the grillas

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Ones a polit time there was a garilla but he wantid to go in to spase so he went to naser thay sade thin you can  haer is your spse soot. So he put the helmit on and fold a yellow line to the spas rokit. He sade it is so prertty he went in side  a gorilla was comi he crasht in to some bricks.  He ran up in to the con trol  pade he went up in in to spase.  He mist hi family he went back down he soon got to his familly.


by benedict and ollie

The crows yawn (part 1)

November 13th, 2018 | Posted by Heath in 100wc | Learning - (0 Comments)

Heath was on his way home when he saw a man with a Gorilla that throws Yellow bricks his house was falling apart. He dragged Heath into the basement and he lied there…

69 years later

“No!” Daisy screamed as she was pushed into the basement the man turned a key and she was locked up “Over here” A faint sound was calling the basement walls were pretty decorated with odd marks a boy was running up and down a hall saying, “Come over here… This mans house is crazy!”  there was a door on the far left a faint cry was heard, “HELP!”.

the mighty gorilla

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One day , i  the citys of London a man was walking down the street and he was walking down the road and he was holding a big sack of  bricks that he was taking to fix a hole  in Buckingham palace but suddenly , a massive gorilla  stole the bag and made a runner for it he was running so fast until he found this pretty  mansion that no one lives in .


He slept in it until he realised that the hole was still in the Queens house (well, mansion) . He found a yellow phone box and told the Queen he would be there soon

By Wesley

To be continued .

a special holiday!!!

November 9th, 2018 | Posted by Millicent in Learning - (11 Comments)

Mum: Millie Hattie have you packed your bags? (calling from downstairs)

Hattie: I’m all packed but Millie’s still deciding (calling from upstairs)

Mum: Hattie can you tell Millie that lunch will be ready soon?

Hattie: ok

Hattie: Millie lunch is ready. (looking Millie in the eye)

Millie: Well that’s lucky because I’ve just finished packing and I’m feeling a bit peckish! (zipping up her bag and  rubbing her tummy)

Mum: did you know that we are leaving straight after lunch?

Millie and Hattie (together): No!

Scene two

The long car journey

Millie: are we nearly there yet?   (looking bored)

Dad: well we are nearly there

Hattie: what can we do? (looking grumpy)

Mum: play a game or something like that (turning round to see the girls)

Dad: good idea (nodding his head)

Millie: how about rock paper scisors?

Dad: infact we are here now!

Millie: oh goodie!

Scene three

inside the Premier Inn

Dad: lets get our key now

Mum: Wow this room is tidy compare it to your room at home girls!

Millie: very funny!




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Daisy:do you want to come to the party.

Alice : why not OK .

Daisy: get in then .

( she walked in to the car as she did it evil dust droped from her hand when she got in she said.)

Alice: can you put radio 3 on .

(it was HEATH reading what to do )

Alice : you are in my trap because I will spred a gas that only I can beath in.

Daisy: oh no!

Alice: oh yes .

Daisy : I am super girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( they fly in to the sky to begin the fight. )

Mum : 3 2 1 go .

to be continued






BY Alice

The Secret house

November 9th, 2018 | Posted by Neve in Learning - (1 Comments)

Jake:  I   wanted to go to the park   (shouted)

Mum: You can’t because I work and your not aloud to go

Jake: Why?

Mum: because your to young   (shouted)

( That night Jake stepped three steps to go to the park then something caught his eye)

( He went Five steps closer and then he saw a little  door and went though the door)

( He got   shut in and then he saw a sine that Said  Go away or pay the price)

( After  ten seconds he ran back home and never ever wanted to go to the park)

to be continued …..

play scrpt

November 9th, 2018 | Posted by Rosalyn in Learning - (0 Comments)


ben: Hi .

ros: hi ben .

(on a mowbiy  fown ben cold ros.)

ros: i’m  in  space on the moon !

ben: i wish i was in  space it  is pritty ,carm and  fun!

(5 minets a go the spaship landed on the moon)

Ros: ben i fand a alen shood i post it  to you .

ben: yes plees ros  .

ben : have you posted it all reddy.

ros: yes.

ben: haw did i ges .

Ros: because it is ther .

ben: it is a saying.

ros:ow sorry.

ben:that is ow k .

ros :whots 10 ad 10

ben : 20

ros 20 ad 20

ben : 40

ros:  i am 8

ben : i am 122222

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