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Suddenly, it was halloween night because it was the 31th’s.                   

all of a sudden, it started to rain however it only at one o’cklook                                                                                                                           


openers and connectives

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Slowly, Jamie  went to visit gran because it half term .

Happily , she   was in the kichen  however  it was  hot .

suddenly, it was hot out side to .

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happily,I fed a swan however the swan flew away.

Sprinting, I went to the shop because I was hungry!

Neatly, I did all this work but my teacher didn’t like it!


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Sadly I lost a teddy bear although i have a new one.

Happily Sam got a new bike however he cant ride.

disappointingly sue lost her job on the other hand she had a grate life.


The science lab

September 26th, 2017 | Posted by Emily in 100wc | Learning - (1 Comments)

One day the professor crocodile said to his  robot “why don’t we go and find a crocodile.they went out of the science lab and set of .When they went out they found a twisted old scattered shirt. Underneath it the professor found a baby crocodile and to his lab.When he got back the wall’s were covered in  purple paint. He said that it would be hard to clean up.The professor started to clean up.He said it was easy to clean up.Later on he rested.When he woke up he was covered in slimed purple paint until he saw he screened…


the professor

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One day a professor twisted crocodile grow up to be a fierce hunter  and hider.One day the  professor won a trothy and a thousand pounds but it was diffcult to hold because it was purple and slippery because it had been in so many hands.One day he made rocket boots but it brock down and shooted in the air and it went KABOOM in the sky and fell on his head in mid air and knock out and went in a anblance.He went in a wheelchair and went in a room with a lot of people and lived happy ever after.

the angry doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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one day there was a doctor that lovd to mace poshuns so he made a poshun that killd a boy that was just  runing past so the  dotor throo the poshn then he fell ovre on to the flor then a nuthr boy ran past then a purple  guy  that was climing a manting that was vere hy and he was falling slole  falling down the jynormus    manting then the dotor rilisd that it was the professor jo came down the manting then the dotor was sprisd that the then the polece came  and sore the ded guy and they sore the doctor the end

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