the sacred temple !?

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One day , in the mysterious city of Asgard at the sacred temple , A amnestying named Thor knelt down to do his prayers until an ambush start ed by his sister , Vedra .  He felt devastated as he thought about all his people getting killed bye his sister and took to the doungens . Although all his people ran into an escape pod and they flew away to go and call hulk to come andsave the people .

3hours later …

hulk had arrived and he had come to save the world by smashing his sister as he clenched his fists ready for impact ! Thor was explains not to kill her as she was part of his family . Her eyes watered as she saw that hulk was was going to crush her to smithereens .

To Be Continued !

(More about the temple to be revealed !)

the truth

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Once a upon a time well you’d think I’m lying but NO this is the truth once a upon a time lived a lonely boy called Sasha he had a VERY boring life because he lived on the dirty streets of London every day he’d get £5 he spent it on food and water .



One day the richest boy came past and said “hello boy please come with me “and so he did 10 years later when he was 18 he decided he’d run away and he ran and ran . suddenly he could see a beautiful castle and went inside the castle and looked around the majestic castle . Suddenly, out of the blue, a misterious door appared.As this door was right infront of him , he decided to go in. In this new misterious room was empty but only a book he could see . on the book is said spell book. the day went past and he learnt how to do all of the spells. He became the worlds best wisard. The end .


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Once upon a time there was a king hamster called bubbles and he was very nice! One day he decided to to go to an old museum and look at some old castles and he did he love castles. He would always go to look at car museums and he was happy and he would like to get ice cream! He went to the oldest castles first then he was  going to get to his castle because his was then newest castle and he was happy to be a king. But usually he would have to do work. But today was his day off. The first castle was made in 1800 and it was really cool and it is still standing today.


To be continued……

Inside The Book

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Zoe wasn’t a fan of history, not at all. She begged not to be given the yellow history cards on Trivial Pursuit. In history classes she would put on some glasses with a picture of her eyes open on the front, and close her eyes. She wore glasses anyway so the teachers didn’t suspect anything.

Today was a particularly boring lesson. Only the nerds wanted to learn about Heraklion, lost underwater city.

I myself am fascinated and very angry with Zoe , bad girl, bad bad girl,

There was a picture of what the estimated to look like. Just as Zoe fell she felt herself moving into the picture…

“Gasp”Zoe was desperate for breath. She had quite literally been flushed into a moat, not just a moat, a moat surrounding a castle. Zoe clambered  out and knocked on the heavy birch door. It opened and a stern man with a stern expression stood there, his shadow looming over the little girl…

Comment for part two

thanos’ day off

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“ohhhh!” Thanos said as he walked into a lost castle he mooched into the castle’s turret “no body to disturb-” he said as he was disturbed bye a squeaky voice “hello thanos he he he he he he!” he squeaked. Thanos frowned. And he spoke again “oh Thanos we can be friends right!” Thanos raised the infinity gauntlet and smacked him into a cupboard “we can still be buds right?” he squeaked from the cupboard. “grrrrrrr!” Thanos shrieked this guy was driving him nuts. So he ran back to his hidden base and continued the fight so if you never see Thanos on holiday you know why!

I am watching you

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Ever body may think that you can be a rainbow and fly…well not when you are not bold and don’t stand out. You know that is me and this is my script. My name is not sparkling at all, my name is Luna. My hear is Galaxy.

Luna: Hey this is my none Creative story.( said this to class)

Teacher: You don’t need to be like this what happened?

Luna: My Mum went away for the week and I loved her to much I am now dopey.

Teacher: We will continue this after school.




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High above the world lived Ivor the Nature god. He watched upon the trees the animals the plants the sea and yonder. The seas waves lashed out on humans fishing boats, not caring about the life they used to love.


High above the world Hades the War god stayed. His overgrown city underneath him was his place. He sent his men to kill animals, to survive.

No-mans land (SA)

The fish in the sea flurried as the net came down “AGH, Buster! They gotta way! We only caught 2 or three!” Cried the fisherman. “No way mate!” Chuckled Buster as he ran across the ships deck. “AGH!” Cried Buster as he saw little nibbles on ships bottom “Wood-fish!” Cried the Fisherman.

The ship was falling it tipped to one side and never went up. Buster stood there clinging onto the ships rails. “Aye! Gill hang on!” so the Fisherman caught the leg as the ships ‘fish-side’ fell under “AGH! Our beauties!” Cried Gill.

Just in the sky.

Then, Ivor looked at Hades, Hades looked at him… (comment would you think would win).

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