World War 2 Clothes

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Explorers Show

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Google Earth

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WALT – find out about places using google earth.

Use the link below to open google earth. Add a comment below explaining what you have seen.

Can you find your house? Does it look as you expect? Can you spot your car?

Can you find our school? Our classroom?

Can you find a place you would like to go on holiday? What does it look like?


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This term our topic is about electricity. We have made a painting of lightning. We have made some circuits with wires, batteries, bulb and more! My favourite thing was making a circuit it was very very fun. Mr Bennett tried very hard on this project. I think everybody has enjoyed this topic defently me! I can’t wait for all of the topics to come in Lotus class! In English we are writing a report how electricity works. Electricity powers almost everything well not exactly everything like TVs, microwaves and ovens and loads more! Mr bennett probably had spent alot of time thinking of the topic. Thank you!


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This term our topic is inventions. We have mostly been looking at electricity.  We have have been doing electricity paintings were the lightening is striking the tall buildings. A couple of weeks on a Friday we have been making lots of complete circuits with wires, batteries, bulbs and buzzers! Electricity only strikes tall buildings not small ones. It has been very fun! We are going to write something how electricity works electricity powers almost everything well not the sea! Mr Bennett has tried very hard on our topic and we have learnt lots of things. I am very excited for all of our topics to come in this class!

Our Topic Electricity

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The first topic in Lotus class in 2017 this year is electricity. So far, it has been a very exciting topic with lots of art work going on, one of them (which I think was my favourite) was cutting out a black piece of paper in a shape of a city. Next, we had to stick it onto an A4 piece of paper portrait way. Then, we painted lightning onto the paper, some as if it was striking tall buildings. Finally, you wait for it to dry and then you have your mini masterpiece!
We did lots of fun, tricky but fun experiments like one we did recently which was to test if the length of a weir affects the brightness of the bulb and lots more!! It has all been very fun!! I can’t wait what we end up doing in the future!!!!


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We have been learning about electricity as it is our topic.I have learnt that electricity can be in volts. I have learnt the different  symbols for the things that go in a circuit .I have enjoyed the art that we have done which was a lightning picture and we painted the lightning bolts.I have enjoyed learning about who made and found out about electricity.When we started I liked doing the knowledge harvest and the entry point, in the entry point we did a quiz that was fun.We did some drawing of our own solar paneled things.

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