The very shiny,red apple

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There was a girl called Leasa she had two sisters called Rosie and Poppy. Leasa was the oldest she was fifteen Rosie was eleven and Poppy was nine they also had a mum and a dad and a little puppy called Summer. Leasa and her family lived in a beautiful,modern,white mansion by the carm ocean.

One sunny morning I was walking slowly with my dog Summer,and while I was walking I saw a shiny, red apple.I picked it and taking a delicious ,juicy bite I dropped to the ground. As the flashing light came towards me I felt like I was falling and falling and falling and falling.

descriptive vocabulary

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Once upon a time there was a boy called Dougy and he loved chocolate and he had it every day and he liked apples as well in till  Dougy felt very disey  and he felt vegetarian so he tried a couple of carrots he loved it and he stayed vegetarian all his life as the flashlite came towards me I WAS NOT VEGETARIAN any more!!!!!! so Dougy     mist being vegetarian now he is in hi school lodes of girls like him and he liked them but Dougy saw a footballer so Dougy asked if he could join and the men said yes so Dougy went home to get a football. The End

The Disco of Dantdm!!!!!!!!

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Once upon a time there was a man called Dantdm and he was amazing  !!! One day in Spain Dantdm got to meet two youtubers called

Minecraftgirl and Fun

for charlotte the two girls were amazed of seeing Dan they got ten signature . After that they recognised it was Dan’s birthday  and the had planed a birthday party for him  and she said  ” There was a mini insoner that’s on . Then minecraftgirl (me) said ”today  was the day 0f the party ” and everybody was so excited  ! Then the party started Dan was coming and then said ” what’s going on ” and then eveybody went surprise . As the flashing lights lights came towards me I took …



The light

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Dear diary,

Today I was walking along the path when I saw something  unusual, I think it was some-sort of light. As the flashing light came towards me I saw a alien well I thaw,t it was.  Later on I was sucked in and I fell asleep. When I woke up, I herd nothing not even a squeak. I thaw,t I was alone however I wasn’t. Everything was a blur and I saw a alien coming towards me, I was terrified of what was going to happen to me however they gust wanted to be friends therefor they let me go and I went home.

Diary of Jeremy

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Once I was slowly strolling through the woods when I saw a pheonix dart towards me. As  the flashing light came towards me I dived out of the way luckily I didn’t get injured in the process but the pheonix  was.As quick as lightning I rushed to my house to look at the injury unfortunately it wouldn’t be easy to fix.


                                    Two Months Later                                                                                                                                          The pheonix and I are now very fond of each other. Sometimes I ride him and do tricks. Actually the pheonix is quite a fighter now one he beat up a crook!(Really?Yes!)                                                                                                                                                                                                              The End I Think!



Once I was walking in the woods and I saw a cave.I went in.I pout a torch on and had a look around and when I trend a corner a bunch of bats came to wards.I saw a dim light be hind them.I walked closer then I ran closer.As the flashing light came towards me I ran out and berets of light came!! I saw a wondrous sight came upon me and I ran into the  treasurer .I filed my pockets and hands and moth an ran home!When I at my house my spat it out and told his mum

                                                                 To Be Continued  

100 word challenge

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One day a boy lived in the city called Manchester.His name was called Rooney he lived in a flat .As the flashing lights came towards me i quickly shut my eyes .Suddenly someone came towards me as he came towards me I quickly ran from him.Then I got away from him and got in my flat. After that I got some money to go to the shop and i bought a magazine . Suddenly a car crashed into the shop. Then I got the person out of the car in the fire. Finally I got home from the fire and i had my lovely dinner.

the end

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