the amazing adventure!

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The holidays were quickly coming to an end so Joe was very pleased when his Mum had given him some money to go to the cinema. In fact he was so exited that he had gone straight there. Happily he was so exited he did not know what to watch.” Um..” was all he could mutter when asked by the ticket office as what to watch. “Well in that case have this ticket”, replied the ticket officer,looking rather pleased with himself. “This ticket is magic”, all you have to do is imagine is what adventure you  would like to watch and it will unfold before your eyes. Joe sat in his seat and as the film started he could feel himself slowly being dragged into the screen. He found himself in a rain forest in south america and it was really really big. At first he could see a lion and he was scared and he ran away. He found a cave and he took cover. He fell asleep and he was in a bears cave.

The next day, he saw the bear and he went screaming off he found some bamboo and a shovel he decided to build a house so he started to dig. He placed the bamboo for the stairs and the floor. He found a abandoned bed he thought someone else lived there!. But they still lived there now!. When he got there he set the bed and he found a lake he went for a swim for a hour.

The next day, he was in a mansion on top of the cliff The old man lived there and he said what are you doing here?. Joe was confused Joe said dunno. The old man said what do you mean dunno. He said live with me will you he said yes. And then the old man grabbed him he woke up in his bed it was just a dream his Mum shouted at him he was late for school she said. He told his Mum the dream and she did not care but he was just confused?.

The End!

Daisy’s magical Christmas holiday

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Our Christmas celebrations began on the one and only Christmas eve. Ginger bread men were baked and iced with silly faces, obviously Mum made a trifle and cooked a delicious ham .We also went to the christingle service and sang a lot of joyful carols. That evening it was into our lovely PJ’S, drink a yummy cup of coco and then we laid out santa’s goodies. Of course I went straight to sleep after hanging up me stocking and finally the morning arrived and it was CHRISTMAS day. Just then I remembered my stocking I turned, looked and presents poured out of my stocking but the day had just begun!

Nanny and Grandad joined us for Christmas breakfast. I ate chocolate crossaints, then it was time to open my mountain of presents, horray! My favourite was my new tablet. That afternoon we sat down to a special Christmas dinner. I love the roast turkey and apple sauce!

We had lot’s of  lovely lazy days playing with our new stuff but we also visited Lacock Abbey to see the festive trees and went horse riding with my cousin Katie. I rode Pip and Misty. Even Albert had a ride, he wanted to go fast.

We saw the New Year in with a trip to Longleat to watch the fireworks. The music made me dance and run about like mad. I saw all the red pandas. They were having their tea. We walked around the pretty festival of light and got lost in the maze. I stayed awake till midnight. Happy New year!

The 2nd of January was my birthday! We went to play at a big farm play barn and then had a big roast dinner at Toby carvery which is the most delicious place in the world. It was getting dark so we went home and everyone sang happy birthday and we ate unicorn cake.

Well that was a fun holiday, sadly it had to end just like this recount.



Christmas recount

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First, on Christmas Eve I made some mince pies and sausage rolls.I left one of my mince pies for Santa with a glass of milk,  and a carrot for Rudolph.

Next, I woke up on Christmas morning, and found that not only had Santa eaten the pie, but he’d left a note saying it was the best by far!

Then, after a lovely Christmas Day with my Mum and Dad, I went to Grandma’s house on Boxing Day and Santa left me presents there too! I think he got a bit confused.

After that, I went to Ipswich to see my Nana and Granddad and got even more presents!

Finally, I went to the skatepark with Wesley and I saw Dylan there too. I had lots and lots of fun on my scooter and afterwards me and Wesley went for a hot chocolate. I had lots of fun in the Christmas holidays.



The Christmas breakdown

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One Christmas eve Santa clause was sleeping happily and then an elf woke him up. Santa said”what`s the matter”  the elf said” you’ve over slept”  “oh no” said Santa. Santa quickly got the reindeer out of there pen and said” hurry up hurry up” then they flew like the wind dancer prancer  vixen  comet  Rudolph faster” Santa said they all went as fast as they could.

the first house looked very mysterious Santa said “stop” very loudly. it was a big white house with lots of patterns. in the house lived a little old man called Mr grange. Mr grange liked Christmas because he got to see his family and got something he liked. when Santa got on the roof he ungracefully climbed down the chimney however he got stuck. Santa tried and tried to get down the chimney but no matter how hard he tried he could not get out. Mr grange heard a banging noise down the stairs so he went down. he looked everywhere but couldn’t find anything finally he looked up the chimney and saw a man. Mr grange said ” hey what are you doing in my chimney” Santa said” ho ho ho can you help me” yes” said Mr grange I will help you Mr grange tugged on his legs and finally got him out “thank you” said Santa. the next morning Mr grange looked at his presents Santa had got him some lights and a big Christmas tree. 

next year me grange put the lights and the tree up and was very happy.



                                                                    THE END    


the dalek #5

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Ed and Will looked around, they were on a planet called Astrix. There was nothing but a lonely house on top of a hill. The door creaked open, a deafening metallic screech came from behind them. “Freeze, you shall be EXTERMINEATED ” Ed and Will looked at each other and silently ran into the house with a black dalek following behind them. But then they split ways, daleks are supreme… daleks are supreme “ it said triumphantly. Will said ” I have a teleport thing look you know what-” vrom! “- I mean!” ZAP! He teleported away with Ed. Ed and Will looked up they were on Scaro!

Ok hi I’m back for ‘The Door’ officially part 3 for homework! Ok here we go……

“Wait a minute  is that who i think it is yes it is? Baldi!” said Lizzie. “Yeah i hired him.” said the old man. “Who knew!” said Megan oddly. “Look over there the exit finally!” cried Daisy. “What about Dylan and Heath? They are trapped! remembered Megan. “Yeah good point.” said Lizzie.  They ran over to the door which the boys were in “PULL!” shouted Megan. They pulled, pulled and CRANK! The door swung open and there were Dylan and Heath tied up back to back. Lizzie untied the knot and grabbed their arms and ran to the exit! “YES we are out!” cheered Daisy. “Now I guess this is it” said Lizzie. “I never thought of it that way, I just thought it was get out of this house you know?” They’re now standing outside a tudor house with a beautiful garden. They all run across the huge grass lawn and under the trees.  “Bye guys see ya around” they called to each other.

So i guess this is it the end of the door…..WRONG one more post to come.


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Bomb town was a deserted desolate place where the sun never shines. Each month the romans would com and bomb it but there was only one person that had survived 900 yrs. This person we speak of is a relative of the mighty wolf because this person is a… PERSON DOG!!!!

Now this may sound weird but is not so make sure you don’t stop READING. this doggy we speak of is a long lost brother but his brother is dead so lets not talk about that.



yay yay woo

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