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November 20th, 2017 | Posted by Mr Bennett in IPC | Learning - (12 Comments)

WALT – find out about places using google earth.

Use the link below to open google earth. Add a comment below explaining what you have seen.

Can you find your house? Does it look as you expect? Can you spot your car?

Can you find our school? Our classroom?

Can you find a place you would like to go on holiday? What does it look like?


January 31st, 2017 | Posted by Erin in IPC | Learning - (0 Comments)

We have been learning about electricity as it is our topic.I have learnt that electricity can be in volts. I have learnt the different  symbols for the things that go in a circuit .I have enjoyed the art that we have done which was a lightning picture and we painted the lightning bolts.I have enjoyed learning about who made and found out about electricity.When we started I liked doing the knowledge harvest and the entry point, in the entry point we did a quiz that was fun.We did some drawing of our own solar paneled things.

our topic eletric

January 31st, 2017 | Posted by Darcey in IPC | Learning - (0 Comments)

today  we  did  some  tests.

Our Electricity Topic !

January 31st, 2017 | Posted by Luke in IPC | Learning - (0 Comments)

In our topic we have been learning  electricity and we have learnt about positive and negative charges! When loads of positive and negative energy joins together it makes small lightning bolts! We painted some lightning pictures! Then we made some circuits with a bulb! After that we learnt about electromagnets and we tried making them, they only worked if they were attached to a battery!

For homework we had to right six facts about electricity and what we wanted to learn more about! I found that a lightning bolt is hotter than the sun! Electricity is very important to people today because most things run on it! Electricity is mainly made from coal!


January 31st, 2017 | Posted by Anna in IPC | Learning - (0 Comments)

We have been learning about electricity, which is our topic.I have learnt some new ways on how to make a light bulb switch on, as you probably know electricity is very important and it lights up your microwave, it switches your TV on, it lights up your house and so much more. Sometimes we use some different things to complete a full circuit. The other day we turned the light on with two wires and then we kept putting more and more peaces of quite thin card infront of the light bulb we were investigating to see how much many peaces of card you would have to put infront of it to get rid of the light showing. Did you know that elctricity is in lightning? Also a few weeks ago we had to cut out some buildings like in newyork and thenwe painted some lightning.  


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This term we have been learning about electricity! We have been learning about electromagnets, electromagnets can be found on doorbells headphones and much more every day things. From playing a game on the smartboard we have learnt that there is two different types of electricity, a negative and a positive. Then we started learning about lightning and we painted a picture with some tall buildings and lightning coming down on them. Electricity travels at the speed of light. Electricity can be made from wind animal poop and much more! Here are some facts.

1.Do not fiddle with plugs.

  1. Electricity is very dangerous.

3.Lightning is electricity.

  1. Electricity can’t flow through wood.
  2. Power cuts mean there is no electricity. can turn electricity off.

  1. Electricity can make fires.

8. Green means that a charger has finished charging a battery.

By Talia and Susan

January 31st, 2017 | Posted by Reggie in IPC | Learning - (0 Comments)

This topic it is about electricity!its been lots of fun because we have been making batterys,testing stuff and so much fun!mr bennet is the best because i love this topic so much.we have made loads of curcuits and we have been making loads of experiments.and we have made bolbs and lots more its been so epic!if we do this topic again i am going to be so so amazed.i really want to make some more stuff about electric and see stuff spark with electric!its so much fun and i love it so much it is so and some more will happen wate for some more news…

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