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Once there was a two best friends Lottie and Iona that were going on a ride in the woods. Very soon, they set of, Lottie riding Rolo and Iona riding Lola. Rolo was a all white pony with a golden mane and Lola was milky brown with a black mane. (Both of the horses are a perfect match for their owner). “Come on let’s trot.” called Lottie. The girls trotted  along the wood and looked at how pretty it was. “Look at that it’s a huge den!” shouted Iona. The two friends dismounted their ponies and took a closer look at the den.


After lots of thinking the girls decided to camp their one night so they did a they had a lot of fun.

Ella and her adventure

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Once there was a girl called Ella and she was that type of girl who loved adventures. She had her own horse called Rolo who was all white ( and in the sun his coat turned golden) and a black cat called Lola. One early morning Ella woke up to find a bight, shimmering and golden sun.

Ella got up and washed, dressed and brushed her long blond hair (which she everyday put in a plait) and then got the gear she needed to go on a early morning ride. before she went to tack up Rolo she gave Lola a special treat because instead of putting Lola’s usual biscuits in her food bowl, she gave her a bit of tuna. Ella quickly ate her breakfast, tacked up Rolo and they were off!

It was a nice day therefore, Ella went on a longer ride that usual. She thought she new where she was going however, she took a right turn instead of a left turn. When she finally, realized that she had gone the wrong way she panicked and searched for the way back home.

As if time had fast forwarded, the sun was going down and Ella (exasperated, hungry and upset) dismounted Rolo and brought him to a stream where he could have a drink and nibble some grass. Suddenly out of the corner of Ella’s eye she spotted an icy bridge that was surrounded by the ocean. The bridge lead to a tall red lighthouse”Maybe I could stay in the lighthouse.” Ella murmured to know one in particular.

Off  Ella went leading Rolo on instead of riding him. Ella didn’t want to ride him because if he accidentally slipped…well…that wouldn’t be good. As Ella walked past the lamp post she expected it to turn on however it didn’t. Finally, she reached the red light house and she touched the rough wall. As soon as she touched it a faint glow appeared behind her. Ella reached to touch Rolo’s soft face then turned around…

Frozen Rescue

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As I pulled hard on the cold handle, the truck door quickly swung open in the icy wind.I stepped out with my huge snow boots on, careful not to slip on the white shining ice. I could see now why we hadn’t heard from my grandpa for two days. The ice and snow on the jetty leading to the lighthouse hung like gleaming daggers from below. Huge shards of frozen ice were glistening in the evening sun, they looked like they might fall at any moment and stab the sea beneath. The jetty itself looked like a huge sea monster rising from the ocean, it’s legs covered in massive ice scales and its body in furry snow and frost. The sharp freezing wind suddenly caught my breath and I felt like my insides were being frozen. ” He is still in there Dad, isn’t he ?” I gasped reaching for my Fathers arm as he trudged up beside me. “I hope so squirt”, he said grabbing my hand. We edged slowly along the jetty watching for signs of life in the little frozen glass house right at the top of the lighthouse. Nothing moved and it felt eerily quiet apart from the sound of the sea lashing against the monsters legs.

As I stepped carefully behind my Father, I worried that this huge beast might suddenly retreat to the depths taking us with it. Is that what happened to Grandpa ? We finally reached the door of the lighthouse. The once red gleaming paint was now a dull pink, covered in a hard white covering of ice and snow , thicker in some places than others. My Father grabbed the handle of the lighthouse door and pulled ” Pa ?” he yelled , ” You in there?”. Nothing moved , the door was frozen solid. I banged frantically on the door with my fists and joined my fathers shouts “Grandpa, Grandpa, open up, open the door, its us !” , I bellowed.

We stood back for a moment to see if any answer came, but nothing. My Father tried the door again, kicking around the edge to see if he could loosen the winters icy grasp. We kicked and banged at the door but still it wouldn’t open. Suddenly I heard a faint tapping sound, dink,dink,dink.” Shh, listen” I gasped. Dink ,dink, dink. ” There it is again. It’s him. It has to be ! ” I cried.

The Yeti And The Lighthouse

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One day, Ocean the yeti set out on a tiny yacht to begin her new job as a lighthouse keeper.  As she pulled the yacht up onto the pebbly bank she noticed a towering bridge behind her leading to a great, big, red lighthouse.  Suddenly, a lady named Ella came up onto the bank and welcomed Ocean to Scotland.  Ella explained that she was going to be Ocean ‘s lighthouse keeper teacher.  Ocean spent months in Scotland learning how to use a lighthouse.  One night, she was in the tower turning on the light when she remembered a fun way to get down the lighthouse without using the steps. She pushed a button and a slide slid down to the bank.  Ocean slid down and remembered that she had to go home that night.  When she got home she felt more confident in a lighthouse than ever before!!!

The Weird Holiday

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Finally, the day had arrived and the Smiths, got out of bed and made some yummy bacon sandwich’s. But the two children (Grace and Sophie) had a sausage sandwich instead. ” Come on girls we need to go now, otherwise we will be late for our flight,” pleaded their Mum. ” All right, we are coming Mum.” said Grace and Sophie, at the same time.

Suddenly, the plane landed and the Smiths, got a big fright!” AAAAAAHHHHHH!” they screamed. “SSSSSSSHHHHHHH,” said all the other passengers. ” Sorry,” the Smiths said. When the plane stopped and the doors opened, everyone came rushing out. ” Come on let’s go and find a taxi.” shouted their Mum over the noise!

Finally, the morning had come and the Smiths went out for their morning walk. ” Oh look, there  is a lighthouse!” shouted Sophie with pride. ” Can we cross the bridge and go and have a closer look?” asked Grace. “Ok, come on let’s go and have a look,” answered theire Mum. They walked across the bridge and took a closer look at the lighthouse. ” Look at all these pretty patterns,” said their Dad.

Suddenly, the icy bridge turned into a horrible, spicky, monster! ” AAAAHHHHH!” screamed the Smiths. They had to think of a plan and quick….

A Cold Sunrise

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The sun was coming up on a cloudy morning. It was cold and the bridge to the lighthouse was frozen and coved in ice however, the lighthouse keeper was warm inside the lighthouse. He did not want to go outside into the cold. He made a cup of tea and fed his dog. They both sat next to the fire and waited until it was light enough to turn of the lighthouse light. 

the ball

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One day there ere a boy and a girl and there names were Max and Bethany . They wanted to play golf  so they went to the golf shop and bought  a golf ball.  It was nearly Halloween so the balls had pictures on them .they got one with an eye ball on it ” here you go ” ” thank you ” .

That night when Bethany was sleeping the eye on the ball blinked and the window opened . A duck came in Bethany suddenly awoken and seen the duck. The next day she told Max however he didn’t believe her ” Beth you had a bad dream” ”I didn’t ”I will take the ball” ” ”ok”…


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