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A Big Crowd

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“I think that we should turn around now. My mum will be back soon and she will be worried about us. If we are not home when she arrives.” said James. ” I don’t think she will be that worried about us. Anyway she will guess  were we are,” replied Steven. James wasn’t so shore about this although he carried on running down the dusty old road with his friend.

Suddenly, some cattle, some sheep, a sheep dog, some chickens and a few horses ran into the middle of the road that they were running on! “Watch out!” shouted James. However it was too late. James and Steven bashed into the animals! They fell over and the animals just carried on crossing the road. A kind looking horse stopped and looked at the children. ” Could you please get out of the way I am trying to cross the road?” asked the horse! “Shut it Mel, these poor little dears are hurt.” said a cow in a sweet, cross voice! James and Steven lifted their heads open mouthed!..

This might help!







Johnny has got 104 cakes  and there are 26 students in his class how many cakes does everyone get ? 


The gateway to freedom😜

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Aaron and his family hired a cottage for the family holiday as soon as they arrived  Aaron and his cousins went straight out to explore the garden at the bottom of the garden they found a wall with a mysterious gate they wondered what was on the other side of the gate they decided to find out . They push through the gate and was surprised and shocked to find that they were in a different universe🌏 this universe was brightly coloured🌈 child flew past floating there were unicorns eating the grass  and giant butterflies flying around.  Aaron and his cousins were absolutely amazed they have the best day exploring this new universe they had eaten so many sweets and so much chocolate because it was everywhere anything you could ever want . They didn’t want to tell the grown-ups about this so they kept it their secret . They try to cover the magic gateway up with branches and twigs and leaves so that no one else would find it they all went to bed that night feeling very tired and very full but could not wait to go back and explore again in the morning


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Once I lived in a wall with a bamboo gate and orange brick stairs . We were famous everybody new were we lived because we live in gnome town. Shhhhhhhhhhh okay I am now going to tell you were we now live .

Now we live in San Fransisco  a beautiful place that is home to ruffle 864,816 .Five years later . Who Knocked our house down (shouting very loud).



By Izzy

The Cave

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Many moons ago, there was a dwarf wizard call ‘ Wizzy’. One stormy night he had a dream that a man talked to him – Wizzy you must go on a quest to stop the giant Gobsnot who destroys will destroy your peoples home and rob all your valuables.

Wizzy announced to his friends he was to go on a dangerous quest to save his people from Gobsnot. He asked for volunteers to join him, the only person to raise there hand was Gibby.  Gibby carried a wizards staff with a crow feather in his hair to make himself look mysterious. But is didn’t work it looked odd! Lizzy was very glad he had a friend to join him.

Gobsnot lived not too far away, at the top of Gobsnot mountain. The mountain disappeared into the gloomy mist of the clouds. When they had journeyed for a day, they arrived at the base of the mountain.  Wizzy clicked his figures and whispered a wizardy phrase … ‘blah, blah, blah’, and a mountain lion appeared.  They both climbed on the lion and it sped off, with Wizzy and Gibby grasping at its fur. After sometime there arrived at the top of Gobsnot mountain.  They saw a sign warning ‘ I will get you’.

At the entrance of the cave was a wooden door with stones surrounding it so no one or thing could climb over it.  It took great power to open the door, but once they had, a voiced boomed..’ get out, didn’t you see the sign?’

the lost children

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One day there was a boy called john and a girl called George! They lived together in a house, they are brother and sister and they were very adventurous they loved to play in the hedge and solve mysteries.

Then out of nowhere a big adventure came right on top of them however they where looking around a field in the big meadow just outside a town called wobble burg this is amazing shouted George what-what said john! Come and look then lazy bones when they came to look John almost screamed wow what a landscape it looks fascinating this is the best thing I have ever seen.

Let’s go behind it and see what is…………………………………………

WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW look at this it looks amazing I love it. It must be the cliffs of weirdness…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


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“That was fun!” said Joes friend as the car drove off. Suddenly the car made a rather strange noise and Joe could feel the car started to fly. Joe thought, was this a dream? Was he really in the sky, in his brother car, Jazz? How could this be? He scarily thought, it must be magic!’ Joe burst ‘ this is weird but COOL! His older brother, nodded his head and agreed. Suddenly they looked out of the windows, into the sky, and noticed the front wheels turning into arms, the back wheels into legs and the bonnet into a head. Joe shouted to his brother ‘Jazz is a transformer!” AMAZING!

In an instant, another car transformer smashed into the side of Jazz, scratching the bright red paint, and denting the door so they were unable to get out. ‘ We are in a transformer fight, and we’re part of it.’ shrieked Joe’s brother. We must help ourselves and help Jazz. Joe grapped the steering wheel and noticed that the wheel controlled Jazz’s arms. He yelled ‘ we can help’. Joe turned the wheel from left to right, hurling Jazz’s arms into a whirlwind of speeding rocket punches.

Jazz’s fists made contact with the head of the transformer and knocked the bonnet clear off. The boys excitedly yelled ‘We’ve won, we’ve done it’!

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