Disco dinosaurs on planet Xurg :) (2)

November 7th, 2018 | Posted by Heath in 100wc | Learning

The Dinosaurs arrived and looked around. You see every mission a pterodactyl or another Dinosaur would tell them their mission. A tall pterodactyl landed and told them “I’m daisy the queen of Xurg and helper of Greenix I’ll be your helper…” A blue flash was shown ” THIS WAY” cried Daisy. Soon they saw a tyrutieon Triger called; Byre the killer. ” see?” asked Daisy so with that they asked Byre for a football match and the scores were;

Byre: 5neil

Disco: 10neil.

Disco won and then Byre pulled a blunt blade and hacked at the vines “Nay” he moaned then the dinosaurs saw the jem-of-life “see you-loser later!” cried Byre as he flew the jem into the air Daisy knocked him spinning toward the planet Greenix, Daisy said, ” the Greenix cops will get him!” the next day the first jem was sent to the dinosaurs. “MAMA!” cried Byre!

The end still more to come in planet Greenix! :>

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