Ella’s secret

February 8th, 2019 | Posted by Eleanor in 100wc | Learning - (0 Comments)

Ella Shaw was sitting on the fringe of the golf pitch. She was worried because it was the full moon tonight. Her secret was every full moon she turned into a wear wolf. The sun was flickering and the sky was starting to turn black.                                                                           She headed home, washed her hands and sat down with her dad Ben Shaw and her brother Dylan. As her brother was playing on his phone and dad was serving tea she reminded her mum Daisy that it was full moon. She finished her eggs and went upstairs to her room to transform.



In the past.

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Sam was watching his favorite film it was called in the past  .Suddenly, he felt himself being sucked into the screen.                                       5 days later                                                                                                                                             Sam had woken up . WERE AM I! he yelled . an old man appeared hello you must find these things a golden fringe the purple eggs the black cat  the washed  blue sea  and the flickering  fire find these things and you’ll be out of the past.so he traveled  day and night till he found all these weird things. Then as quick as a flash he was home. And he lived happily ever after.                                                                                                     THE END

the oliver had a long fringe

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oliver loses his fringe one day and he knew who it was! it is the giant who pulled it off!

🙁 then the oliver took hes eggs for a ‘payback’ to the giant. then the giant came to  talk to Oliver and said: “I took your fringe for my eggs I am sorry I took your fringe but can you give me something to warm up my eggs?”

oliver replies: ” yes … I will give some warm water to wash the eggs and I will give you a blanket .”

then the giant says: “Thank you, ”

Oliver says “You’re welcome!”.

Then the black giant took Oliver’s fringe which was flickering in the wind and Oliver felt sad……

The DNA transplant (Part 1)

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Narrator-At the fringe of the UK was a lab coloured Black that was Washed with glue to keep the paint on. The shape of the lab was like three eggs and flickering light came from within.

Worker- We need more DNA more chickens more eggs.

Helper-  This will make more money for us.

Boss- At least more than 20,000£!

Worker- REALLY? More money!

Helper (Dropping the eggs)- Huh? I can’t see 20,000£’s!

Boss- But… Um my bank says we have that much!

Narrator- The boss had 20,000£’s but he uses it for himself!

Boss- Narrator. I told you to close your mouth about that!

(More to come…)

By Heath!

Infinity planet

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Once in a land far far away on a planet that was never discovered  that was called the infinity planet. One day on the infinity planet there was a war and one of the soldiers shouted to the women ” Go and find shelter. ” Suddenly , a man found the planet and stopped  the war and he turned into the leader of the infinity planet . Then the leader said ” Do you have any food . ” Then a women replied with ” We only have  vegetables . ” Then the man said ” What vegetables do you have . ”  Then the women said ” Lots !” So he shared them with everyone                                                                         The end !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               By Ben

the clay people

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Once a boy went to the clay people to pray that night the boy went again but they weren’t here .He said “are you alive “?! A flash came a cross him .Suddnly , a small person ask “who are you well can you be my friend”?The boy said “er…yes “!so the next night they went to the park .Suddnly a black thing came it looked like a person !He said “come come “! But the boy ran and ran and ran .he


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Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived these weird men who weren’t  actuly  men no they’re actuly aliens!!!How is this happening.How has the time come for the aliens to invade the planet earth.”I can’t belive that this is happening.”This is so weird.””I know right.””This is so cool.”Why are they different colours and different sizes?Why do they all have red heads?How did they get such a good lot of computers.Are they actuly evil mutant who want to takeover the earth then takeover the milky way or not nobody know or do they?


By Dylan

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