Good or bad character

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My character has blond hair.

My character is a boy

My character’s Mum has never taken him swimming in his life.

My character is quite funny.

My character is 9 years old and is in year 4.


Is my character good or bad?


Polo woke up it was 2:00 he got dressed and led on his bed until his globe coughed out a piece of the world. He stood next to his map and looked about a name flashed up saying: Bermuda. He placed it down and looked at his watch the secrete code was t-r-I-n-g-l-e. Polo walked over to his map and said “Off to Bermuda!” He looked up at the sky then down he saw a beach in front of him and a apartment behind. He guessed someone needed him. As he opened the doors a man with a beard said to polo, “Polo many of our guests have disappeared in to the north bay! Polo can you find out what happened?” Polo agreed and he set off to the beach with his gear.

He was right next to the end of the not so deep parts and jumped into the water. swimming around he saw a swirl of water in the centre of the ocean slowly so he didn’t notice he got sucked up. Soon Polo realized he was getting sucked up he couldn’t leave his life here in a underwater hurricane but if he wanted to find out what happened to the divers he must get sucked up! So reluctantly He waited for the water sucked him up into a chamber of rock around him was people like divers and he saw a door with a letter above it. it was letter V. Polo stealthily opened the door and slid into a coffin he listened closely a voice was heard “I think polo will come? Will he Ha sure he won’t yes I’m sure for I Velda is the king MWHAHAHA!” Polo recognized Velda and with his words Polo he got out and swiped out his Nyssa sword and pointed it at Velda his face turned into a smile and he opened his mouth and his teeth were launching towards Polo he broke them and Velda fell then Velda put on a ‘sad stomp’ shoe and it bashed against the floor since he forgot to turn the sucker off he got sucked into the deepest depth of the ocean and was never seen again!

Polo got back to the hotel by 2:34 and showed the bearded man the people lost. Polo saw a map in the staff room and before any compliments were made he shouted “OFF TO EGLAND.” he repapered in his bedroom and the time was 2:40 He knew he had a adventure of a lifetime!


Weekend morning sun has just risen and a young boy was playing on his playstation. As soon as his mum was up to do some tidying in the spotless, glimmering and white kitchen. ( As always the kitchen was like this . ) Straight after Jake had eaten his breakfast the doorbell rang although Jake had no idea  who it was  so he answered it in surprise it was his best friend Jonh   .  They ran up stairs to make a mess within 7 hours later they were about to get one more thing out of the walldrowb to play  with but Jake’s mum said to tidy up now. 

but where would we hide it all they thought looking for a place to hid it . (so that is how the play date ended .)

The Unknown

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The Unknown

It was chasing me, it was coming! What was it? Every blue moon something suspicious happens. This time, it was coming for me. It looked like an icy figure with, dribbling, frozen water, hanging from its limbs and a light house face. I started to run away, I hid behind a lamp post. All I could see was the usual, spooky light houses with the pier leading to it. But then I saw it. It was trying not bot move and disguise itself in its surroundings. It didn’t trick me, it almost stood on me. My blood froze, I kept thinking, ‘ why was it coming for me and not someone else?’ I heard a loud moan, and i saw it had a mouth and it was crying. Before I could see if it was alright, it started to chase me.

The pier tore from the sea bed and this became the creatures feet, the railings it body and hands and the lighthouse its face. Before I could figure out anymore of its body parts it started to come towards me and chase me; to the alley, through the streets and onto the shoreline.

The Werewolf

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Once there lived a girl called  Maddy she was very beautiful and graceful . She had brown hair. Also at night she turned into a brown wolf  so she had to climb out the window in to the woods. There was a problem though that one of her friends was a wolf hunter and she went out to the woods at 12:00pm .

At school maddy had a friend called Rhydian he was also a wolfblood so he had to do the same as Maddy . She hasnt done her full transform yet and it was tomorrow night. It was the day of Maddy’s full transformation of a wolf but sadly she wasn’t with her parents to do it because she was on a school trip .Her parents would have transformed because they are also wolfblood’s, then they found out that she was with the wolf hunter Shanon ! So Rydian tryed to hurt his self so Maddy could transform with her parents but then…




The ice queen

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Once there lived a little girl called Milly who was a talented eleven year old girl whose dad was a fisherman who owned a lighthouse! She lived with her dad ,mum, brother Jack and dog Tedd!                                                                                                                                                                                        One day on the 22nd of August Milly was fishing with her dad when suddenly the water froze into ice!  “What has happened to the water!” Milly wondered!

After a while she wondered what had happened and set of on an adventure to find out what had really happened. She packed a compass, food and drink , a map , a tent , a telescope and  some warm clothes and other things ! Just a few miles away from the light house she saw who made it icey! It was the ice queen!……

My Christmas

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Eventully, it came to Christmas morning however I woke up at 6:30 to  see if Santa had delivered the presents. Half an hour later everyone els woke up so we all ran down stairs! 

Five minutes later we opened some presents which were extrodenary, awesome and fun. After we had finished opening some of our presents we had our delishows breakfast ( Bacon in bread👌.) After that we got dressed and went to Westwood church where we wished everyone a merry Christmas and sang lots of long carols. When we all got home I played with some of my new toys while my parents were making our Christmas lunch. Then we got tk eat it and it was delicous. My parents then listened to the Queen’s speech although I was not watching it because I was playing with my new toys. 

Ten minutes later we all sat down and opened some more presents before watching a Christmas film together. We then had some yummy snacks while we were playing some games like frustration together



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