happily, harry potter shouted “EXPECTO PATRONAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” to fight away a dementor!


unfortunately, dementors are fole creatures and if they give you something  called the dementors kiss then they suck out your sole.


quietly, dementors come although you can tell because it gose dark.


suddenly, you feel so cold you want to go in to summer again!





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Hi yes me i’m back don’t worry only to do four sentences with a mixture of openers lets get started….

1) Humiliated,Joe’s brother trailed off to sulk.

2) Thrilled,Leah’s mail arrived!

3) Worried,Sam went into the creepy old mansion.

4)Amazed,Alice was on time for school.


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Suddenly, It started to  get very windy and Ros Blew away!

Unfortunately, I hurt my self however nobody cared only I cared about it.

Loudly, it started to get Rainy  On the other hand my dad was stuck in the rain for a little bit longer.

Nervously, I went home because somebody was chasing me

crazy sugar

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Once there  was  a boy who always buys special sugar and he made a cake and when he ate it    he turned into a cake and he said it reminded me of a time when my sister turned into a   cookie .Then he found a cake world and the swimming pools are made out of special sugar . Then he saw a cute puppy that was  made out of candy floss . Then he found a way to get back home . He tried to do it but it did not work so he found the biggest one and he got back home the end                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    by Ben and Ros

Over hills

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We sat on the hills just Jess & me and ,it reminded me of a time when the so many flowers we made a daisy,chain it was fun and we ate a marshmallow covered in chocolate yummy! And the sun was so hot they would of melted .The sun was so bright we had to wear sunglasses and move to the other side of the hill so we wouldn’t get burnt. We drew little stick men on a rock and named them  Johnny, Bonnie, Tim and Jim. The fun we had watching that sunset on our owns was fun.

sweet land

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In “Sweet  land”  the  ginger-bread  girls were  having a feast of sugar sandwiches and maple syrup pop. All for the Sweet lands one and only Queen Alice. It was her 30th birthday, and she was celebrating  with  her friends  on  Jelly tot street. Ros’s house was at number 6, this is where the party was at. Then  Lenny  arrived with a gift of jelly tots as it  was in Jelly tot street. They played hide and seek, with a prize of  a sugar lump. They also played tag with a prize of a candy cane. They all had a brilliant time.

the dalek !!!

October 9th, 2018 | Posted by Charlie in 100wc | Learning - (1 Comments)

“This is a glitch i am telling  you.”said William  “it reminded me of  of the time when  i had a overload on space_ship/3000 .” said Fred                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                      ” a: we are on space_ship/3000 and b: we have daleks on bored .” said William.”how many on board?”asked Fred “ten,six are here.”replayed William .” here.”all six of them chirped.The dalek came into the room.”you two will be exterminated,” said the dalek”you will be turned into daleks, exterminate,exterminate,exterminate!!”vrom,vrom,vrom. The Tardis forced it’self into the ship . the doctor flung open the door  jumped out and fired the gun at the one dalek “overload overload!!”blam blam blam the doctor slid back in the tardis and ran vrom vrom vrom  

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