…

will woke on a board  ,  he stared and looked into the eye stalk of a  dalek he jumped up and ran into the emergensy  room and jrabed a anti-dalek saber ran back . sliced the eye stalk clean off will said “that was terible!!!”

ollie helped me with this story!

The guinea pig that was behind the door

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Once upon a time there was a girl called Rosamund and she loved guinea pigs she had two in total they were named after her two friends at school which was Millie & Ella. Sadly, one morning when Rosamund was cleaning out their little hutch she realised that Ella had disappeared!!!!!!!! Happily, Millie was minding her own buisness  and was eating a lump of long grass. The two guinea pigs had different personalities Millie was  shy  and curious guinea pig however, when it comes to eating Millie shares her food. Ella was a VERY lively guinea pig and liked going on the run and she loved to hide! Rossamund searched and searched until she she remembered she hadn’t looked behind Ella’s favourite door. Suddenly, she heard some squeaking… I wondered what was behind the door… Rosamund thought. well now Rosamund knows what was behind the door and she always will.

The New House

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Once there was a girl called Eliza. She was nine year’s old and lived with her mum, her dad and her little brother Josh. One night Eliza’s mum and dad came upstairs and told them … THEY WERE MOVING HOUSE!!!!!!! She was very shocked and Josh was so shocked he fainted. They said ”We’er looking at the house tomorro”! She couldn’t beleve her ear’s.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The next day mum woke everybody up really early. They all got in the car and sped off. When they pulled into the drive it looked horrible at first sight. They got out of the car. Even mum and dad were scared to open the door! ”Go on and open the door” said mum. She wondered what was on the other side.                                                                                                                                                                                                Eliza opend the door and it was beautiful inside. They bought it and lived hapilly ever after.

happily ever after

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Just then they heard some people so they ran through the storm to get to safety.”Good job” cried Jon in an out of breath voice.”Thanks”replied Gorge .Suddenly,Jon saw a door handle behind all of the leaves.He pushed the leaves out of the way .“I wonder what’s behind the door.They opened the door and then they found a fire breathing dragon! They ran out closed the door and ran as fast as they could.The dragon burnt the the door and ran after them. They found some swords .George picked up the sword and went to fight the dragon.Jon hid behind the tree.






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