vcpo challenge

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WALT-Write 4 vcop sentences                                                                            8.12.17


  1. Hurry up john you are not going on the round bout okay said the sad John!
  2. John went to the toilet because he want’t to get swallowed in to a world.
  3. Suddenly, he got sucked in.
  4. Have a great time john at the party.

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suddenly, Tom fell over .

All of a sudden , the rain fell down.

Joyfully , he skipped to the park.

Fortunetly, Tom was cold because the rain was on him will he was walking to school.




Lucy and Jessica


Connectives and Openers

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1.  Suddenly, Billie fell of the cliff consequently, she broke her leg and ended up in hospital!

2. Listening, Sam and Ashley crept out in the middle of the night because, they were a little bit drunk!

3. Loudly, Jo screamed at her parents and kicked her cat although, he skidded out of the way.

By Megan and Ana


Bunce was a fat pot belly dwarf and looked very scruffy.He had big pingball eyes and a bulging fat belly.He wears an old brown waistcoat,brown trousers and a light blue shirt.He eats crushed liver stuffed into donuts.YUK!He walks about with a smug grin on his face.


Bean was a filthily man who never washed and was as thin as a pencil.Maybe even thinner!He wore blue trousers,a yellow top and a green waistcoat.He was a turkey and apple farmer and refused to eat anything but cider made from his apples that he farmed. His hearing was awful because he had wax blocking his ears.


Boggis was enormously fat and smelled like caviar.He was a chicken farmer and every morning,noon and night he ate chicken



Character Description In Fantastic Mr Fox

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Sadly, Bunce is a horrible, dirty, dwarf like man. He has huge eyes, he wears a scruffy light blue shirt, brown trousers, brown shoes and a brown jacket. Bunce is a duck and goose farmer. All he lives on is mashed liver stuffed into a horrible doughnut. He hates it when foxes come and steel his geese and ducks, however, one day he  will catch them!


Bean is a very tall turkey and  apple farmer. He wears light blue trousers, a yellow top, brown  shoes, a dark green jacket and a dark green hat. He doesn’t eat and only drinks apple cider from his apple trees. Bean is as thin as a pencil and hates baths. Unfortunately, he has bad hearing because, they have wax and bugs in them!


Boggis is extremely fat and eats 3 chickens with dumplings morning, noon and night. He is a chicken farmer. Boggis wears dark green trousers, green boots, a light brown jacket and a green shirt.

The junk

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One dark day a stranger made a pile of scrap and put a brain in it suddenly lightning struck it giving it inf power and he destroyed so much stuff. He got food and ate it (weird) he has a mouth and a tail made out of a pipe. At day he stood there like a frog and waited till night when all go to sleep and it shutdowns then he looks for people to eat. He has mouldy teeth and 1 leg his leg got destroyed and someone shut him down however 12 lightning bolts struck him not hes immortal. The only way to destroy him is to glue him with sticky glue and shoot his brain because the brain controls him. The person who created it thought it would be better with a brain the person who made it was in a dungeon for all of this he was in big trouble. The monster was going to the U.S to get the tower of the president of america however he walked into a electric wall because he was going to america. He was as dumb as a frog. He didn’t know what 1+1=2 that was how dumb he was at learning. He just wanted to eat to get his leg back because he couldn’t walk fast he was slow as a snail. If he had a 2nd leg he would walk like a car he was the evil frog team. He had loads of friends and he is going to go to meat them in Africa first his job is to get his leg back to run there and he cant run now because he has a broke leg his tail gives him 200 miles per a hour er with both of his legs and he ate a plane once. He said “that was the best meal i ever had in my robotic life” get it because he is a robot. His favorite meal is a giant pizza.He loves them better then his leg.  The end

What we have been learning .

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This week we have mostly been learning about ”Romans” because its are new topic we made helmets and shields it was really fun making it.

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