Ellie O sentences

December 2nd, 2014 | Posted by Ellie in Learning - (1 Comments)

Ellie wanted to go swimming  but she hat to go to school. Lily was happy because she went to a party. She loved the party because she got sweets in her party bag .

My motobike

December 2nd, 2014 | Posted by Isaac in Learning - (12 Comments)

One day i was on my motobike and my bike had  green,white and blue conlours.we go to tracks sudays and saturdays .We go to tracks that are an hour and a half away. I HOPE YOU LIKE THE PHOTO BY ISAAC



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Sam walked round the big ,spooky and green house however he got really scared.

Isaac jumped of his motorbike because he was about to go into a stream.

Daniel fell into a puddle although just then a dog jumped on him.

Finn was good so he got a very big toy.

William was being bad although the next day he was good.



December 2nd, 2014 | Posted by Charlie in Learning - (1 Comments)

Jo walked to the park however it was raining.

Sam loved going to his friends house however his friend did not like it.

Freddie went to play football in the park consequently his friend joined in.

Daniel went to his friend’s house,who loved animals.

Isaac did a amazing story on a blog as a result his teacher did a comment on it.

Charlie did a piece of writing his friend did not like it although it was very good.

Samual  loved fighting and was very good at it as a surprise he lost.




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George went to the beach because he wanted a ice creem!!!

Julian liked apples however it got stuck in her teeth.

Sam went swimming as a result he couldnt swim.

Timmy loved bones although it had meat on it.

Timmy was naughty although he still loved bones.

Julian finised his apple because he was hungry!

The chidren ran back home however one fell over.

They where all happy as a resalt one was so hert!!


The flying car

December 1st, 2014 | Posted by Charlie in Holidays | Learning - (1 Comments)

The Flying Car

The car went as fast as a roller coaster zooming past the clouds at 543mph. Jo and his friend felt sick, luckily his brother did not feel sick.

“Are we almost there yet?” said Jo.

“How would I know?” replied Jo’s brother, “the car is driving itself!”

“What is this below us?” asked Jo’s friend.

“I think it is the Angel falls” said Jo.

They were astonished to learn that it was the highest waterfall in the World. The water cascaded like the biggest shower ever.

“We must be in South America!” exclaimed Jo’s brother.

They could see a vast steamy rain forest. They decided to zoom down as fast as lightning. They landed.

“Why don’t we have a explore somewhere in the rainforest” said Jo.

They saw a humongous spider.

“It’s a Goliath bird eating spider!” said Jo’s friend.

Suddenly they heard a howling noise. They jumped back into the car and zoomed up into the sky.

Before very long they were flying over the Taj Mahal in India. They decided to land near a river in the jungle. Through the trees they saw something black and orange. They scurried closer and they found out it was a Bengal tiger. They were very frightened. The car was too far away so they would have to run. They were worried the tiger might chase after them. They finally got back into the car.

“Let’s not go into the steaming hot Jungle again?” said Jo’s brother.

They flew away, one last time, at 543mph. They went to Africa. After a while they landed on the plains. They could see the grasslands stretching out for miles and miles. They saw a watering hole and headed towards it to get a drink. They heard footsteps as they got closer. Jo started to get scared. They decided to go back into the car and watch from there because Jo was so frightened. To their amazement they saw wildebeests running from some lions. Jo and his friend did not want to look but his brother did.

They decided it was time to go home. Jo flew the car into his dad’s car wash. They gave the car a good wash and when they came out the car could no longer fly.

English Homework .

December 1st, 2014 | Posted by Izobel in Homework | Learning - (1 Comments)

The car started to fly. It kept going higher and higher by the minute.Then the car started to shake as it went faster. Joe and his friend were laughing but his older brother said “How are we going to get home”?  “Put the brakes on and we might slow down” said Joe. He put the brakes on and slowly the car lost height and ended back on the road. Joe’s older brother said”I don’t want to go in that car wash again.”

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