unicorn magic

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Once upon a time there was a magical world with all sorts of magical things. Such as fairies pretty, beautiful wildlife and last but not least the unicorns. Everyone loved the unicorns they were so magical and clever, beautiful and lovely creatures everyone thought that the unicorns lies upon the fairies so the fairies thought that they weren’t special anymore! The unicorns thought about other people and RESPECT!!! Oh yes every one believed that the unicorn god said about respect. But one day  someone broke in to unicorn land ! everyone was so frightend but lukely there was a little shelter.

I’m not sure

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what are you doing with this article that is not a good idea but it is a good idea but you will be in trouble for that why is that because that is a source of power no it is not as bad as it came like but it is pretty awesome overall it’s not as glamorous as it seems but it is why is it then before you go to bed you have no time to waste whatever do l need to get back to then sneak in the house then put your phone number in the middle of a room.

Mission of bug terra

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One day a bug was born he was a beetle he on a mission to learn ground  and leaf power but what lies ahead of suddenly a worm wanted to come with him he said ok but only one more person can come on are journey he was going to learn a water power  so a new bug came he was a ant came he was learning about fire they headed of he went to the temple of elaments finally they got there and leant the powers they were the strongest in the hole bug world they always stuck together the end

Who made those holes?

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Once there was a lovely, peaceful field but one day there were two big, deep holes! Nobody could believe there eyes! Then everyone wanted to know why they were there and who did it. So the next day friends and family tried to work out who would do such a thing! Everyone was so upset. A few months later a brave detective found out about the holes and decided to put things right again. But before he could do anything he had to find out who done it. Nobody knew that there was a giant on the lose so the giant tried to find him.


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First it was the past After it is the present Next it is the Furocher when it happerned  DOOM MONSTER came to earth to tack out the trash of people just to win war 68. One year later the suddnly the monster vanished from the wold for good however it didn’t just vanish it got deffeted  by steping into a hole that a misterey kid mayed for fun and fogote about it for a cupell of year’s now hopefully it duse not go to a diffren planet to destroue a nuver war  at there planet and win the war.

Strange Footprints

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One early morning, when Ella was feeding the chickens, the postman came, in the the side of the road, to deliver some letters. “Thank you very much Mr postman,” Said Ella. “That’s ok Ella,”Said the postman.

Later that day, Ella’s family went to the park. They played on the swings and had lots of fun! While they were walking home they noticed something very strange.”Look mummy there are some really big foot prints over there!”screamed Ella with fright.”It’s alright honey they are just fake. That night they decided to go out for dinner. When they were driving back they saw the huge monster!!



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One very sunny morning. There was a huge shadow.It was a gigantic GIant!When I went to the park with my friends Mark and Toby there was a alone dog it was not owned and we said hello.The dog followed them to there other friend called Roger.They saw a huge shadow and it was a giant it made 2 big footsteps broken in the ground.It attacked the boys and two of them got knocked out!The dog jumped on the giant and bit his neck and the Giant fell to the ground and hit the giants head.


The end!


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