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Bomb town was a deserted desolate place where the sun never shines. Each month the romans would com and bomb it but there was only one person that had survived 900 yrs. This person we speak of is a relative of the mighty wolf because this person is a… PERSON DOG!!!!

Now this may sound weird but is not so make sure you don’t stop READING. this doggy we speak of is a long lost brother but his brother is dead so lets not talk about that.



yay yay woo

A Shock For The Orphans

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Bella was doing some of her chores (looking after the plants) when her best friend ( Aggie) called for her. “Bella come here, I think a bomb has just fallen from the sky!” shouted Aggie. As quick as a jaguar, Bella ran to the window. “Wow! This is cool but very scary.” exclaimed Bella. “Are we going to die?” asked Aggie. “I don’t think so. Quick we need to find an Anderson Shelter!” replied Bella. Quickly, Aggie and Bella ran out of the orphanage onto the street. They turned a sharp left into a field full of buttercups.

There it was sitting there in front of them, the Anderson Shelter. “Hurry we need to get in the shelter,” said Bella. Aggie went in first and then Bella followed. Inside the shelter sitting on an arm chair were seven little mice!

the stone life

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100 years ago there were two friends a boy and girl called sue and toby. they went to a very old house in America and didn’t come back so two cops went two look  and this is what happened . they sailed over to the house and heared a scream they ran inside to see if it was them. the scream was high pitched so the followed it  to the book room however they saw sue and toby frozen.

a dark blob was in front of the cops “turn around with your hands up” said cop number 1 the blob went and so did everything it was just an emtie room   …

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There once lived a queen and she lived in a magical castle. It  was on an island in the  sea which was nice and there was a forest round the corner. Whenever she wanted to she would get her horse Buttercup and ride through the forest. On the top of the castle was a clock, it only chimed when it was midnight or midday.  The only way in and out was across a long curved bridge  over the bobbing  sea. The towers on top of the castle wore pointy witches hats. The queen loved living in her beautiful castle all on her own. The queen liked to paint while the boats were sailing past. In the winter the sea froze. Out from the forest came grizzly bears who skated on the ice with the queen who they would never harm.

Ropes, Chains And The Great Escape

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Bree sat in her bed as a prisoner thinking about what she should do with herself. As well  she was listening to her only friend, the clock. She could hear the tick tock tick tock sound of the clock on the outside of the tower. A few minuets later she was practising her tightrope walking on the end of her wooden bed. Tightrope walking had always been the tradition in her family and she carried it on. Suddenly, there was a loud Click and a loud Creak as the guards pushed open the heavy, metal door. Quickly, Bree jumped of the end of the bed, sat on the bed and pretended to look like she was sorry for herself. When the guards had opened the door, they put in a bowl of porridge, a spoon and a glass of water. As soon as they had closed the door Bree gobbled down the porridge and drank the water.

The next day when Bree got up, the first thing she did was practise her tightrope walking. After she had done enough of tightrope walking she sat down on her bed. Then out of the corner of her eye she saw a rope behind a chest. As quick as flash she jumped of her bed and ran over to the chest. With all her strength she slowly moved the heavy chest and could now just squeeze her hand behind the chest to grab the rope. When she looked out of the window to think a brilliant idea popped into her head! In the next minute she had tied a secure knot to the metal nail by the window. Then she through the rope to the tower next to the one she was escaping from. She packed all her precious things into a little rucksack and she was ready to go! Carefully, Bree climbed onto the window sill and then she took one step forward onto the rope!

Right now if you looked out of your window you would see a little girl tightrope walking across an ordinary rope. Bree had nearly got to the end of the rope when she suddenly slipped! Her weak hand just caught the rope in time. Using all of her power left Bree pulled herself back onto the rope. When she was fully standing on the rope she walked the last few steps to the other tower. Then she climbed down the tower onto a little bridge. When Bree had her breath back she ran to the other side of the bridge. Then she suddenly heard a loud Click and a loud Creak. She didn’t even have to turn around she already knew that sound. Quickly, she ran for her life down a sandy path. Close behind her she could hear the noise of the horse hooves crashing on the path. Her heart was pounding so hard she thought that she was going to have a heart attack! Bree didn’t dare to turn around, if she did she would be dead. There was a little tree (that looked like a Christmas tree) that was just to her right. She took a sharp right turn and climbed up the prickly tree. The guards on horseback thundered past her. She felt like there was a sudden earthquake as they went past.

When Bree had calmed down after all of the excitement she climbed down the prickly tree. Instead of running away Bree went back into the castle (the guards had left the door open). Bree held her breath as she entered the castle. A passage near the front door led her to an office. She checked if there was anybody watching her and there wasn’t, she carried on. There were to may files, folders and papers  she didn’t know were to look first! Finally, she chose the nearest file to her.

After looking at papers for over fifteen minuets Bree knew the whole story. Her dad was the King of the castle. He had been keeping his ex-wife and daughter locked up in different places. Bree ran as fast as she could and ran up the stairs to the other tower. When she got to the other tower she unlocked all of the bolts and ran into the room. There sitting on the bed was a sad looking lady. When Bree ran into the room her Mum’s frown turned into a smile. “Bree!” shouted her Mum (Julia). “Mum!” shouted Bree. Bree ran into her Mum’s arms. Before anyone could speak there was a big bang as the guards shut the front door. “Oh no, the guards are back,” said Bree. They jumped off the bed and ran down some random stairs.

When Bree and Julia got to the end of the stair case they noticed that the stairs led them to a hidden harbour. There was one boat tied to a mooring ring. ” Quick over there!” shouted Bree. They both ran over to the boat and leapt into it. They undid the knots as fast as they could. As they were untying the knots a guard came rushing down the stairs. When they finished undoing the last one the guard grabbed the rope! Bree turned on the engine and the little boat edged away from the harbour. Of course the guard was still pulling on the rope and stopping Bree and Julia from escaping. Suddenly, the guard slipped and fell into the water releasing the rope from his hand! Then Bree and her Mum were free forever!





Homework For This Week

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A Big Crowd

Continue Of Story

“I think that we should turn around now. My mum will be back soon and she will be worried about us. If we are not home when she arrives.” said James. ” I don’t think she will be that worried about us. Anyway she will guess  were we are,” replied Steven. James wasn’t so shore about this although he carried on running down the dusty old road with his friend.

Suddenly, some cattle, some sheep, a sheep dog, some chickens and a few horses ran into the middle of the road that they were running on! “Watch out!” shouted James. However it was too late. James and Steven bashed into the animals! They fell over and the animals just carried on crossing the road. A kind looking horse stopped and looked at the children. ” Could you please get out of the way I am trying to cross the road?” asked the horse! “Shut it Mel, these poor little dears are hurt.” said a cow in a sweet, cross voice! James and Steven lifted their heads open mouthed!..

This might help!







Johnny has got 104 cakes  and there are 26 students in his class how many cakes does everyone get ? 


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