Rich of treasure

February 9th, 2018 | Posted by Millicent in Big Write - (0 Comments)

There was once 7 children all boys around the age of 9 -10. They lived in the ever so cold country of Greenland. All the boys were allowed out of their little village with their friends. The names of the boys were Mike, Josh, John, Charlie, William, Archie and Max. One night, when everyone was sleeping a village pirate came and dug up a beach and found a treasure chest! It was when he relised that there was cctv around on the beach!He was such in a hurry he forgot to take the chest with him!

That morning, when all 7 boys were fully awake they all went to the beach and guess what they found the treasure!!! Mike ran home to get his dad and his dad came running along the road and thought of a brilliant idea and it was that they take it home and share it out together. when they got home to Mike’s house they all went and sat on his bed and his dad shared it out. Luckily,there was an even number they all got 10 jewls each!” We are rich of treasure! ” They all shouted.



the tree die chapter three

January 25th, 2018 | Posted by Spike in 100wc | Big Write - (0 Comments)

that day a lumberjack came to the lynx and bobcat home and cut down the tree so the they had no where to live  so they went to a abandoned raccoon nest and life there and then a man walked along and he took them home  and fed them when the babies grow up they went out to get food .

the fox chapter four

when they went hunting they all worked as a team they came across a fox they teamed up on it but did not kill it because it had babies they gave it some food to eat the end !!!!!!!!!!!

My easter holidays

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So I will tell you about part one of my Easter holidays.        So far I have been to tennis (last ever tennis lesson because we are moving house so if we pay for another term and we move house all are mony will be wasted ).I hhave also been to the park and I almost fell off of the roundabout’s it was going so fast. I also held my guinea-pig her name is Boe she is so cheeky.Because we are moving house we ha

ve to go to it a lot and when I went there for the first time the garden was so big I almost got lost in it.Part 2 will be at my mum’s mummy and daddy’s house.

         By hattie.

The deep

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There were a couple of explorers under the sea. They had found lots of fascinating things in their career diving deeper than anyone has ever gone before.They were in their  sea ship sailing and they saw a giant clam which was a new species under the ocean. They were filled with wonder so they went to see more of it. They dived down from their sub, it was bigger  than they thought it was.They tried to take it to the sub but it was no use. With a final push they managed to get  it on  board. But what was inside the clam…


The giant swamp monster

November 3rd, 2016 | Posted by William in Big Write - (0 Comments)

Once upon a time there was a boy swimming in a lake. It was a sunny summer afternoon with everybody playing. Jack didn’t know what could live in lakes as he was only four and he just liked jumping in. But there was a story about a boy called Jeff who long ago had got sucked down to the bottom of the lake. Jack climbed out of the lake and stood by the side.  “Cannon ball!” he shouted and jumped as high as he could. Everybody cheered. But as soon as they saw what happened next they shouted “Nooo!” As Jack fell towards the water a disgusting slimy green monster emerged from the lake. Luckily Jack kept a spare sword in his swimming trucks in case of emergencies.  He sliced his sword franticly but it was no use he got swallowed whole and got stuck in the belly of the swamp monster.

Well done EVERYONE!

December 11th, 2015 | Posted by Mr Rockey in Big Write - (0 Comments)

I’ve been looking through your blog and there was some fantastic writing today. You have all worked so hard. I wasn’t the only one to think so either…

This lovely lady is THE creator of the Big Write and thought you had all done extremely well. You should all feel proud, well done everyone!

Earth To Bugs

July 17th, 2015 | Posted by Daniel in Big Write - (0 Comments)

One day Steve and his friend Bob were going on a bike ride when they heard a rusling in the grass they found a robot “bweep bweep.”

.”“Wow .”  they took him home they put under a cover .Some  how they could not get to sleep they cept hearing noises from the bath room. When Bob went in he saw the thing they called Echo was in there usesing there dads shaving foam . He nw looked like a dirty, black and old man! Then there big sister came storming in “what is tis thing””it’s Echo and what are you doing up at 2am in the morning you usely get up atatlest 7 o’clock? I thought I heard a sound in the scrap yard.” in a woried voice .So the three went down to the scrap yard when they a saw srcap monster it road and it crushed things it started to sporn eggs dinosaur eggs! inosaurs started to rule the city they tour up evrything.Then Echo suddeny blased the whole thing back to normal so they were safe for now.

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