haunted violin

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Once there lived a girl, Clara IOswald! Sorry getting silly. Clara Oswald is the person I’m talking about. She was going on a scober diving lesson when she spotted a shipwreck. In it was a violin case. she opened it and… empty. what a surprise! She looked inside a flap and there was an empty rosin pot. suddenly, a spider appeared! She put on an invisibility ring and sang:

Old fat spider spinning in a tree,

Old fat spider can’t see me,

Attercop! Attercop!

won’t you stop,

stop your spinning and look for me?

and kept going


The Worst Witch,Hallow Weeds.

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Chapter 1

Mildred Hubble was becoming a bit of a celebrity at Cackles since the hole story of  saving the school and also being a daughter of a witching family.Today was a special day since Cackles are getting one of the best witches in the world Phoenix Moonstone. Phoenix is a very powerful witch and the biggest witch and human celebrity shes the best singer EVER she also she has a box which is empty.What a surprise!“Mil Mil get up get up she’s coming Mil,”shouted Maud.”What are you talking about Maud,”Mildred asked.”Phoenix Moonstone and her brother she’s the best witch in history.”Maud answered.


More coming soon….


The Galaxy Lynx (Part 1of 2)

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Chapter 1 : The galaxy lynx and the Marshmallow

The Lynx is an important character in our story because it new how and what a galaxy was.  He was a defender of the galaxy and if anyone got in his way there would be trouble.when they looked in a box it was empty.What a surprise! He looked up and saw someone took his cat-nip the Lynx told his slaves to catch him or her.

Chapter 2 We found him/her.

They found him and took the cat-nip of him.” Rrrr I want cat-nip give me cat-nip now,”he said.” You don’t want me getting mad.”Said the Lynx.

(More to come)

By Megan


the mysterious chest

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One day a boy named Wesley set off on an adventure with a legendary treasure map to find a very rare chest that only gods can see  ! He is walking along the motorway  with the map in his hands of glory he saw a chest and it was it ! He ran over to it and stared at the diamond covered chest . He opened it and …… empty. what a suprise ! He got very angry and ran home crying his eyes out . He went home and told his mum all about it . She said it was just a joke and a myth and he went in his room and cried !

The DNA transplant (Part 2)

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Boss- Well did anyone hear the narrator?


Blue chicken- BWARKARR!

Boss- Scram ME!

Army- What E doing runnin’ on dat private property? Lets get em boys!

Boss- What the army chasing me? What is happening.

Narrator- He made his way to the airport!

Aircraft passenger- AH! Why is that crazy man taking my briefcase?


Aircraft passenger- 999! 999! I need the FPI!

FPI- Open up it’s the FPI!


Worker-First successful creation of a T-rex!

Boss- Don’t put it down in h… Too late!

T-rex – AARRRR!

Blackbeard – Curse me nibbles a pirate called me to stop a scallywag!

Boss- Now Blackbeard he should of gone a long time ago!

Blackbeard- No I’m not Black-beard I’m Blackish-beard.

King- I’ve came to arrest this man!

Boss- I only kept my money to… OH!

Army- FIRE!

Hitler- What? Really a man trying to rob another man!

Army- Gosh! Really?

Hitler-Oh yes!

Army-Oh no!

Hitler- OH YES…

Army-Oh yes!

Hitler-Oh no!

Mini maker- CARS 2! I love CARS 2!

(More to come…)

By Heath!



ho no

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Ones there was a boy cald bob he was a reglere boy  but at home there is a speshel box  he dose not tell that much people it is a big seecret ones he got home the box was empty. what a surprise wieght my hampster!!!

my hamster was mising so my mum got me a new one but it was not the same but it was better than nothing  how about i take you to hamster were isthat Americ  ok. So me and my mum went on an ariplane  this is so fun thanks your the beast that was the beast of my life .



The Abandoned music theatre (2)

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The Genie granted them a 3 wishes and Heath, Daisy and Megan could use them anytime. Then in came John he saw the Genie and was granted 3 wishes as his first wish was granted he was turned to stone. Daisy scared cried “I wish to have a box, with things about it.” it fell and hit the ground and Daisy opened the box “Empty. What a surprise!” The Genie laughed and said “To have things inside you’ll have to give me… HALF A SOUL!” Daisy opened the box and made the genie be trapped in it. The genie made all the instruments come alive…

More to come 🙂 ;0 🙂

By Heath!

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