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WALT-use paragraphs                                                                                    22.9.17




There is a massive fish tank that has salty water in it.

They are standing next to a hippo that wants to be frends  with  them.

The hippo is realy upset because he has no frends.

The hippo isnt realy a hippo it is realy a scuba diver.

The scuba diver is cleaning the tank out.

power full verb sentences

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Mum grunted “stop “.

Molly furiously yelled to her brother to come down stairs.

They happily drove to the park.


Powerful verbs

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WALT-Use powerful verbs.                                                                                                                               20.9.17

Powerful verbs

1) One sunny morning john woke up to a butifull breakfast in bed.

2) After his wonderful breakfast he went to the park.

3) Suddenly his dad woke up in the dog bed.

powerfull verbs

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one day there was a stormy castle suddenly there was thunder strike.

the football smashed at someones face.

I sat on the bench and eat my lunch.

Powerful verbs and adverbs

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Sam glided, gracefully down the stairs.

They popped on their lovely coats.

They jumped all the way to the park.

Powerful Verbs

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Lola happly, skipped to a shop.

Megan sadly, went home.

Izzy happly, ran.

Darcey is sadly, 8.

Lucy was laftly, going to school.

Tula was poshly, going to school.

powerful verbs

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1   Sadly,they went to the park.

2   Happily,they went to there nans.

3    Loudly,they put they coat on.

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