The magic of Christmas

December 10th, 2018 | Posted by Grace in english | Learning - (2 Comments)

One day in a far away village lived a family called the Walden’s. They had a Christmas tradition to bake pancakes every morning. They would also find their Christmas elf Bella she was sat down on the Table and at night time she drew funny faces on the eggs. naughty naughty Bella said one of the Walden’s and that Walden was called sofa .and then her other sibling rapidly ran down the stairs to see the elf and they both laughed together ha ha ha they chuckled. Their mum said OH NO how will I cook breakfast or lunch or dinner today .


after school they went bolling and when they got back they went straight to bed



Commas Are Amazing!

December 5th, 2018 | Posted by Mr Bennett in english - (8 Comments)

Add a comment below, writing 3 sentences.

Sentence 1) Use a comma after an ly opener.

Sentence 2) Use commas in a list.

Sentence 3) Use Commas to add in extra information.

Different words for said

November 22nd, 2018 | Posted by Mr Bennett in english - (1 Comments)

Made with Padlet


November 13th, 2018 | Posted by Mr Bennett in english - (13 Comments)

Today in Lotus we are learning to use a range of openers.

The challenge is to write out the sentences below and choose an opener that you think no one else in the class will use. Once everyone has submitted their openers, I will post your sentences and we will be able to see how many different openers we have used.

The 4 sentences are below:

  1. Bill went to the shop.
  2. The boy played football.
  3. The horse jumped over the fence.
  4. The tiger ran.

The Park Maze

November 9th, 2018 | Posted by Ella in english - (1 Comments)

Alice: Mum I’m going to the park with Jenn!

Mum: OK! But feed the canarey first.

Alice: Ben,don’t go in my room when I’m gone! ( Feeding the canarey)

Jenn: Are you ready to go? ( Looking through the post box)

Alice: Yes, I’m ready. ( Opening the door)

( The two girl’s walk down the road and to the park )

Jenn: Look! There are lot’s of park’s squished into a maze!

Alice: Cool! Let’s spend the night here and have a camp fire!

Jenn: OK! Let’s go and get our stuff and set up!

( The girls get there stuff and set up. They have a great time.)

Alice: That was amazing!

Jenn: Same time next week?

Alice: Yes!!!

Alice and Jenn: Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



October 16th, 2018 | Posted by Millicent in english - (0 Comments)

Suddenly, Bob’s sister jumped out at him and he fainted in fear!

Annoyingly, my sister decided to hit me with her teddy bear because she was angry with me for no reason!

Exited, Ellie walked back from school but then got lost!

Tired, my sister didn’t let me get to sleep!


use openers and connectives

May 23rd, 2018 | Posted by Millicent in english - (0 Comments)

Sadly, Amelia couldn’t swim however she had swimming lessons.

Happily Mark joined a football club because he loved football.

Unfortunately there was a lonely pony despite this she made a full recovery.

Carefully, the vet did an examination on the dog on the other hand he wasn’t healthy.

Anoyingly, my sister ate all the sweets in the packet although the next time we’re in a shop she has to buy another pack.



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