The run away

November 14th, 2017 | Posted by Emily in 100wc | Learning - (1 Comments)

Rose: lets go on a adventure in the wood.

Neve : why?

Rose: because I want to run away.

Neve: but I don’t want to .

Neve: I want to stay home.

Rose: staying home is for babies!

Neve: How rude!

Rose: but were would we hide it all.

Neve :I don’t know it’s you’r escape.

Rose: I was’t asking you

Neve: how rude!

Rose :stop saying that.

Neve: how rude indeed.

Rose: now it’s just getting anoing.

Neve: Don’t run away and then I will stop doing it.

Rose: fine I won’t run away.

Neve: let’s go and play!

Rose: woah woah woah…



The animals need the treasure

November 14th, 2017 | Posted by Oscar in 100wc | Learning - (1 Comments)

One day in a dark night there was a big group of cats some tigers some lions some jaguars some lepods and some cheetahs and they were the best ever. There was a nother group that are reptiels witch are snakes lizards turtles and crocidiles and there was some treasure and bob hided it but where would he hide it all?

Bob knew a perfect place so he he hid it under a tree and they all went rushing as soon as the gun shot one thing the turtls did nothing but move hafe a mile an hour and the crocidiles did nothing so it was the cheetahswon it the end           bye


November 14th, 2017 | Posted by Joshua in 100wc | Stories - (1 Comments)

Weekend morning sun has just risen and a young boy was playing on his playstation. As soon as his mum was up to do some tidying in the spotless, glimmering and white kitchen. ( As always the kitchen was like this . ) Straight after Jake had eaten his breakfast the doorbell rang although Jake had no idea  who it was  so he answered it in surprise it was his best friend Jonh   .  They ran up stairs to make a mess within 7 hours later they were about to get one more thing out of the walldrowb to play  with but Jake’s mum said to tidy up now. 

but where would we hide it all they thought looking for a place to hid it . (so that is how the play date ended .)

Thieves And Robbers

November 14th, 2017 | Posted by Megan in 100wc - (2 Comments)

“Amy, do you swear you will not tell ANYONE!” Bella muttered to her best friend one lunchtime. “Promise. but where would hide it all?” Amy muttered back.  “Ah, that part will come later, my friend.  For now we just need to find the treasure and run!” Bella said.

Next evening, Amy and Bella’s Mums and dads went up to their beds they found that Bella and Amy weren’t there!!!  They were at their worst enemy Rosie’s house.  Rosie had a beautiful necklace, two bracelets and four sets of diamond earings!  Bella knew where these were kept so all they had to do was steal them, SO EASY…..


November 14th, 2017 | Posted by Millicent in 100wc - (0 Comments)

Once upon a time there were some pirates their names were captin Millie and her mini pirate Hattie they liked to hunt for treasure. Hattie liked to think that she was in charge! But her sneaky sister always knew she was up to something. When it was Millie’s birthday, Hattie thought that maybe we could sail the seven seas. That morning when Millie woke up Hattie joyfully said “hey Millie would you like to sail the seven seas today?” “yes” said Millie. They then jumped out of bed ont0 their pirate ship they found some treasure “but where would we hide it all? asked Hattie in the sea Millie said.

An Odd Story

November 14th, 2017 | Posted by Ana in 100wc - (0 Comments)

“Hello, I am Lila and here I am interviewing Georgia an amazing tennis player.” said Lila. “First question, why do you like doing tennis?”asked Lila. ” I like doing tennis because I like doing lots of running.” replied Georgia……

That happened when Lila was 13 now she is 18. Lila and Georgia are still friends. That day Lila got a phone call from Georgia asking if she wanted to go for a walk. Obviously, Lila said yes!

Later that day Lila and Georgia met up at the woods. “Hi,” said Georgia. ” Hi,” replied Lila. They started there walk. About half way through the walk, they found treasure, but where would they hide it all?!

Early In The Morning On Christmas

November 10th, 2017 | Posted by Ana in 100wc - (1 Comments)

The streets were busy with chatting, sellers calling to people to buy things and lots of other reasons! Stella was entering her favourite shop.(The butchers). As she walked into the shop the bell on the top of the door tinkled. The shop keeper (Ray) looked up. “Morning Stella,” said Ray. “Morning,” replied Stella. Stella put a piece of bread on the counter. “That will be, £3.50″said Ray.

When Stella walked out of the shop she saw a odd site. There were people that had only had half a body. A shiver went down Stella’s spine. She carried on walking home…

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