Varjak and his group were one of the most powerful cat gang in the city. “All hail king Varjak.”Cats chanted all the way along he was now the king of cats and he was the  main gang and they did live in peace.A few years past and Holly (his best friend) had gone missing.”King Varjak King Varjak!” said a mesopotamian  blue.”Yes?” He asked.”Sir Jalal has arrived.”He spoke.”So your great ancestor who taut you those skills in a dream is coming here?”Asked Tam.”Yes.”Varjak said.Tam nearly fainted at the words.The cat was waiting for his order.”Ah so sorry Tim tell the gaurd cats to put out the red carpet.”Varjak commanded.


To be conntinued check Megan’s blog for part 2 plus they fell in a portal which took them to another world.

The lost dog.

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My name is Nim. I am on a very important mission. My job is to find a lost dog in the icy, cold and windy arctic. Before we start this mission we need to get some sleep.

The next morning

Nim started by going north and then she found a world of lorax’s. If you don’t know what a lorax is it is a tiny yellow thing with a rad mu stash. Just the Nim spotted the dog in the corner of the mysterious area. She ran as fast as she could through the loraxs and got the dog. then he called the helicopter.


night of the aleins

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One, messy night in the field of Edinbrough , agent Bond was seeking his enemys and searching for any problems this mysterious man to solve. With his high definition goggles he spotted a mysterious field full with some alien like  tarmac that had just landed out of a gigantic metiuor . He went to see the problem and a bunch of aliens popped out of the tarmac holes and chased him through the forest so he he had no choise and he fought his way through the forest full of terror and devistation  . 5 minutes later he had been caught by the aliens and took to there fort !


Miners Of the Milky Way Part Two

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The miners one day I saw yet again. Last time I met them they had seen me and I knew, some time, they would come back for revenge. They had grimy faces and grimy bodies. They wore weird masks. Last time I had seen them talking about a rotten galaxy. I knew what they were looking for. Ever since I last saw them I made a scrapbook about them, and they saw me with a pencil noting them down. I saw them walking nearer my house, muttering about the scrapbook. I ran through the back door into my room. I found the had beaten me.

Welcome to JOOJOO! 1

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Once in JOOJOO Jim was on a tour, “look out for the Umbel tribe, there feathery vultures. In the No-lake lives the Taboo-Napoo the evil red sea serpents. The ground is home to voles and doles, a rat like kangaroo.” The tour guide roars. There are crystal caves, snowy peaks, swampy marshes.

“ROAR!” Cried the Umbel chief. Its teeth bared. Jim was bitten! It was midnight on Earth, and Jim felt like a vulture but feathery-er. He was a were-Umbel! The flew and bit everyone, on dates, midnight workings, drives and sleepwalks. They all became were-Umbels they taken over the world…

By Heath.


The lost dragon

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Once upon a misty moon a red fiery dragon flew above the ruins of a castle surrounded by mountains that soared up higher than clouds! The dragon got trapped in a room thought to belong to a princess, but it was years and years since the last princess lived there. He found a magic button and he decided to push the glimmering, shiny button. NOTHING HAPPENED! He tried again. This time a secret  passage opened, he saw two squishy oranges. He squashed both oranges and another secret passage opened. He crept along it and came out in a forest, it was his home!!!

High in the sky

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Hi I’m the story teller and I’m going to tell a little secret about my story. One day in a wood far, far away a little girl went to find some fire wood. Suddenly, she heard a stick snap and as she turned around. She looked around in fright as a beast was running around her, more and more of them appeared and started to join in. She had a quick thought, bending down she grabbed a near by stick and chucked it over the bush, the beasts all chased the stick to see who could get there first. Whilst they where distracted she tiptoed back home to bed.

The next morning, when the girl awoke, her mother asked her to collect some fire wood again. The girl was anxious because she remembered the beasts from yesterday. On her way to collect the fire wood she heard a howl in the distance, worried that the beasts were going to return and eat her up, she began to run to the other side of the woods. She stumbled across a opening whilst she was running.

Big rocks and buildings big and small parrots flying round, also tropical lizards. Excited, the chilled ran round hopping on massive mushrooms and laying on soft, puffy grass when a THUD came from behind again. It was wolves following her, however, the wolves looked like they needed help strait away. She followed them and found the injured cub and realised the howl had come from the cub. The little cub had brambles tangled round it’s legs. Carefully she unwrapped the brambles and put on a bandage made from leaves.

It was now night and the girl had to head home, she loved the place she was in but she had to leave so her Mum wouldn’t wonder where she was.” By wolves,” she said. the wolves howled as the girl ran home.

The End

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