This week we went global at Westwood with Iford School with an international day focused completely on Christmas around the World. After the success of Clover class link up with Room 104 of Georgetown Elementary school on Wednesday, sharing Christmas traditions and wishes face to face, Thursday was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to learn about how other countries celebrate Christmas.

All of the children throughout the school were put into groups and spent a session together with each teacher learning about how Christmas is celebrated in Germany, Scandinavia, China and Iceland. What was so lovely was that our school family worked so wonderfully together, supporting each other and enjoying the opportunity to work with friends that were both older and younger. The teachers all planned a super day for everyone that was enormous fun and so informative. My huge thanks to the staff for another brilliantly planned day and to the children for their outstanding behaviour and sense of fun. We all agreed this is something we would do again soon!

Here are some photos I was able to take of the children working together on International Day:

International Day 22.6.16

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This year we have really reached out to further our international links and global audience and I can truthfully say that I feel we are far more connected than ever with children and professionals from around the world.

Today we held our last international day of the year with each class taking their own focus for learning and exciting learning. Thistle learnt lots of interesting facts about India and read a super elephant story and Clover class wanted to know more about Canada. Clover also had the opportunity to link up with Mr Hamilton and Grade 4 of Bayridge School in Kingston Ontario to learn face to face with our international friends, which was super fun.

In KS2, Lotus class looked at France once more and Orchid class focused on Ghana – they also have a cake sale coming up next week, so please come along to that to raise much needed funds for charity.

Everyone had such a fabulous international day and we have pulled everything together into s slide show below. The children also explained what they have been learning throughout the day. Do have a listen!

James Vardy played the first game of Euros for England and nearly scores and he only his first Euro match.It was a close game but it was a draw and they had a fight at the end and if they do it again they will be out.



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England is a great country to live in because we have the Queen Elizabeth 2 , we also have the prime minister David Cameron. We also have the Army and the navey.

Wayne Roony

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  • Wayne Rooney is one of the world’s best-known soccer players and a top scorer for the Manchester United club.
  • Two months later, he showed his penchant for scoring and coming up big in important games when he became the youngest-ever goal scorer in Premier League history.
  • The goal put Rooney in the record books, and the last-minute score steered the team to a victory over Arsenal, which had come into the contest sporting a 30-game unbeaten streak.
  • Despite his earlier affinity for his local pro club, in 2004 Rooney signed on with Manchester United after his new team paid Everton a transfer fee of roughly $48 million.
  • Rooney, however, expressed no regrets about the change, and neither did United.
  • In the 2006 Football League Cup, the quick-tempered play maker, whom the team would make captain that year, scored twice to lead his club to a 4-0 win over Wigan Athletic in the final.
  • Over the next five seasons, Rooney steered United to four Premier League titles.



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England is a small country and it’s already over populated and one very important person has to keep this country healthy which is Queen Elizabeth.As well as the Queen we have a prime minister who is David Cameron. England is very lucky we are wealthy and we have enough money to buy houses and everything we need to live peacefully!

England is a small country ruled by Queen Elizabeth 2 . Our traditional food is roast dinner and if we are Christians we go to church every Sunday . In London we have three famous attractions , big Ben the London eye and Buckingham palace . As well as  a Queen we have the prime minister David Cameron .  In the house of parliament  lots of decisions are made by David Cameron .  By the house of parliament is the river Temes . We have the army and the police force, the police only carry guns in a very seriouse emergency.

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