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Suddenly, Bob’s sister jumped out at him and he fainted in fear!

Annoyingly, my sister decided to hit me with her teddy bear because she was angry with me for no reason!

Exited, Ellie walked back from school but then got lost!

Tired, my sister didn’t let me get to sleep!


use openers and connectives

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Sadly, Amelia couldn’t swim however she had swimming lessons.

Happily Mark joined a football club because he loved football.

Unfortunately there was a lonely pony despite this she made a full recovery.

Carefully, the vet did an examination on the dog on the other hand he wasn’t healthy.

Anoyingly, my sister ate all the sweets in the packet although the next time we’re in a shop she has to buy another pack.



The Old Owl Trap

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Continue of story

Jamie and Charlie stood there open mouthed with amazement. Inside the hallway were loads of toys, little sofas, a TV and lots 0f exciting things. As quick as lightning they ran inside and played with a few toys. Jamie ran to the Lego box and Charlie ran to the rocking horse.

“I’ve had enough of playing let’s explore the rest of the house.” said Charlie. So they left the toys on the floor and walked into the next room. T0  their surprise the next room was cold, damp and dark. “I don’t like this place any more. ” shivered Jamie. As soon as he had said that he walked on a floorboard that came loose and flipped over. “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” screamed Jamie.

An owl in the house woke up and flew into the room. When the children saw the owl they screamed again. “Don’t worry I am not going to hurt you.” said the owl. At that point Jamie and Charlie were already calming down. ” Who are you?” asked Charlie. “I am Simber the owl and this is were I live.” replied Simber. “The thing you just walked on was an owl trap. My family got caught in that and died. My job is to tell owls not to come in here,” explained Simber. “Why are you talking?” asked Charlie. “Nobody said that I couldn’t talk.” replied Simber .

After their adventure had finished Jamie and Charlie cycled the 10 minuets back to their Gran’s house. When they arrived at the house they went straight to bed feeling very tired.

Galaxy Destroyer

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There was a boy and his friend that decided to go On a journey When they went on the journey they walked deep into the forest  and They further than they’ve ever been before Suddenly the mountain and they have been standing On fell apart Ford a massive stone figure with a massive Stone tool stuck in its chest Just then it  shot a massive boulder at him he mad a shape with his hands And it’s made a shield around him protecting him from the falling Boulder.He was the Rock God he really that he had to save the all every single Galaxy  even the planet that his worst nemesis lived on he had to make a massive statue to defeat this one it will be a hard job but he had to do it otherwise the galaxies of the world will be destroyed.Realised he can do it on his own so we had to call his worst enemy from the worst planet ever but they were extremely good builders they would be a very good help.30 made the rocket out of frogs and sent into space asteroid to the planet he wanted and he asked them really nicely  they didn’t say yes the first time When he said I’ll give you all of the cookies that I have they would definitely in these creatures they will crazy for cookies if you’d even say they were cookie crazy.Better give some cookies to them now so they can have a sugar rush and build it extra quickly I know they have sugar rush to They were hyper after and building so quickly it was done in a blink of an eye I know they’re sugar Rushes major lucky that they don’t come to our son and get all the cookies that there are millions.So hope they can destroy the world in minus one second Want to build a massive robot and we had sent it back to us we gave them a lot of cookies that we didn’t give them Looking to build good otherwise they could build a rocket get to us and then destroy the rocket and built up in major.When you go back to work needed it to the place where the child was but it wasn’t there anymore the whole place of being destroyed then they saw it was heading for bed now I know he’s screaming jumping inside the heart of his   good monster He controlled it from the inside he summoned some Rocks so he could fight him fairly he Swung his swords in the air and hit him the gem and he was getting weaker! And that was only one hit he swung and his sword swung around so fast his sword became a Bler it hit him and pushed him backwards in a burst of flames.It was a long and Furious fight but in the end the good rock Monster one!

the lost city

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it all started when i started school i never liked the toilet because it was a one classed school it was the only school they could get to on time everyday so she never went to the toilet they had to share bathrooms so lucky  and it always stunk  one day when she was in year six  she was bursting to go to the toilet so she was so bursting she went in the toilet none goes in the dirty  one turns out there is a reason none goes in the toilet someone went in there he flushed it and the toilet sucked him into a world and not to be seen she got sucked into it oh my god were am i it is amazing how do we get out of here you cant get out of here said bobby it is true you did get sucked into here do you live in that castle its wonderful.

the stone life

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100 years ago there were two friends a boy and girl called sue and toby. they went to a very old house in America and didn’t come back so two cops went two look  and this is what happened . they sailed over to the house and heared a scream they ran inside to see if it was them. the scream was high pitched so the followed it  to the book room however they saw sue and toby frozen.

a dark blob was in front of the cops “turn around with your hands up” said cop number 1 the blob went and so did everything it was just an emtie room   …

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Is Is Actually Jewelry

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(In the dream) “Give me jewels you thief  shouted ……”No I won’t.” replied the fierce-om prince. (Dream stops)Usha woke up and the sight was rich! The floor of her room was scattered with jewels. She looked at the clock and noticed that it was 8:04am. Usha jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs and gobbled down some breakfast. After that she went back upstairs and chucked some clothes on got a handful of jewels and packed her bag.

When Usha arrived at school she showed all of her friends the jewels. “There not real.” said one of her friends. However she convinced them that they were real although she didn’t know herself and she new that!..

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