the black mamba

February 6th, 2018 | Posted by Cameron in 100wc | Learning - (2 Comments)

One stormy night a black mamba was slithering out of the well but it wasn’t  any old mamba it was a magic mamba because it grew every day when it was still little  it came down the drainpipe into miss mac’s  house it ate her hole but she was not dead because she was eaten hole.In the morning the town was a mess so a boy named Jeffry got his bow and arrow and went under cover to find the guy!When he saw the mamba he shot lot’s of arrows so he got a candle and set his arrow on fire and shot it and won.

the thing that came down the dran

February 6th, 2018 | Posted by Theo in 100wc | Learning - (0 Comments)

One day there was a man that was called adem he was playing bascit ball he scored 5 times he was very good so one of his firends said you shull go to a tornmunt i will whatch you play agenst lobronjames he said his firend well his team matt then i diser pared but my firends sore me tho i waa cofusing but a man that was looking at me weired so i whent to talk to him sudenly he diepared some one fownd him then i was all most at home i was scared that he was going in to my home then i hared some thing and it came down the dranpipes.

The lost ring of my diary!

February 6th, 2018 | Posted by Emily in 100wc | Learning - (0 Comments)

On Monday I went to the grave of my mum because my mum sadly passed away and we celebrate every day. my dad has still got her ring and my big sister was baby sitting me so when dad was gone we dressed up in dads cloths and suddenly…my sister saw me wearing dad ring off mum!My sister took it off and she  dropped it and it came down the drain pipe.

We were speechless and my big sister had an idea.We turned of the tap and we got dads tool box and opened the pipe.we saw the ring and then I got it and we never touched it again!

The Creature

February 6th, 2018 | Posted by Cameron in Learning - (0 Comments)

Once they had travelled for about 40 minutes they came to a forest. The trees were talk and dark and looked like they were able to come alive. Suddenly a long arrow hit the tree next to them. Steve looked aghast shouting
‘What shall we do?’.
‘Run’ yelled Steven.
They both ran as fast as they could, panting aloud at every breath. Tragically, Steven tripped on a branch, Steve helped him up. They both looked up at the murky trees. They saw a little shadow, dark as night, bouncing though the trees following them. As if like magic, the figure appeared in front of them. Its body was monster like ad four tentacles units back, 6 hands and a sharp bow made of ben in his hands.
What are you doing? ordered Steven.
The monster responded in a high pitched voice ‘ I am here because you have attacked one if my subject’.
‘Who have we attacked’ queried Steve.
‘I am the King of creatures with 6 hands and you have squished a friend of mine and I am here to avenge him.’ crocked the creature.
Both boys looked horrified.

English homework

February 6th, 2018 | Posted by Lucy in Learning - (0 Comments)

Steven and his friend James they walked down the dusty road . Suddenly, a door randomly opened.

They walked in and the house was very dusty ,  gloomy and dark . James was afraid of the dark . Come on James why are you not coning . i’ll tell you i don’t like the dark . James that is so odd I know  . I’ll go in if you go ok i’ll go in shouted James . fine i’ll go in i wont be a scaredy cat . Steven whispered come on catch up James . Steven wait up no why because I wont to go up those stairs ok i’ll catch up . then come  James did not like the way that Steven was talking to him . Steven i might dust leave you why i don’t like they you are taking me into this random house we don’t know who owns this . i’m leaveing . now by James walked to his house. Mum i don’t really like Steven why he’s does thing that i don’t like so i’m going round his tomorrow . Ok that’s fine .                                                                         

                                                                                               the end

The Mystery of Rocks

January 30th, 2018 | Posted by Ella in 100wc | Learning - (0 Comments)

In a town not far away there lives a family of rock people.No one knows what there saying and a mystery lies behind.One day a girl came and she understood them.They were planing to destroy the town!The girl told the whole town.Sadly when the last person new about it half the town was destroyed.Then there was a big war between rock people and people.People won and everyone lived happily ever after.

The stone family

January 30th, 2018 | Posted by Emily in 100wc | Learning - (0 Comments)

One day a a stone girl called Neve went to a stone shop and she got some destining food.She went back to her family and they ate they went on a walk and all the humans were surprised. They went home and then she after she had her lunch she went to her grandmas.She played lots of games like the game of stones. Neve went to the stone park and then she ate an ice lolly.Her mum and dad went to there friends so Neve’s Grandma was baby siting.She went to bed and then she had a lovley dream.




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