Disco-dinosaurs: Greenix (3)

December 10th, 2018 | Posted by Heath in Learning

They flew over Greenix faster then a Gremlin-dino could run. Daisy landed upon the grass of the palace of UY it was a fair area with golden steps, “Welcome to UY my home!” Daisy told them. The doors opened and a ragged old Gremlin-dino step out they was looking at Freegan   the evilest Gremlin in the world “Here is my master; Horlaf!” One of the crew (The captain) hid behind a tree “Horlaf! My arch-enemy!” He whispered. Horlaf was a tall swamp-green giant of a old race of Gigantasaurus’s and he was the worst he wore vines that were trailing off his back “AGH!” Daisy stumbled at the sight of Horlaf “MWHAHAHAHA!” he cried “I’m unstoppable…” and then the giant dino fell over into the mossiest water-sauce in the garden “No! Yes! but no I’m defeated! NOOOOO!” Horlaf was swallowed up by the water “At Christmas ____  Defeat ___ all _____ dino snotties!” Horlaf moaned as he disappeared. Moments later a giant Disco area appeared, after it finished Daisy told them, “Go to Christ-land where the Christmas celebration is I’ll come later…” she then flew away towards the north…


The disco-dino’s landed at the foot of a icy pond and Daisy appeared by their side they decided to go to the shop to get decorations but… READ DISCO-DINO (4) THE GAP OF CHRIST!


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