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“This game is boring!” Sam shouted as he threw it on the floor of Joe’s bedroom.  Joe wasn’t impressed as he lent down to pick it up.

“I am sure it gets better in level 2”, he said, hoping for the best.  He plugged the game back into the console and it began to load.  The screen started to flicker and bang they were sucked straight into the game. Flames erupted all around them and they began to spin until Sam landed in a land of signs. One of the signs said The Veggie-verse and the other sign said DANGER OF DEATH! “HELP JOE!” yelled Sam as he started proceeding towards the veggie-verse.

Suddenly, a carrot bird materialised out of a bramble with a bean worm protruding out of it’s mouth. mysterious”  thought Sam. He found a portal and jumped through it.


Eagles part !

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I see the eagles from where I live, way up in the Himalayan mountains. Every sunrise they are there, swooping down before soaring back up and then speedily diving back down. The are all beautiful, but the moment I saw one of them I felt a connection, a bond between us somehow. The one I liked was smaller than the others, it looked a bit like he got pushed around and picked on a bit, always having to go at the back of the line when the pack made a formation in the sky. I have been watching this eagle for weeks now.  I decided on a name that suited him. Best Bud. It is a bit original, but it goes well.


I was in my room the time it happened. Reading chapter five of my favourite book. Best Bud flew straight through the open window and hid the wall on the far side of my room. I quickly slipped in my bookmark into the thin, smooth page and ran to him. He was led on his side, making a wheezing sound.


I called out to my mum. She is actually a bird breeder, so she’s the perfect one to call. Mum came running up the stairs with and apron on and oven gloves on her bony, strong hands. She pulled the gloves off and steadily crouched down beside Best Bud. Gently, she picked him up in her cupped hands. I got told by her to cup him in my hands while she went to get some liquidised food. He was now chirping and squawking softly. Mum came back in my room and fed the little eagle some yellow liquid through a syringe. Immediately he perked up a bit. He started flapping his short wings. His pack were now waiting impatiently. Best bud built up some strength and  went back to his nest on the high mountain tip.

Animal Projects

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This week Lotus class have been working in pairs to research an animal of their choice as part of their IPC Habitats topic for this term. Everyone has worked so well together and produced some outstanding presentations, which the children delivered to the class at the end of the week. Focusing on the importance of creating their own content and using copyright free photos from photosforclass.com, this is some truly superb work. You can also listen to the audio from each of the presentations, which is at the bottom of this post.

Adventures of jack!!!

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                                                           Chapter  One!

                                                              The water accident!!!


One day Jack went out to sea to drive his boat around and also draw a picture of the sea for his homework. When he got there, there wasn’t any water in the sea, all the boats were floating in the air like they were god! It looked like it was just the rope and anchor holding the boat in the air, luckily his boat was by the side of the waterfront so Jack could get on the boat.


When he got on the boat he saw a note that said ‘to get the water back you have to drag the boat five hundred meters out’. Jack thought to himself, how do I do that? That is only something John Cena can do. Suddenly Jack had a brain storm, he could invent a boat-pulling piece of equipment, so he ran back to his house at top speed.

When he got home he got all his invention equipment and got to work. After ten minutes he had already made it so he ran down the road back to the waterfront. He jumped onto his boat and attached the piece of equipment (he named it Jo Jeff) onto his boat. He sat on his boat and relaxed while the Jo Jeff was pulling him and the boat along. After a while he got four hundred meters out and he started getting quicker and quicker and he made it!  He shouted “yippie!” then the water started rising!


Finally Jack could  ride his boat across the sea to have some peaceful time by himself.


Chapter Two

The Odd Island!!!


Jack sailed super far out, he didn’t remember what direction home was so he started sailing south. After a while Jack gave up going south so he went west. He saw an island in the distance and he rushed there at top speed but suddenly the fuel ran out and he started sinking! Luckily Jack knows how to make ever-lasting fuel but he didn’t have his science kit with him.  He did have two different potions, one super speed, the other walking on water and if he put them both together it will make a running on water super speed potion so he mixed them together and it worked surprisingly well! He sprinted across the water over to the island, luckily there was rope on the island so he lassood the boat and pulled the boat in (it was a bit like casting with a fishing rod). When he got the boat in he fixed the engine and made fuel out of natural things. He had to stay the night at the island but Jack wasn’t scared, he was confident that he knew what he had to do. Surprisingly Jack was quite excited for sleeping on a island but at the same time he was nervous about some dangerous animals that live on the island.

