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Bobsleigh or bobsled is a wintersport in which teams of two or four teammates make timed runs down narrow, twisting, banked, iced tracks in a gravity-powered sled.The timed runs are combined to calculate the final score.


The various types of sleds came several years before the first tracks were built in St.moritz,switzerland,where the original bobsleds were adapted upsized luge/skeleton designed by the adventurously wealthy to carry passengers. All three types were adapted from boys’ delivery sleds and toboggans.


Bobsleigh (bobsled)is my favourite winter sport and my dad went to help out with the world championships for  bobsleigh (bobsled)! Bobsled (bobsleigh) is very dangerous sport as you can hurt yourself easily if you make one mistake or if you are a miler second too slow you will lose and have to try again in four years as that is the amount of time between each winter Olympics!


One day I would like to go see the winter Olympics and I would like to meet a Bobsled player and get their autograph! If i had to do Bobsled for any country i’d go for USA as that was where i was born! In this winter sport you can have a team up to four and has a driver two middle men and a brake man!


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Hi my name is matthew and I really like my pet dog tessy. My favourite band is coldplay and my favourite song on coldplay is yellow.My tow favourite sports are rugby and football.

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Hi my name is Kieron and i live in a small village.My favourite food is chicken and i like football.I also like gangsta granny.

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hi my name is lennie and i have a dog here name is poppy she is a pomeranian and a hamster my favrate band is tydollersighn and me and my frend loved eating 5 bolles of a apple crumbell my favrate food is spagbolle favrate sport is foot ball .

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My name is Charlie and I love donkeys because they are so cute. My Mum loves donkeys and she wants to get one to put in are garden. My cat is so cute and his name is ginger because he has ginger fur! He is so soft and he loves cuddles. He loves to catch mice and once he caught a huge rat! I always tidy my room but my Mum will give me £10 if I do it every week. My family is really nice and they get me loads of birthday presents.

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Enjoy reading.

Hi my name is Joshua. I have 8 chihuahuas and my fraveret band is Bruon  Mares.I have a big sweet by eating 5 bolles of apple crumbell. Very soon I will start trieaflont and I love to play football with my friends at the park.I all wais play in defennts I do get some good golles and they all go in diffrent places evrey time.Yesterday I got a new car and it was a Aldee sq6 and on the home I got to in it.It was so fun because I got to lisen and sing to 24 karret magice in the air.


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I am Susan and I love horses even though I don’t have one myself. I go horse ridding as well. The horse I ride is called Biscuit and is very crazy. He is not aloud of a lead rope (A lead rope is something you clip onto the bridle like a lead) because I wouldn’t be able to control him. He also has a crush on the horse my mum ride, Daniel. Biscuit is so sweet!

I have eight guinea pigs and they are all very sweet! My sister has two rats (there pet rats!) and I used to have a hamster. I have two dogs. One dog is small and is  called Mimi she is a papillion (pronounced papyion. she is French!) My other dog is bigger than Mimi she is called Gracie and is a golden retriever.

Gracie is so lovley and sometimes when she is lead down she lets me lie down with her and use her tummy as a pillow! Mimi is cute and is always after a tennis ball. I can also pick her up and cuddle her like a baby. And guess what! Mimi is one now and she is scared of dogs that are much smaller and younger than her. Gracie also loves the vets! I know this is is very odd but she charges in there as if  in the vets there is a pile off beef on the floor.   

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