Treasury bunker

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Once apon a time there was a boy called Nathan and he found a old bunker and he went in it there was an old nuke he told his dad and then his dad threw the nuke away then Nathan explored the bunker there was a giant spider and he just passed it and then he found a family of bats and behind the bats were treasure.

He got his dad and said there’s lots of gold coins and his dad didn’t believe him and then his mum came and saw the gold bars and coins then the boy got a bag of sweets and they lived happily ever after       THE END

The Tin shed where nobody goes

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D0wn at the bottom of my great grandpa garden behind the brambles and trees, I have never been allowed to play.

One day when Grandpa was busy weeding I crept ever so quietly behind the bushes and went into the shed. It smelt funny and felt all damp, I walked into a spider web and that made  me jump.

I brushed it off my face and let my eyes get used to the darkness. I could see a little window, I went up to the window and used my t shirt to clean and let the light in.

As the sunlight lit up the room I was amased at what I saw, my grandpas war medals, part of aeroplanes, his uniform and lots of pictures I saw grandpa in some of these pictures.

I hear a noise behind me “what are you doing” it was grandpa.

“Grandpa”I said “this is amazing, why have we never been in here before”

Grandpa went on to tell me how he fought in the war and rescued and lost some of his friends. He kept everything in here as the memories were too Sad but he also remembered the good memories.

I told Grandpa “we should move this into the house” Grandpa disagreed. I didnt say anymore as I could see the tears in his eyes.

“Grandpa” he looked at me, “I love hearing about all your stories from now on when I ever I hear a plane in the sky I will remember all the wonderful things you told me”.

“thank you” grandpa said “I would really like that”

The Haunted Barn

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Once there was a haunted barn in the middle of East Sussex where a small ghost who loved playing tricks on people especially a young boy in his late teens who’s name was Freddie.  He walked into the barn each day to feed the impatient horses their usual batch of hay and juicy carrots however on his way out he always got ambushed by the jokes-crazy ghost.  Once Freddie actually dropped the horses’ food through the roof of the old barn to stop the ghost from pelting him with tricks of every kind from exploding carrots to energetic horse hair. The ghost was a real joke man because of his parents who joined the circus when they were both 21 and became famous.  One day, the ghost fled from the barn in a state of complete madness and went off to join the circus himself.  Freddie felt amazingly happy after that.

The monster in the shed

July 2nd, 2018 | Posted by Jessica in Learning - (0 Comments)

Dear diary

I am sorry I haven’t written to you in a while. You see, a knew shed has just been built in the field behind us and I want you ,diary, to come with me to check it out. It’ll be scary so I’ll have to bring Jasper along with me and his sister Prudence can come if she wants too. We need her to plait a rope into a whip in case things turn nasty

yours sincerely, Charlie

My name is Charlie, i’m just an ordinary kid. I have a best friend called Jasper and a beloved teddy bear  named Adam. Me and Adam wear identical bobble hats, not me nor Adam ever take them off. Not even at bed or in summer. Lets get on with the shed.

Me, Adam, Prudence and Jasper are by the shed with our hands on the handle of the shed door. I’m going to twist and open the door to see what happens. I open the shed door and a huge monster runs out and slithers away. Now I can see the sign that says


The monster is on the loose…


Openers and connectives

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Excitedly, Hannah jumped on her surf-board furthermore it was lovely weather .

Quietly, the waves rolled in from the sea although it was still a bit loud.

Slowly, the sunset formed in addition the sea grew colder.

Quickly, the dark blue colour formed in the sky consequently she went home .

Suddenly, she mad a log fire her feet tingled when the warmth came out of the fire therefore she fell a sleep.


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Excitedly, Ella was going to move to a farm with a cottage in a village.

happily Ella was going to move there today!

Ella had her first night staying over although there was not that much furniture because it did not get all shipped.

The next day Ella was feeding the cows ,pigs and horses she saw a man that was hurt and then she loudly shouted at her dad “HELP HELP “and her dad came running over.

happily the man was got to the hospital at the last second and then they lived happy . the end .

Openers and Connectives

May 23rd, 2018 | Posted by Ana in Learning - (0 Comments)

1. Nervously, Ella got out of the car however she stood in a puddle and got her shoes wet.

2. Scared, Megan walked through the creepy woods because she had been dared too.

3. Suddenly, our  TA fell in a puddle of mud face first although know one laughed.

4. Tired, Tula fell asleep on her laptop consequently we lay her down on the sofa in the staff room.

5. Hardworking, Sofia taught Lotus class french on the other hand we were good at french.

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