The dangerous animals that live there are scorpions, lizards, snakes, spiders, poisonous frogs and alot more!


Jack set up his things but then he had to go to the toilet which was really annoying. He  just about remembered what to do if you needed to go to the toilet. You dig a hole then make you build some walls for privacy. So Jack did all of that nonsense then he got back to the important things like catching fish, cooking the fish and staying alive in general. Jack got bored of just sitting in one place looking at the same place so he did some whittling to make things not so boring. After a while Jack had some outstandingly sharp sticks he didn’t know what to do with, so he put them to the side and watched the sun go down. Jack thought about what to do in the morning he thought of two things to do, one was go try to find home and be bored (if he did find home) and the second option was to try and go home and tell his Mum that he won’t be back until next week. Jack got to sleep after five things. Firstly, have a brainstorm about the whittled sticks and put them around him so he doesn’t get hurt in the night, secondly he got bored and drew a big picture on the sand, thirdly try to find water (because he was super thirsty), fourthly make a big fire, and finally do some sand boarding on high mountains of sand.


When he woke up the island had turned into a sugar island, the trees were candy cane and the mice were chocolate mice. The cherries were chocolate and the cacti where chocolate and everything was chocolate or sweets! Jack was surprised and sad at the same time. He was sad because his wittling was all gone and his boat was unrideable. His fuel turned into coke and the engine was chocolate! Jack got in his boat and saw a note that was in the same handwriting as the note in the boat when there was no water in the sea it said, ‘to get your normal life back at sea you have to not eat any of this candy for twenty four hours’. Jack thought that it would be easy, but he was wrong it was hard. First he saw his favourite chocolate which was hard to resist but he still did it. At mid-afternoon he got in his small tent so he couldn’t see the sweet things outside.  He tried to look on the good side of the challenge. The good things were like his teeth wouldn’t get rotten and he will be less fat than when he came. At lunchtime he ate on his fish he had the night before it was lukewarm so he didn’t die. He was tempted to have some candy but he managed to not eat any.

In the evening he watched the sun go down which was incredibly amazing. At midnight he was still up ready to go home…                                          


Made by Albie!!!

1005 words!!

Miners of the way part one!!!

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One day I saw some miners mining in the park for some reason they had wired masks on. They kept talking about`the invaders in the rotten Galaxy of doom they dug and dug until they finely got to the rock and got their pic-axes and smashed and smashed. It looked like they had practiced how to mine. However they defiantly hadn’t practiced how to dig (they were rubbish) anyway those teenagers were like a mile into the ground and they didn’t look like they were not  even tired. Suddenly they broke through into a little boys garden that lived in a different Galaxy!!!


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One day in the old big temple in the middle of nowhere the rattlesnake sat there waiting for prey, he was really hungry so he wasn’t as patient as usual. Ten minutes later some hikers slowly walked up the mountain ,one of them got so  tired of climbing/ walking up the hill he fell onto the snake and got such a fright from the rattlesnake he fainted! The rattlesnake only had one thing to do his odd but scary rattle, but that made everyone faint accept one zoologist that was used to that sound but still thought it was a bit of a odd sound.he took the snake to the zoo and everyone that went to the zoo loved the animal and the rattlesnake had the best time of his life!!!

planet doom

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Once  on planet dome hey are you talking about me. No oh and this my partner hey and we are exploring planet doom .First we need to go past the biome  ok it cant be that hard but it garded by a dedly dragon.Ow we hav a bow tho  ok lets go  we have made it to planet doom ok now tofind the sietest. were coud he be i see him were  overe there come on ha ha i am the evel sientis.Come on ok were we lost hi  well done ok i no you are the sientist how did you now.

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